A fantastic vacation in Brazil, covering the classic sites alongside some handpicked gems.

To save you from returning from your Brazilian vacation and discovering that you missed a landmark because you had misjudged its interest, or spotted an up and coming tourist site and wish you had have gone, we have designed the Brazil highlights package. This tour is the best way to ensure that you experience all the highlights Brazil has to offer. In 5 stages, this tour paints a picture of the wonders of this nation.


You will experience the thrills of being in a lodge in the heart of the Amazon and take in the immensity of the Iguaçu Falls. Also, travel along the beaches of the Nordeste between Fortaleza and São Luís with dream stops in Jericoacoara, the Parnaíba delta and the Lençóis of Maranhão. Furthermore, you will experience the exceptional pace of Brazilian city life, which is frantic yet relaxed in a unique “Brasileiro” way.  Learn how to join in and live the romantic atmosphere of the country’s two ancient capitals, the beautiful Rio de Janeiro and the enchanting Salvador de Bahia.

On the Highlights Tour of Brazil 

visit :

Iguacu Falls “The Spectacle of Nature”
Rio de Janeiro “The Wonderful City”
Salvador de Bahia “The Afro – Brazilian Rome”
The beaches of the Nordeste and the Lençois desert
The Amazon rainforest

Map showing the stops on the highlights vacation package.

Highlights Tour – Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 : Iguaçu / in
Visit the Falls from the Brazilian side with a private guide. Macuco Safari option.

Day 2 : Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro
Visit the Falls from the Argentine side with a private guide, flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Day 3 : Rio de Janeiro
Visit Sugar Loaf Mountain with a private guide, vehicle and driver. Free time.

Day 4 : Rio de Janeiro / Salvador
Visit Corcovado with a private guide, vehicle and driver. Flight to Salvador de Bahia.

Day 5 : Salvador
Visit the town’s historical centre (Pelourinho) with a private guide, free time.

Day 6 : Salvador /Fortaleza
A panoramic tour of the town in a private vehicle with a guide. Flight to Fortaleza.

Day 7 : Fortaleza/Jericoacoara
Transfer to Jericoacoara by road in a private 4×4 with driver (depending on the tide, option to go by beach, and even drive your own buggy if you wish, contact us for details).

Day 8 : Jericoacoara
Free day.

Day 9 : Jericoacoara/Parnaíba
Transfer by 4X4 to Parnaíba, stop at the Tatajuba lagoon.

Day 10 : Parnaíba/Barreirinhas
Visit of the Parnaíba delta  by private motorized canoe (4hrs). Private car with driver to reach Caburé. Ride up the river Preguiças in fast private canoes to Barreirinhas.

Day 11 : Barreirinhas – São Luís
Excursion in a private 4X4 with driver and local guide to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Afternoon drive to São Luis.

Day 12 : São Luís/Manaus
Flight to Manaus. Private visit of Manaus with a guide.

Day 13 : Manaus /Lodge
Transfer to the Lodge by road, and boat (3 to 4hrs). Start of your forest adventure.

Day 14 :   Lodge
Various activities with local guides throughout the day.

Day 15 : Lodge / Manaus / out
Morning transfer to Manaus (4hrs) then to the airport, end of our services.

An unforgettable trip to discover the best of Brazil

Everyone at Brazil Selection lives in Brazil. We are therefore well aware that this beautiful country has an infinite variety of landscapes, culture, things to see, people to meet and activities to enjoy. Choosing between these can be a daunting task.

We also know that it’s easy to get lost in trying to choose your destinations. To avoid the long and tedious job of collecting all the  necessary information, Brazil Selection has done it for you in selecting 5 truly unique destinations. These represent the most striking, extraordinary and majestic places in the country, the best-sellers of Brazil.

This special tour of the highlights of Brazil includes as much nature as it does cities and Brazilian culture. It’s our package that offers the most comprehensive vision of the natural and human wealth of this continent-sized country.

These places are the essential components of the Brazilian landscape and its soul, the picture-postcard image of contemporary Brazil were nature, and humans are intimately linked with one another. This is why many of them are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

The ocher cliffs of Nordeste.

The wonderful city awaits you !

Have you ever wondered what a sunset over the Guanabara Bay is like when looking down from the top of Corcovado?

