Boasting a vast geography with breathtakingly exotic landscapes inhabited by a warm and lively population, Brazil is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in the world. A honeymoon in Brazil is an exceptional way to celebrate your milestone. A special time that you will forever cherish, leaving you with a lust for return like nowhere else can.

For most of the year, Brazil is home to a warm and sunny tropical climate. Ideal weather is important on a honeymoon, which normally includes at least one stop by the magnificent coast. For that, there is plenty of choice in Brazil – 7,367 km of coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In Brazil, you will find beaches stretched across expanses of preserved and protected land. Explore the Amazonian jungle of “Marajó” and the coconut lined, dream beaches of Bahia, where the only footprints in the sand will be your own. From the dunes and cliffs of “Nordeste” to the deserted creeks of the “Costa Verde”, a honeymoon in Brazil will take you through remarkably varied natural landscapes.

Brazil, the largest country in South America, has a population of many ethnic origins, which births unmatched cultural diversity. This is the fountain from which so many traditions and ways of life spring. On your honeymoon in Brazil, meet the “gauchos” of the South and the Amazonian “ribeirinhos”, Rio’s “cariocas” and the “Bahians” from Salvador. These truly Brazilian cultures will add an extra touch of human contact to an unforgettable Brazilian honeymoon. The unique versatility of Brazil is particularly conducive to a warm and exclusive atmosphere. Boasting such assets, Brazil is the ideal backdrop for a trip with a honeymoon theme.

 On the Brazilian Honeymoon Tour
discover :
The Majestic Iguaçu Falls
Famous Rio de Janeiro
The Amazon rainforest
Salvador de Bahia, the soul of Brazil
Txai Itacaré – An exclusive resort

Map of the Honeymoon in Brazil Tour.

Honeymoon in Brazil: Itinerary at a glance

Day 1: Iguaçu IN

Private transfer to the hotel. Free afternoon.

Day 2: Iguaçu

Visit the parks on both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides with English-speaking guide and private driver.

Day 3: Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro

Free morning, flight to Rio.

Day 4: Rio de Janeiro

In the morning, private visit of Corcovado with English-speaking guide. Guide available to visit the city in the afternoon.

Day 5: Rio de Janeiro

Free morning. In the afternoon, private and guided visit of Sugar Loaf mountain for sunset.

Day 6: Rio de Janeiro / Manaus

Free morning. Flight to Manaus.

Day 7: Manaus / Anavilhanas lodge

In the morning, transfer to the lodge. Afternoon activities included in stay.

Day 8: Anavilhanas lodge

Activities included in stay.

Day 9: Anavilhanas lodge

Activities included in stay.

Day 10: Anavilhanas lodge / Manaus / Salvador

In the morning, return to Manaus. Flight to Salvador de Bahia.

Day 11: Salvador

In the morning, private visit of the historic center with an English-speaking guide. In the afternoon, they will take you on a panoramic tour of the city in a private vehicle.

Day 12: Salvador / Txai Itacaré

In the morning, fly to Ilheus and transfer by private vehicle to Txai. Free afternoon.

Day 13: Txai Itacaré

Free day.

Day 14: Txai Itacaré

Free day.

Day 15: Txai Itacaré / Ilheus out.

Transfer to Ilheus. Flight to the airport from which your international flight departs.

End of our services.

5 Unforgettable Stops

For our honeymoon getaway, we have selected five beloved Brazilian honeymoon destinations and put together an exclusive itinerary.

Quite different from each other separately, combined they form an exceptional panorama of the best aspects of Brazil.

Luxury and relaxation, nature and scenery, charm and culture, romance and exoticism … All form part of your honeymoon in Brazil.

From the magnificent Iguaçu Falls in the south of the country to the exuberant Amazon rainforest in the north passing through the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, the authentic and historical Salvador and the paradisiacal beaches of Itacaré, this honeymoon tour of Brazil will bring you and your loved one closer together through wonder and excitement.

