In the heart of Mato Grosso do Sul, a true natural Eden awaits you. Southern Pantanal boasts exceptional biodiversity, ideal for spotting wild animals. At the same time, you will stay on a farm and meet the local people, to really immerse yourself in this incredible environment.  

Fans of eco-tourism will be charmed by the enchanting landscape of Southern Pantanal as soon as you step off your flight at the Campo Grande airport. Consisting of a wide alluvial plain (flooded 4 months a year by the Paraguay River), this region of central Brazil is home to hundreds of animal and plant species that will delight wildlife enthusiasts.
To discover this vast expanse in the most authentic way, we organize your stay in the Pantanal on a local Fazenda. These vast ranches reflect the size of this country and the farm that will welcome you has no less than 15,000 hectares of land, within a complex of more than 100,000 hectares!

It’s in this huge expanse, alongside experienced guides, that you will will come face to face with many local and famous animal species. There are Capivaras, caimans, tapirs and deer, not forgetting the famous jabiru, the bird that is the regional symbol of Pantanal and hundreds of other birds, offering an amazing abundance of nature and wildlife.
To be able to observe the animals in the best conditions, the Fazenda São Francisco guides propose various different options for getting around : 4×4 vehicles, canoes, motor boat, on foot or horseback ! Each different mode of transport, means a different experience and a unique view of the biggest swamp in the world.
If you are looking for a destination that is full of adventure and wildlife with comfortable and authentic accommodation, then our South Pantanal tour is for you.

On the South Pantanal Tour

An immense fazenda of 15,000 hectares
Incredible wildlife
Piranha fishing
4×4 Photo Safari

Map outlining route from Campo Grande to Fazenda São Francisco.

Included in the South Pantanal Tour

• 1 airport transfer from Campo Grande to Fazenda São Francisco

• 2 nights in a double room at the fazenda with full board

• All the excursions (non private) mentioned in the itinerary below, with a Portuguese speaking nature guide, some English is spoken. (contact us for fluent English speaking guide)

• 1 return transfer from the Fazenda São Francisco to the Campo Grande airport

Our South Pantanal Tour –  a chance to see one of the world’s last untouched ecosystems 

Far from mass tourism or fine sandy beaches, Brazil becomes a very different place in the Southern Pantanal.

The landscape in this region changes radically throughout the year depending on the rains. A more isolated area in the heart of the country, it has a low population density and is more rarely visited by tourists. Apart from some fazendeiros, gauchos, (farmers and cowboys) and some indigenous groups, these endless territories are practically uninhabited.

A South Pantanal Tour will be a chance for you to explore an almost untouched land where the human hand has not yet affected the magnificent flora and fauna. You will get here on the famous “Transpantaneira“, route, the only one that crosses the region. During the trip you will discover one of the richest ecosystems in the world, yet much lesser known than the Amazon.

As soon as you enter this untouched wilderness, the first thing you notice is the incredible number of bird species all around you.  The inhabitants will tell you that, here, there is not an uninhabited square centimetre. The exuberant plantlife is indeed a natural refuge for countless animal species. This abundance of life in all its forms will transform the 4 hour drive needed to reach the Fazenda São Francisco into a real safari. You will be too busy admiring all the wildlife to notice the time pass!

From the Fazenda, you can go on canoe trips to see all the animals on the river banks. During a memorable photo safari in a 4×4 vehicle, you may even cross paths with one of the famous species living in the Southern Pantanal. Otters, or jaguars, discreet and shy, will surely be hiding in the vegetation, you will have to open your eyes and be attentive to this new world so as not to miss this incredible show of nature.

During your stay, as well as the different day activities on offer, you can also go on night excursions into the heart of Southern Pantanal. It will be a chance to meet the famous reptiles living in their hundreds in these swamps, who come out at night to hunt. And to top off your exotic dream, you can go Piranha fishing, a traditional activity in this region of the world. It is not widely known that Piranha are a delicous fish to eat!

A river in South Pantanal.

An authentic tour of Brazilian wildlife

Mato Grosso do Sul, is simply a must see destination if you want a different way to discover Brazil.

South Pantanal is the heart of the wild and unspoilt nature that gives life to the entire Mato Grosso region. Mother nature reigns supreme in this unparalleled ecological sanctuary. You will feel the thrill of being in a totally unspoiled environment, where the cycle of the seasons and the singing of birds reminds us that time has not stopped. Just as the landscapes can turn into huge shallow lakes when the rivers burst their banks, the temperatures can also change a lot. The local climate at tropical altitude, is characterized by a hot and humid summer and a cool and dry winter. From May to September, cold spells are possible, going down to only a few degrees above zero. If you decide to travel during the long school holidays, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing.