Perhaps you may have already seen this spectacle, as it is often shown on TV and in films when screenwriters want to portray an image of urban beauty. A flawless blend of nature with the work of men and women.

Experience this with a 3 day stay (2 nights) in the “Cidade Maravilhosa” as it is affectionately known to the locals.
Rio de Janeiro is one of the symbols of Brazil. It is here, between the mythical beaches and steep mountains, that Samba and Bossa Nova were born. This unique landscape was added to the list of UNESCO World heritage sites in 2012 to ensure its conservation.
Rio is firstly a way of life, with its kilometres of beaches touching the largest urban forest in the world; The Tijuca forest. It is an exceptional place, ideal for all sorts of sports and activities. The human body really is considered a temple in Rio with a high percentage of inhabitants placing importance on health and fitness. Ubiquitous throughout the country today, this fitness crazy lifestyle originated on the Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana beaches.

Culture certainly does not reside in the shadows however, most notable is the Santa Teresa district, where you will find many art galleries and workshops by artists and visual artists from all walks of life. A number of busy museums are also scattered around the city. Between the pristine glass sky scrapers and the ocher coloured maze of favelas that populate the hills, life is in full swing in an atmosphere of contagious effervescence.

Whether for the fabulous scenery, the friendly people or the rich and accessible culture, Rio de Janeiro is a must for a first stay in Brazil.

View of the bay in Rio de Janeiro.

Come face to face with the unstoppable forces of nature

The thrill you get in front of no less than 275 torrential cascades is a difficult one to describe or even imagine. No one is indifferent to such a spectacle.

Live this life-changing experience with our get-away to Iguaçu falls, for 1 or 2 nights.

Listed as a World heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, the Iguaçu Falls are of breathtaking beauty. Straddling the border between Brazil and Argentinayou can visit them from both countries.
From the Argentinian side, where three quarters of the Iguaçu cascades are found, special walkways allow access for all to get really close up to the falls. From the Brazilian side, there are less walkways and it is a more natural approach, giving a different, more authentic and charming view. To really get a sense of the enormity of the falls, the Macuco Safari takes you as close as possible to the Falls safely aboard powerful Zodiac RIB boats. Adrenalin and thrills are guaranteed!
For nature fans or those looking for thrills, the curious or anyone who doesn’t want to miss such an amazing natural wonder, a trip to the Iguaçu Falls is a Must See stage on a vacation to Brazil!

An aerial shot of the devils throat, part of Iguaçu waterfalls.

Bahia de todos os Santos, The African soul of Brazil

Which is the most delightful, Acarajé with shrimp or the smile of the happy Bahian lady that serves you in the square of Salvador de Bahia?

Salvador de Bahia is the town of 365 churches and was the first capital of Brazil. It is one of the oldest towns in the country. It has kept its history of a glorious past with its magnificent palaces, churches and multicoloured houses lining the cobbled streets of the historic Pelourinho quarter. This district is a rare witness to the colonial past with its rich houses and baroque churches, but also to the slave trade. Salvador de Bahia was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985.

Anchored on a peninsula at the entrance to a large bay acting like a sentinel, Salvador de Bahia is the birth place of the Afro-Brazilian culture whose happiness is contagious. It is often said the Bahia region stands apart from the rest of the country. The African influence is so strong here that it seems to be an African enclave from across the Atlantic. Capoeira, Candomblé and Batucada are all demonstrations of this warm and tactile culture where cordiality and good humour are everyday standards.

Not to mention the local cuisine and its African influences. Based mainly on sea food, coconut milk and dende, (homemade palm oil), many consider it to be the most delicious cuisine in Brazil.

Lastly, Salvador de Bahia, has a famous carnival with 2 million participants from all over the country, and now the world! For 5 days, trios electricos, or trucks loaded with sound systems and singers perched on the roof parade around town to the sound of samba and axé. The crowds join in, enthusiastically creating an ecstatic atmosphere.

Salvador de Bahia being a real cultural hub of  the country is a must See for those discovering Brazil. As much for the history as for the taste buds and the eyesSalvador should be enjoyed without moderation!

A coulourful street in Pelourinho, Salvador de Bahia.

The mighty Amazon rainforest 

The Amazon forest is one of the last places not yet totally explored by Man.

The Amazon covers almost half of Brazil. It is the largest reservoir of biodiversity in the world, and 75% of it is still unexplored, a unique environment unfortunately threatened by deforestation.