Brazil is indeed the perfect place to make your honeymoon more than just a trip abroad, but a truly unique and cherished moment in your life as a couple.

View of Rio de Janeiro bay.

Iguaçu, an elite hotel and extraordinary natural setting for your Brazilian honeymoon

In Iguaçu, the first stop on your honeymoon in Brazil, you will stay in one of the most upscale and exclusive hotels in Brazil, set in breath-taking surroundings.

The Belmond “Hotel das Cataratas” is the only hotel nestled within the Iguaçu Falls National Park, next to the famous waterfalls that fill the air with their majestic roar.

The hotel is an elegant, neo-colonial style building, which offers a refined and prestigious setting to your stay. Due to its unique location, you will have the opportunity to visit the falls, outside the parks opening hours. An exciting detail, ideal for a romantic stroll at sunset, at dawn or in the moonlight.

In Iguaçu, our intention is that you experience the subtle blend of luxury accommodation and the brute force of nature, truly awakening your senses in a rainforest setting that resembles a lost paradise. A perfect cocktail that will make Iguaçu a masterful introduction to your Brazilian honeymoon.

View of Iguazu Falls from above.

Rio de Janeiro, an essential stop on a honeymoon in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, the famous and unavoidable “Cidade Maravilhosa” has an irresistible charm that unfolds between ocean, mountains and tropical forest, perfect for a honeymoon in Brazil.

Perched in a charming hotel on the hills overlooking the city and its famous Guanabara Bay or set in a luxury establishment facing the ocean between Ipanema and Copacabana, you will discover all the glamor and exuberance of Rio de Janeiro.

This city, among the most beautiful in the world, has buildings ranging from favelas to towering skyscrapers and spaces of lush tropical greenery. It shimmers with an atmosphere like no other. In the capital of Samba, you can enjoy the festive atmosphere of Brazilian nights and during the famous carnival, admire schools parading in the fantastic “Sambodromo”. Rio is also the perfect destination to enjoy a romantic sunset from Sugar Loaf Mountain or on the panoramic roof of a hotel in Zona Sul over dinner or a drink with your significant other.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take a hike in the lush Tijuca Forest, under the eyes of the famous Christ the Redeemer, perched on the peak of Corcovado. For the runners, an early jog on “Avenida Atlantica,” the famous ocean avenue where the Brazilians (particularly those with impressive physiques!), come to shape their silhouettes in a casual atmosphere very dear the the “Carioca”. For thrill seekers, take a paragliding or hang-gliding tour and see Rio from above.

During this stage of your honeymoon in Brazil, culture is abundant. The city, as well as being the cradle of Samba and Bossa Nova, is also one of the major intellectual centers of Brazil and therefore hosts many museums. From the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, a sumptuous library of the imperial era, to the futuristic architecture of the “Museum of tomorrow built by Santiago Calatrava Valls. Here you will discover that the history of Brazil is that of the universe. Rio de Janeiro is sure to immortalize the memories of your Brazilian honeymoon.


Rio de Janeiro stop on Brazil Honeymoon Tour.

Discover The Amazon Rainforest on your maiden voyage as a couple

In Manaus, the regional capital of the state of Amazonas, we have found a superb boutique hotel that will allow you to discover this lost city without a single compromise on comfort. Its decoration consists of a cross between materials from the surrounding forest and charming furniture restored from the old colonial house.

As for the jungle lodge, we have chosen for you an exclusive and lavish hideaway on the edge of the “Rio Negro” in the Anavilhanas Archipelago National Park, the largest river archipelago on our planet. This unique and fascinating form of accommodation will allow you to discover the mysteries of the Amazon in total comfort. The rooms are organized in beautiful bungalows in the middle of the rainforest with a pool overlooking the river. In addition to decoration with local rainforest woods, each room has a bay window on one of the walls. You and your partner will feel totally immersed in the forest during this part of your honeymoon in Brazil. The closest you can get to nature and its wild inhabitants, you can enjoy the rainforest life, relaxing in your hammock. Paradise!