To get closer to the local way of life and to be at one with the environment, you will share the daily lives of the region’s farmers, the famous gauchos, by staying on a Fazenda. A part of this immense ranch has been modified specially for tourism so that visitors can enjoy the local way of life in a comfortable setting that still respects the local environment. Plain but comfortable rooms welcome you everyday so you can recover from your long explorations out in the fresh air.
This style of accommodation will allow you to appreciate local life in a setting where pleasure, comfort, and discovery will be the main priorities. As you will be staying out in the wilds, this trip comes with full board (not including drinks, except water), an ideal way to discover the delicious local cuisine and fresh farm produce. A real treat for both young and old and a touch of gastronomy to add another dimension to your stay in the Fazenda São Francisco!

A fazenda, the authentic way to discover Pantanal.

Campo Grande, the regional capital of Mato Grosso do Sul

To enter the Southern Pantanal, you first have to reach Campo Grande, the regional capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Also known as “Cidade Morena”, the mixed city, has a rich multi-cultural back ground with various local traditions.
The land of travelers, Brazilian culture here is marked by Portuguese, Japanese and Lebanese influences, traces left by generations of immigrants. From the famous Churrasco, the art of barbecue from Paraguay, to Soba, Japanese noodles, the local cuisine is rich and varied. It offers visitors an interesting illustration of the permanent cultural mixing in South and Central Brazil with their successive waves of migrants from around the world. Depending on your arrival and departure flight times, you may have to spend a night in a hotel before reaching your accommodation in South Pantanal. Don’t forget to try the different culinary specialties brought here by the migrants. Especially the local meat, because Mato Grosso do Sul is the biggest region of cattle production in Brazil.

One of the Pantanal gauchos taking care of his horses.

Detailed Itinerary for the South Pantanal Tour

Day 1 :

Morning, after your flight arrives at the International airport of Campo Grande, transport awaits to take you to the Fazenda São Francisco. After a 4hr drive along the Br 262, you will arrive early afternoon at the fazenda. (Lunch along the road or at the fazenda)

14h30 – The guide will collect you to go on a boat ride for a first encounter with the local ecosystem and a go at Piranha fishing.
You will then return to the fazenda to finish checking into your rooms (as of 16h00). The rest of the afternoon is free time, you explore the surrounding area or enjoy the pool and other hotel facilities.

19h00 – Dinner at the fazenda, delicious regional cooking using the fresh farm produce (drinks not included).

20h00 –Night safari in a vehicle. With the help of powerful lamps, you will meet the amazing night animals including reptiles and other predators that sleep during the day.
Night in your room at the pousada located on the fazenda São Francisco.

Close - up shot of a pirnaha in the Pantanal.

One of the peculiar birds of the Pantanal.

Day 2 :

From 7:00 to 8:00 – Brazilian breakfast with local fruits and other fresh produce served at the pousada.

8h00 – It’s time to go on a photo safari in a 4×4 vehicle (non private, up to 12 people on board depending on how full the hotel is). Then a change of approach with a short walk in the wilds accompanied by a guide to explain and identify the animals and better understand this complex and fragile habitat.

Around 12:00, return to the fazenda and lunch with regional specialties and farm produce from the fazenda São Francisco.

15:00 – You will set off on a Canoe-kayak trip in the surroundings to observe the wildlife and aquatic plants and also the birds living on the river banks. Return to the pousada on the fazenda.

18:30 – Dinner at the Fazenda São Francisco.

20:00 – A lecture on the Pantanal and its inhabitants, men and animals, is presented by the guides. A time to share and better understand everything you have seen during your day’s excursions.

Night at the Pousada.

Capybara, the giant rodents of Pantanal.

Tatu in Pantanal.

Day 3 :

From 7h00 to 8h00 – A delicious breakfast awaits you at the Brazilian buffet in the pousada.

08h00 – You set off on your last photo safari in a vehicle with a platform (non private up to 12 people on board). Then you can go for a last walk around the fazenda and admire the flora and fauna of the Pantanal.

12:00 – A last lunch at the fazenda before returning to Campo Grande.

13:30 – Departure of you transfer to Campo Grande, 4hrs to enjoy the immense landscapes of this incredible region.

Around 17:30, arrival at the Campo Grande airport, end of our services.

Many Caimans lining the banks of the river in Pantanal.

Double room prices:

Catégorie standard : Base 2 personnes 889$ /pers Base 4 personnes 800$ /pers

Prix basse saison de l'année en cours, donnés à titre indicatif et ne valant pas devis

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