Whether you stay in a lodge or chose to go on a private cruise along one of the thousands of waterways, the wonder of such an intense explosion of life is instant. It is the biggest tropical forest on our planet crossed by the biggest river in the world, everything is oversized. This includes Manaus, built by explorers and merchants at the confluence between the Amazon and the Rio Negro. The affluence of Manaus declined after the rubber market collapsed, but it has kept some grand architectural souvenirs of this era such as its amazing Amazonas Theatre.

A jungle adventure in a lodge is ideal for those who wish to discover the extraordinary diversity of the flora and fauna in the heart of the jungle. Installed in the centre of the tropical forest, these lodges are ideal observation posts for nature watching. The local guides openly share their knowledge and experience of this unique environment and you come away with a totally new vision of the Amazon Ecosystem. It is also a place to have fun, piranha fishing or canoeing and admire the sublime multicoloured sunsets.

The alternative is to discover Amazonia on a private cruise. Its a region that is underwater for most of the year, so the rivers are the main travel routes. They form a comprehensive network making it easier to discover larger areas and enjoy the calm flow of the river. It’s also the ideal way to observe the pink dolphins and exotic birds flying around the “igarapes,” the many waterways that cut across the Amazon basin. Everyday is totally different which adds to the charm of this package tour, an ideal way to discover Amazonia for the first time.

With its beauty, its uniqueness and its “lost in time” atmosphere , the Amazonia region is definitely a must for those wanting to see the best of Brazil.

The Amazon rainforest, one of the main Brazil tourist attractions.

Immaculate sand dunes, dream beaches and eternal sunshine

Drive along miles of deserted beaches at the wheel of your buggy or comfortably seated in a 4×4 and take in impressive and little known views. Tempted?

Brazil’s Northeast region is still largely unknown and yet it has some true treasures when it comes to landscapes and historical heritage. This is why, over the years, it has become our flagship product.

To discover the best of this region that covers more than 3500km of coastline, we have created a tour that takes you from the Capital of Ceará: Fortaleza to the Capital of Maranhão: São Luís. An off the beaten track tour that follows the Ceará coastline all the way to Jericoacoara, which is listed among the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post. Then on to the Parnaíba delta, a rare river configuration only found elsewhere on the Nile and the Mekong rivers. Finally, the tour arrives at the Lençóis Maranhenses, a unique desert, with its vast dunes dotted with transparent rainwater lagoons. Amazing nature is omnipresent throughout this tour.

Another advantage to this trip between Fortaleza and São Luís, is the sun. It shines constantly for almost 9 months of the year. Only from March to June do you find a few dark clouds in the sky and rainy days are few & far between. So it’s an ideal destination for those wanting to flee the winter and catch up on some sunshine during the end of the year or February vacation periods.

The balance between relaxation, adventure and culture, and the variety and unique character of the many landscapes included on this trip from fully justifies its place on the Highlights Tour.

With these 5 destinations, your vacation will include the main natural and man-made wonders of Brazil.

If you too have been seduced by this set of destinations. Don’t hesitate, ask for a personalized quote, or contact us for more information.

Lençois Maranheses, a landscape shot of this major tourist attraction in Brazil.

The Brazil Highlights Tour – Detailed Itinerary

All transfers and excursions are private services except to Juma Lodge

Day 1 : Iguaçu / in

Arrival and private transfer from the airport to the hotel you’ve chosen from our selection.

Afternoon: visit to the Iguaçu Falls from the Brazilian side with a private guide.

The Brazilian side of the Falls stretch out over one km of the total 3kms of the falls.

Perfectly organized with easily accessible paths and footbridges that are totally safe, the Brazilian part of the falls offers you a walk in majestic surroundings.

It is from this side that you have the best general view of the falls and from where you can really appreciate their magnificence. Although on the Argentinian side you can get closer to the Devil’s Gorge, it is on the Brazilian side that you can admire the Falls as a whole. At the end of the tour you can take a shower under the last waterfall!

As an option you can go on the Macuco Safari to get as close as possible to the falls in large twin-engine zodiacs.

Night at the hotel.

Looking up at the Argentinian side of Iguaçu falls.

A RIB, heads for the base of the waterfalls at Iguaçu.