During the stay, you will have the opportunity to discover the largest tropical forest in the world in close detail. A fascinating and complex ecosystem, often called the “lungs of the earth”. Discover exuberant fauna and flora on a trek to the heart of the jungle, fish for piranhas, venture on night outings and contemplate the magic of fantastic Amazonian sunsets.

During your Brazilian honeymoon adventures in the forest, the local guides will teach you to recognize the herbs and natural medicines used by the locals. They will also take you to visit native communities, always on the lookout for monkeys, multicolored parrots and other spectacular rainforest dwellers! Look to the sky to see the majestic giants “Kapok” and “Castanha-do-pará” who give us delicious Brazil nuts and are among the largest tree species in the world!

Along the water, you can admire birds with shimmering feathers and live a spectacular moment of connection with nature: a meeting with the famous “Boto” in its natural habitat. That is the Amazonian pink dolphin, surrounded by local legends, and famed for their beauty and friendly attitude towards humans. The night expeditions are your opportunity to see the caymans and listen to other mysterious inhabitants sing their captivating songs of the Amazon rainforest.

Finally, on this magical stage of your honeymoon in Brazil, you will enjoy local cuisine made from forest and river produce. The delicious fish caught in the tributaries of the Rio Solimões such as tambaqui and pirarucu , the largest freshwater fish in the world, will be on the menu, as well as the tasty Amazonian fruits and vegetables such as acai, buriti, and tucumã, or jambu and physalis.

Black and White Picture of the Amazon.

Salvador da Bahia, the authentic and festive first capital of Brazil.

From the enchanting “Black Rome” to the sumptuous tropical beaches of Itacaré, Bahia will be the ideal theater for the last act of your honeymoon in Brazil.

You will have the opportunity to discover the cradle of Afro-Brazilian culture and its fascinating customs as well as paradisiacal beaches lined with serene coconut palms.

Salvador de Bahia was the first capital of Brazil and its charming historic center is a true testament to the turbulent history of the largest country in Latin America. Known as “Pelourinho” in reference to the slavery period of the colonial era, it hosts a concentration of beautiful buildings with colorful facades dating from the Baroque period right up to the roaring twenties. There is little more romantic than a calm stroll, in the labyrinth of cobbled streets lined with stalls and ancient mansions with rainbow porches. You will wander in an exotic atmosphere full of joy, of which you can only find in Bahia. Stroll between Acarajé merchants and sellers of other African influenced dishes whilst Capoeirarodas” take place on the squares lined with centuries – old churches.

To immerse yourself in the joy of Bahia, we propose that you stay in the heart of this charming and colorful community. The ideal way to fully experience this unique atmosphere, a mixture of calm and high-energy, joy and serenity, so characteristic of the paradoxical lives of “soteropolitanos”, or the inhabitants of Salvador.

During your discovery of the city on your Brazilian honeymoon, in addition to the picturesque historic district of Salvador and its famous public elevator, “Elevador Lacerda” you will also visit the monuments of the city’s outskirts. Among them: The “Mercado Modelo,” full of impressive local crafts, the Dique do Tororó, an artificial lake where statues of the main divinities of Candomblé are erected, the Church of Bonfim on the Itagipe peninsula and the “Fort da Barra”.

For couples who love parties and thrive on tropical rhythms, do not miss the “Terra da Benção”, every Tuesday evening. From 6pm there is a celebration of the Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador de Bahia. Beginning with Mass, specifically mixing the local religion of Candomblé with Catholic rites, the festivities extend throughout the neighborhood. “Batucada” such as the famous Olodum and local musicians enchant the streets with their frenzy of rhythmic melodies. This will be the perfect time to mingle with the crowd and share the ever-present “joie de vivre.” Allow the sounds of drumming and captivating songs until the end of the night form an unforgettable memory of your honeymoon in Brazil.

Mae de Santos in Slvador, a stop on the Brazil Honeymoon Tour.