Day 2 : Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

In the morning, visit to the falls on the Argentinian side with a private guide.

The falls on the Argentinian side offer a spectacular demonstration of the forces of nature. Thanks to the network of bridges and other footpaths passing close to the waterfalls, one can closely observe all the splendor of this exceptional natural phenomenon. Whether by the “circuito superior” which passes over the falls or by the “circuito inferior” which runs along the foot of the falls, the spectacle is amazing.

The falls are quite far from the starting point of the excursion, so the journey starts in a small electric train. During peak season, there are lots of visitors so it is recommended to visit the falls early in the morning to make the most of the day.

Finally, the view from the famous “Devil’s Gorge” is phenomenal and will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

You will get a few splashes strolling along the waterfalls and big splashes at times when the waves are strongest so consider taking a light – weight rain coat and protecting your electronic devices!

As an option, it is also possible to approach the falls in a RIB boat.

Private transfer to the airport, flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Arrival in Rio de Janeiro, private transfer from the airport to the hotel and check-in.

Rio de Janeiro is the icon of Brazil and the former Brazilian capital. It is placed in a dream setting between sandy beaches and rounded mountains covered in tropical forests. The land of Samba, it is one of the main cultural centres of the country with its carnival, its popular events and its many museums.

It is a unique city to live in with its constant connection to nature thanks to its beautiful beaches, the Tijuca forest and many parks. Rio de Janeiro is such an engaging city that its visitors discover the true meaning of “Saudade” when they leave it.

Free time at the end of the day to begin exploring the town or enjoy the hotel.

Aerial view of the mighty Iguaçu falls, one of our main Brazil tourist attractions.

Landscape view of the mighty Iguaçu falls.

Sunset at Copacabana beach, silhouettes playing football on the sand.

Day 3 : Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning: Sugar Loaf Mountain visit with a private guide and chauffeur.
Sugar Loaf Mountain is both hilly and steep, and gets its name from its shape – sugar cubes molded into a cone shape to be shipped to Europe in colonial times. A true symbol of Rio de Janeiro, “Pão de Açucar” stands like a sentinel at the entrance to the Guanabara bay. From its top, there is a 365 degree view of Rio and its steep mountains, plains and forests, Copacabana, Niteroi and the winding coast on the other side of the bay… an unforgettable landscape!

To reach the top, there are 2 cable cars locally called “Bondinhos.”

The first starts at “Praia Vermelha” (red beach) and takes you to the top of Urca hill, named after the town quarter at the bottom. The first stop allows a first view out over the city and the bay and you can walk in the surrounding forest and meet the friendly monkeys.

The second cable car takes you to the top of the rocky mountain to take in the extraordinary panorama of the one and only Rio De Janeiro.

On the way back, at the top of Urca hill, you can ask the guide to take you down via the steps that zig-zag through the tropical forest. Walking in such dense and natural surroundings will make you forget you are in a capital city.
Free afternoon, to discover the city, the beaches or enjoy your hotel.

A half day with a guide and private driver are an option if you want to continue exploring the town. Contact us.

Aerial view of beautiful Rio De Janeiro at dawn.

Cable car heading up to sugar loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Museum of modern art in Rio de Janeiro.

Day 4 : Rio de Janeiro / Salvador

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning: visit of the Corcovado with guide and chauffeur.

Sugar Loaf Mountain is one of the icons of Rio de Janeiro, but Christ the Redeemer is definitely the city’s most famous symbol. Given to Brazil by the French and perched at the top of Corcovado, it is from here that you have one of the most spectacular views across Rio and its surroundings. You can see out over the better known southern part of Rio as well as the northern part from where the thousands of workers come everyday to keep this town constantly alive. It’s a good start during a first stay in Rio to take in the dimensions of this Wonderful City and its maze of houses competing with the steep mountains and the surrounding forest.

To reach the terrace at the foot of the statue you take a winding road that crosses the largest urban forest in the world, the Floresta da Tijuca. You can also take a small funicular that winds up the steep mountain sides covered with vegetation. Note, the queue to take the funicular can sometimes be long.

Free time to explore the town, beaches or hotel.

Private transfer to the airport and flight to Salvador de Bahia.
Arrival in Salvador de Bahia, private transfer from airport to hotel, check-in and night at hotel.

View of Christ the redeemer statue atop corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

The museum of tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro.