Txai Itacaré, an idyllic beach to end your honeymoon in Brazil

An hour’s flight south of the Bahian capital, between Ilheus and Itacaré, is home to one of Brazil’s finest luxury hotels, the Txai Itacaré Eco Resort.

It offers dreamlike settings in a protected area, a real natural refuge for the privileged guests that it hosts. You are greeted by a deserted paradise beach, surrounded by a vast garden of the very rare tropical Atlantic forest. It is a hideaway for celebrities and movie stars from around the world such as Vincent Cassel and Orlando Bloom, who own villas on the Txai property. It is in this idyllic and exclusive setting that we suggest you take a few days off and finish your honeymoon in Brazil.

The bungalows and apartments are built with a subtle blend of beautiful local materials and designed with environmental friendliness in mind. The rooms offer all the charm, comfort and sophistication that one can expect for a honeymoon break. The small buildings are distributed among the trees to preserve the intimacy of the visitors and the communal facilities will delight the most demanding of clients: 5 swimming pools, 4 bars, 3 restaurants, a spa and tennis courts.

On the ocean side, the beach is the ideal setting for romantic walks at twilight, barefoot in the white sand. It is also possible to venture into the surrounding forest. For thrill seekers, it is possible to go rafting on the outskirts of Itacaré 18 km away, on one of the best spots in the country the Rio das Contas. Also close-by, are world-class waves for surfing.

The Txai resort is truly enchanting, one of those secret places in the world, perfect to finish an exceptional honeymoon in Brazil.


Beach at Txai, Itacaré.

 Honeymoon in Brazil: Detailed Itinerary

All transfers and excursions are private except at Anavilhanas Lodge

Day 1: Iguaçu IN

Arrival of your flight at Iguaçu International Airport where there will be an English- speaking guide waiting to welcome you.

Private transfer to the luxury hotel Belmond das Cataratas on the Brazilian side of the Iguaçu falls.

Arrival at the hotel. (Check – In from 2pm)

Afternoon free to enjoy the hotel facilities or to explore the surrounding park.

Night at the hotel.

View of Iguaçu falls. Black and White.

Day 2: Iguaçu

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

In the morning, an English-speaking guide picks you up to start the day. You will visit both parks, one on the Brazilian side and one on the Argentinean side of the waterfalls.

First, you will visit the Brazilian side on foot with your guide then a driver will then pick you up to cross the border into Argentina where you will continue the tour during the afternoon.

On the Brazilian side, you will have an ideal viewpoint to take in the immensity of the site where a hundred waterfalls are spread over nearly 3 kilometers.

On the Argentinian side, you will go right alongside the falls to take in the power of nature, on a network of footbridges.

Lunch on the Argentinian side (not included).

Return at the end of the afternoon and overnight at the hotel.

Devils Throat at Iguaçu. Black and White

Te mighty Iguazu Falls. Black and White

Day 3: Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Free morning to enjoy the facilities of the hotel and the park, you can go for a last walk in front of the hotel to admire the falls.

Check-out before noon and private transfer to Iguaçu Airport (20 minutes).

Flight to Rio de Janeiro (2 hours approx).

Arrival in Rio de Janeiro, private transfer to your hotel (40 min approx).

We offer 2 types of hotels to stay in the beautiful Cidade Maravilhosa:

Either in a high-end boutique hotel on the heights of Santa Teresa .

Or, in a luxury design establishment on the waterfront of the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema .

Night at the hotel.

Water gushes down over the greenery at Iguaçu Falls.

Rio de Janeiro beach in Black and White.

Day 4: Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

In the morning, departure at 9am with an English-speaking guide for a private tour of Corcovado.

You will drive to the starting point of Bondinho, the charming funicular that climbs through the rainforest to reach the famous site of Christ the Redeemer, perched atop the peak of Corcovado.

After lunch (not included) you continue your discovery of the city with the districts of Santa TeresaLapa and the colonial center with your guide. The guide and vehicle are available for 4 hours to visit other sites if you express interest in seeing them.