Day 5 : Salvador

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning: A visit of the historic centre on foot (Pelourinho) with a private guide.

Pelourinho is the historic quarter from where the town has spread since its creation and so shows all the history of Brazil. In the charming cobbled streets that wind around the hill, the coloured houses show the rich architecture that dates from the Renaissance up to the 20th century. There are also lots of churches dotted around the area with their white rococo facades.

Salvador is a very picturesque place with lots of boutiques in the coloured houses selling arts & crafts and souvenirs. There are also museums exploring the Afro-Brazilian culture. It’s an opportunity to combine wandering the streets of a local area with discovering the culture and Luso-African history.

Afternoon, free time to discover the town, enjoy the beaches stretching for miles along the city’s coastline or shop for local arts & crafts.

Night at hotel.

A beautiful balcony in Salvador de Bahia.

Historic City Center of Pelourinho in Salvador Brazil.

Day 6 : Salvador / Fortaleza

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning, A panoramic tour of the town in a private vehicle with a guide.

Private transfer to airport.

Flight to Fortaleza.

Arrival in Fortaleza, private transfer to hotel, check-in and night at hotel chosen from our selection.

Bunda das Baianas in Salvador.

Day 7 : Fortaleza/Jericoacoara

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning: Departure in a private 4×4 towards Jericoacoara. It takes about 4hrs to reach Gijoca where the road ends. From here onwards you will take dirt tracks crossing Cajou plantations that stretch as far as the eye can see. After a few miles, you arrive at a small fishing village called Prea. You then drive along the ocean front for a few miles before turning inland on a track that goes to Jericoacoara (45mins from Gijoca to Jeri).

This trip can also be done along the beach in buggies or 4X4. (Find out more on our Fortaleza to São Luís Tour page).

Two sail boats sit on the beach in Jericoacoara.

Day 8 : Jericoacoara

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Free day in Jericoacoara to enjoy the town.

Option : take a buggy trip to discover the fresh water lagoons Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraiso (Blue lagoon and paradise lagoon).

Night at hotel.

Two empty beach loungers in Jericoacoara.

Day 9 : Jericoacoara/Parnaíba

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Late morning departure in a 4X4 towards Parnaíba along the beaches. Stop at the Tatajuba lagoon, we recommend lunch here at Didi’s restaurant where you are served lobsters and other seafood whilst you relax your feet in the warm water.
The tracks then take you to Camocim and you cross the Coreau river on a small ferry. Then on to Parnaíba.

Arrival, check-in & night at the Casa de Santo Antonio hotel.

A hamock in the sea in Jericoacoara.

Day 10 : Parnaíba/Barreirinhas

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning: you set off from Tatus port in a private motorboat for 4 hrs to see the Parnaíba delta and discover the Flora and Fauna living in these waterways. Return to Tatus, and back on the track in a private vehicle with driver to go around the delta to get to Caburé via the beach.

From here, you go up the Preguiças river aboard fast private motor boats to reach Barreirinhas.

Check-in and night at chosen hotel.

The view heading into the delta of Parnaiba.

Day 11 : Barreirinhas – São Luis

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning departure in a private 4X4 vehicle, with driver & native guide, to visit the Lençois Maranhenses National Park.
Rest stop on arrival at the dunes, then on by foot with the guide to reach the lagoons. The entire excursion lasts about 4hrs. Return to Barreirinhas at the end of the morning.

Afternoon, transfer to São Luís by road (4hrs), This is an opportunity to discover the changing landscape of the region as you approach the gateway to Amazonia.

Night at the hotel.

A clear rainwater lagoon in the desert of Lnçois near Maranhao inj Brazil.

Day 12 : São Luís/Manaus

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Private transfer to airport, flight to Manaus.
Arrival in Manaus, transfer to hotel.

Visit of the town with a guide.
Check-in and night at the Saint-Paul hotel opposite the famous Amazonas theatre.

Amazonas theater in Manaus.

Day 13 : Manaus / Juma Lodge

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning: transfer to Juma Lodge located right in the heart of the jungle, 3hrs. from Manaus.

The trip is done first by boat to cross the Amazon river where you will experience the amazing Encounter of the Waters – the murky brown waters from the river Solimoes meet the black water river Negro to form the Amazon.