Return at the end of the afternoon to the hotel.

Night at the hotel.

Rio de Janeiro beach with mountain in back right.

Beach in Rio from above. Black and White.

Day 5: Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Free morning. You can take the opportunity to continue exploring the city for yourself, enjoy the beaches of Rio or rent bikes on Avenida Atlantica to browse the seashore along Copacabana and Ipanema.

Mid-afternoon, departure from the hotel by vehicle, for a tour of Sugar Loaf Mountain with your private English-speaking guide.

You will reach the summit by taking two cable cars. The first will leave you at the top of Mount Urca where there is a fantastic viewpoint, some shops and restaurants.

From there, you will take the second to reach the peak of Pão de Acucar where there is also a restaurant.

It is the ideal place to admire the sunset, which dyes the ocean, the mountains and the surrounding city with thousands of shades of pink and orange.

Return to the hotel.

Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro - black and white. Part of Honeymoon tour in Brazil.

Black and White of Rio de Janeiro at night.

Day 6: Rio de Janeiro / Manaus

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Free day to enjoy Rio de Janeiro as you wish. Possibility of organizing non-private tours to visit a favela or Guanabara Bay by boat.

Flight to Manaus (4 hours approx).

Arrival in Manaus and private transfer to your hotel located on the charming square of the famous Theater Amazonas (30 minutes approx).

Night at the hotel.

Black and White of Leme beach in Rio.

Day 7: Manaus / Anavilhanas lodge

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Early in the morning, the lodge van picks you up for the transfer to the lodge.

After crossing the bridge over the Rio Negro, it is a 2 hour drive to reach the small town of Novo Airão 180 km from Manaus, close to where the lodge is.

Arrival at the lodge. After check-in and orientation at the hotel and lunch (full board stay excluding drinks), the afternoon is devoted to a small group excursion with an English speaking guide (private guide available as an option) included in your stay.

Dinner at the lodge buffet.

Night at the lodge.

Black and White Amzon river from above.

Black and white of lounge in Anavilhanas lodge.

Day 8: Anavilhanas Lodge

At dawn you go on an excursion to listen to the songs of the birds and admire the splendid colors and tranquility of dawn.

After breakfast, return for a canoe tour of the “Igarapés”, the arms of water penetrating the forest, or on foot according to the weather.

Lunch at the lodge buffet.

Afternoon visit of a local community of “Caboclo” to meet them and discover their way of life.

Dinner and overnight at Anavilhanas Lodge.

Black and White of Kapok tree in Igarapé.

Day 9: Anavilhanas lodge

In the morning after breakfast, departure by motorboat for a big excursion in the Anavilhanas Archipelago National Park to see wild animals such as sloths and monkeys but also the famous “Botos cor-de-rosa”, the pink dolphins that live in local waters.

Rich in wildlife, the multiple islands reveal splendid beaches of fine sand in the dry season and the rainy season allows you to navigate between the tree trunks in the heart of the submerged islands.

In the afternoon, an excursion in the forest, practice native archery and discover the traditions of the Waimiri Atroari tribe. Also, fish for (surprisingly delicious) piranhas. (The order of the activities may change according to weather and season.)

After dinner in the evening, a night boat trip. During this excursion, you go on the lookout for “Jacaré”, (small caimans), with the help of flashlights whose light is reflected in the dozens of reptilian eyes that surface on the waters, thrills guaranteed! It is also an opportunity to listen to the songs of the nocturnal forest animals.

Night at the lodge.

Sunset at Anavilhanas, the perfect Honeymoon in Brazil.

Black and White of Anavilhanas archipelago.

Day 10: Anavilhanas lodge / Manaus / Salvador de Bahia

In the morning, after breakfast, check-out and departure for the return to Manaus by van. This trip is also possible by seaplane (Contact us). Arrival in Manaus around noon.

Lunch on the theater square (not included).