Then on by track for 30mins before boarding canoes, making this transfer one of the most exotic ones and a true exploration of the surroundings.

Arrival by canoe and start of your stay in the Amazon forest!

Lunch and dinner on site (Full board stay, drinks not incl.).
Night at the lodge.

The meeting of the waters of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes in Amazonia.

Day 14 : Juma Lodge

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Day in the forest with various activities organized depending on the season, e.g. piranha fishing excursion into the jungle or on the rivers to discover the extraordinary Flora and Fauna.

Lunch and dinner on site.

Night at the lodge.

Two monkeys hanging out near the Juma lodge.

Day 15 : Juma Lodge / Manaus / out

Brazilian buffet style breakfast.

Morning transfer back to Manaus (3hrs.) then to the airport, end of our services.

A monkey sitting on one of the walkways at Juma lodge.

Accommodation for the Highlights tour of Brazil

Continental Inn (Standard)

The Continental Inn is a hotel ideally located in the Foz do Iguaçu town centre, in the old quarter close to the restaurants and other amenities. Renovated in 2016, it has comfortable rooms and offers the best price in this selection.
It’s the hotel of choice for exploring the town of Foz do Iguaçu and for going out in the evenings.

A standard room in Continental Inn.

 Hotel São Martin Iguaçu (Standard)

Hotel São Martin is located at the entrance to the Iguaçu Falls National Park and is also close to the airport. The bright and functional rooms as well as the quality facilities are perfect to relax in and appreciate the first stage of your trip.
The hotel is surrounded by a huge garden with trees and paths to walk along and to ensure the privacy of the hotel clientele. It also has easy access to the National Park just a few hundred meters away. Its an excellent option for short stays, or for those not wanting to visit the town; a natural setting at a reasonable price.

Standard room in hotel sao martin in Iguaçu.

Hotel Bourbon Convention & Spa Resort (Superior)

Hotel Bourbon is located in a pleasant green setting outside the city center, ideal for travelers seeking calmer surroundings; it offers high quality services, excellent leisure facilities and bright, comfortable rooms.

View of the reception of hotel Bourbon and Spa.

Hotel Belmont das Cataratas (Luxury)

This is the perfect place to stay in Iguaçu. The hotel faces the wonderful Iguacu falls, in the heart of the national park, in a beautiful green setting. It is managed by the Belmond chain, a pledge of luxury and excellence in service. The rooms are tastefully decorated in a colonial style and combine charm and comfort. An exclusive establishment in a unique location.

An aerial view of the hotel das cataracts at Iguaçu.

Hotel Olinda (standard)

Ideally located on the seafront in the middle of Copacabana and recently renovated, Hotel Olinda has the old-world charm of 1950s architecture. The style is sober and elegant. It does not have a pool deck but its location and deluxe rooms, which all have sea views, offer unbeatable value for money.

Comfortable double room in hotel Olinda in Rio.

Hotel Arena Leme (standard)

Ideally located on the seafront in Leme next to Copacabana and recently built, the hotel Arena Leme is a modern and functional construction offering beautiful rooms. They are decorated in a contemporary and elegant style with furniture and wooden floors made from renewable sources. A swimming pool, bar and solarium on the roof terrace where the view is breathtaking await you for relaxing or romantic aperitifs in the sun set. It’s the ideal place to enjoy yourself in one of the most magical areas of Rio without breaking the bank.

chambre twin arena leme

Altos de Santa Teresa (Standard)

Set in the famous Bohemian quarter of Santa Teresa, on a hill with a magnificent view of Guanabara bay and Sugar Loaf Mountain, the Altos de Santa Teresa is a small charming pousada, which offers beautiful amenities including a Jacuzzi and heated swimming pools as well as very nice rooms and the Topaz suite. Ideal for a romantic stay. Located about 20 minutes from Copacabana by taxi.

View from the jacuzzi at Hotel Santa Teresa.

Hotel Miramar (Superior)

Hotel Miramar is a 5 * hotel with European standards, on the Copacabana beach. The hotel is newly built, and you can choose between the luxury rooms which have a view facing the sea and the superior rooms which offer a lateral view of the sea. The hotel is very comfortable and its breakfasts are known for being among the best in Rio de Janeiro.


Copacabana Palace (Luxe)

The Copacabana Palace is a real institution. Probably the most prestigious hotel in Brazil, it has hosted some of the most famous visitors to the country since 1923. It has all the comfort and services of a large hotel, for an exclusive stay in a mythical and privileged environment.

The facade of the famour Copacabana palace hotel.

Hotel Fera Palace (Standard)

Located in the old part of the city facing the ocean and the bay, Sol Vitoria Marina offers simple but comfortable rooms, and has a sea platform where you can admire the view while enjoying refreshments. Great value for money and perfect for families.

Hotel vera palace room in Salvador, big and luxurious.

Hotel Villa Bahia (Superior)

This is a charming little hotel in the heart of Salvador’s historic centre. It has spacious rooms all tastefully decorated with a different theme. A stay in the Hotel Villa is a relaxing stop and a little trip back in time.

Hotel villa Bahia, a luxury stay in Bahia.

Hotel Sonata Iracema (Standard)

Ideally located on the Iracema beach, close to the historical centre and the avenue along the sea front, Beira Mar, hotel Sonata offers plain but comfortable rooms with a magnificent view facing the ocean. The best value for money in Fortaleza.

A view of the pool at Hotel Sonata Fortaleza.

Hotel Gran Marquise (Superior)

The Gran Marquise is the best hotel in Fortaleza. Frequented by celebrities, it is located on the coast in an affluent area of town. Recently renovated, it offers more than the necessary comfort with its magnificent spa. For the more exigent customer.

The beautiful and luxurious Gran Marquise in Fortaleza.

Beach option  : Hotel Golfinho (Praia de Cumbuco) (Standard)

45 minutes from Fortaleza airport, Cumbuco is the first beach on the Ceara coast. If you want to start your vacation on a beach, the Golfinho hotel is on the sea front and is an ideal choice. This small hotel offers, plain but comfortable rooms all around a swimming pool. It’s an ideal stop for families and those wanting to avoid the town hotels in Fortaleza.

Hotel Golfinho on the beach of Cumbuco near Fortaleza.

My blue Hotel (standard)

Located in the middle of the main beach, My Blue Hotel is a beautiful property offering pleasant and spacious rooms with original and colorful decorations and all with modern comforts. It has a beautiful flowered garden, 2 beautiful swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spa and a restaurant on the beach where a hearty breakfast is served every day, all great reasons to enjoy this hotel. A family run establishment in a convenient central location.

Hotel my blue in Jericoacoara, view from the pool.

Hurricane (standard & superior)

Located facing the Praia da Malhada, Hurricane Jeri is 5 minutes on foot from the village centre. Set in luxuriant surroundings, there are about 20 bungalows with 2 bedrooms (one superior and a garden) mixing traditional materials and techniques with modern ones to offer a perfect effect of rustic charm and modern comfort. A large pool and a good restaurant complete these excellent facilities. There are also 4 magnificent independent bungalows with lounges and private Jacuzzis. 2 of the bungalows have an ocean view. An ideal stay for couples or among friends (Minimum stay of 5 nights from July to September, Children under 13 not allowed)

Hurricane Jericoacoara - view from the infinity pool.

Vila Kalango

Vila Kalango is the first establishment of its kind in Jericoacoara, at the end of the main beach, at the foot of a giant dune, this pousada combines ecological consciousness, charm and top-of-the-range services. In a large, beautiful garden of 5000m2, bungalows, some on stilts, built of wood and other local materials, create an eco-chic environment giving your stay a Robinson Crusoe look. No television or air conditioning, everything has been done to integrate the pousada into its natural environment. The pousada has a beautiful pool facing the bay, where you can also windsurf or kite surf. It’s a perfect place for travelers seeking a blend of eco-responsible tourism and pleasure, as well as for those wanting a more exotic stay.

Vila kango, the most eco - friendly stop in Jericoacoara.

Hotel Essenza (superior)

The latest luxury hotel in Jericoacoara, the Essenza, it is next to the My blue hotel and the Vila Kalango. In a resolutely modern style, and with modern materials, it offers a few classy rooms with independent swimming pools on their private balconies on the first floor and rooms with a veranda directly onto the large infinity pool on the ground floor. This is an establishment for those who seek uncompromising luxury. (Children under 12 years not allowed).

Essenza Jericoacoara - view from the pool looking up to the balconies.

Casa de Santo Antonio (Standard & Superior)

The Casa de Santo Antonio is a beautiful pousada created in a former colonial house. The owners have done some magnificent restoration work: in a classical style but with a lot of comfort, each room is tastefully decorated and has some elements of decoration that have come straight from the “belle époque”. An establishment full of charm and quality it is perfect for all.

Casa Santo Antonio Parnaiba, a beautiful hotel shown from the outside.

Encantes do Nordeste (standard)

200m from Rio Preguicas, Encantes do Nordeste is a small welcoming pousada with a pretty decor and an exotic atmosphere. Surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can already feel the luxuriant Amazonian forest nearby, little, plain chalets receive visitors who come to discover the famous Lençois desert. Each bungalow has a small terrace with a hammock.

A standard room in Encantes de Nordeste.

Porto Preguiças (Superior)

The only Superior accommodation in the area, the Porto Preguicas is situated on one of the river bends outside town, and is made up of little brick houses spread out in a huge enclosed garden. There are modern and comfortable bedrooms and suites for up to 5 people. The restaurant is excellent and the activities available make it an ideal place for children.

Porto Preguicas Barreirinhas - a poolside view.

Grand São Luís (Standard)

Ideally located in the historical district, the Grand São Luís offers spacious and well-equipped rooms as well as the classic facilities of a hotel of its category such as a swimming pool and a gym. Convenient due to its location, it is the best value for money.

Grande hotel Sao Luis - a standard hotel in Sao Luis.

Pestana São Luís (superior)

Outside the city, the Pestana São Luís has good facilities including good swimming pools. Bright and comfortable rooms make this hotel the ideal place for a stay of several days in the city.

A view of the outside of this beautiful hotel pool.

Hotel Saint-Paul (Standard)

Located in the heart of Manaus’ historic district, a short walk from the famous Amazonas Theater, the Saint Paul is a small, modern hotel offering comfortable rooms, some with views of the famous monument. Close to the port and museums, it is the best value for money accommodation in the city center.

Hotel Sao Paul Manaus - bedroom view with TV.

Eco Resort Tropical (Standard & Superior)

The Tropical is located outside the town, near the airport and has the most comprehensive hotel infrastructure in the area, including a large swimming pool and a beautiful park with discovery trails. It has many categories of rooms to satisfy all travelers looking for a modern and comfortable place offering lots of services. It has its own harbor, so is the ideal place if you need to go to your next Amazon destination by boat. Also ideal if you have children.

The outside of tropical hotel in Manaus, vibrant plant life.

Vila Amazonia (Superior)

This new charming pousada in Manaus is a great plus for those who want to stay in the centre of the city in the best conditions. The property, managed by the same team as the Anavilhanas Lodge, offers comfortable and tasteful rooms that will appeal to all travellers.

A superior hotel at villa superior, truly a luxury stay.

Anavilhanas Lodge (Superior)

With its bungalows with vast bay windows set in the middle of the forest covering one of the islands of the largest freshwater archipelago in the world, the Anavilhanas Lodge offers all the charm of the Amazonian forest without renouncing in any way a high level of comfort. The most luxurious of the lodges in the Brazilian Amazon, it is a dream stay in an unforgettable setting. It is the perfect place to celebrate an event or spend a few days in beautiful surroundings. One of a kind!

A view from Anavilhanas jungle lodge, you can see the vibrant plant life outside from the bed.

Juma Lodge (Standard)

The Juma Lodge is an establishment where the notion of total immersion takes on its full meaning. Isolated in the middle of the jungle, by a lake, it is perched at more than 10m off the ground, in the middle of the foliage and is surrounded by water during the rainy season. Autonomous in energy and conceived with a perspective of sustainable development, it harmoniously blends local techniques & materials with modern methods resulting in small individual cabins and a general infrastructure that integrates comfort into the surrounding jungle, ideal for budding explorers. A team of professional and multilingual guides organize daily outings on the water and in the forest to explore the jungle. Undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary lodges in the whole of the Amazon! Disabled access.

View of the Juma lodge, a lodge on stilts in the Amazon.

Double room prices:

Catégorie standard : Base 2 personnes 6222$ /pers Base 4 personnes 5289$ /pers
Catégorie supérieure : Base 2 personnes 7333$ /pers Base 4 personnes 6111$ /pers

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