In the afternoon, private guided tour of the historic center with an English – speaking guide,  including of Manaus and the famous Theater Amazonas.

After the visit, private transfer to Manaus Airport.

Flight to Salvador de Bahia.

Arrival in Salvador de Bahia, private transfer to your hotel in the historic center.

Check – In and night at the hotel.

Black and White of theater Amazonas in Manaus.

Black and White of Anavilhanas walkway.

Day 11: Salvador de Bahia

In the morning, departure from the hotel with an English – speaking guide, for a private tour of the Pelourinho district, the historic center of Salvador.

During the visit, you will have the opportunity to discover the charm of the small cobbled streets lined with old pastel colored houses and the life of this district where Capoeira and Batucada were born. This will be an opportunity to learn a little more about the colonization of Brazil through the history of the country’s first capital. Here you will also discover a warm atmosphere, full of color, joy and exuberance, with a strong African cultural heritage.

Lunch in Pelourinho (not included).

In the afternoon, you will take a panoramic tour of the city in a private vehicle with your guide. During this tour, you will discover several emblematic places in the capital of Bahia. First, the port and Mercado Modelo, the local traditional craft market. You will then go to the Itapagipe peninsula to discover the church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, religious epicenter of local Catholic and syncretic congregations. After this continue to the Dique do Tororó , an artificial lake where the famous Candomblé statues are erected. At the end of the afternoon the guide will take you back to the hotel.

Night at the hotel.

Black and White of church in Pelourinho.

Filos de Ghandi Festival bloco.

Day 12: Salvador de Bahia / Txai Itacaré

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

In the morning, check out and transfer to Salvador de Bahia Airport for a short 45 minute flight to the small coastal town of Ilheus 200 km south of Salvador.

Arrival in Ilheus. You join the Txai VIP room in the airport where you will be directed for transfer by private vehicle to the Txai Ecoresort 55km away (1 hour).

Afternoon free to enjoy the facilities and the beautiful beach of the Resort as you wish. Dinner in one of Txai’s restaurants (not included).

Overnight at Txai Ecoresort.

Terrasse du Txai Itacaré

Day 13: Txai Itacaré

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Free day to enjoy the splendid surroundings of the resort: a huge deserted beach, perfect for a swim or surf at high tide and a vast park of tropical rainforest, 1 million square meters in size! Be sure to take a tour to discover the richness and beauty of this ecosystem. An ideal scenario to relax and take beautiful romantic walks.

You can also go on an optional rafting trip on the “Rio das Contas” near ​​the small town of Itacaré, about forty minutes from the hotel.

Meal (not included) at one of the Txai Ecoresort restaurants.

Night at the Resort.

Txai Itacaré Poolside.

Txai Itacaré garden.

Day 14: Txai Itacaré

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Free day at Txai Itacaré. The perfect time to take a tour, learn to surf or enjoy the exceptional settings.

Meal at the resort restaurants.

Night at the Resort

Itacarezinho beach in Black and White.

Day 15: Txai Itacaré / Ilheus out.

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Last free morning to enjoy the beach.

Check-out before noon and private transfer to the airport of Ilheus (1 hour approx.).

Flight to the airport from which your international flight departs (direct flights to Salvador de Bahia and São Paulo).

End of our services.

Black and White of Txai outdoors.

Accommodation on the Honeymoon in Brazil Tour

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas.

A newly renovated neocolonial building at the foot of the famous Iguaçu Falls, the Belmont das Cataratas is an exceptional hotel.

In addition to being one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in Brazil, it boasts a unique attraction – the possibility to visit the falls outside the opening hours of the National Park.

The hotel offers beautiful high-end facilities with 187 rooms combining comfort, extravagant materials and a colonial feel. There is a large swimming pool surrounded by orchids, a bar and a fine restaurant, also a spa and tennis courts.

With this, the Belmont das Cataratas is an excellent address for a romantic first stop on a honeymoon in Brazil.

vue aérienne de l'hôtel belmond das cataratas face aux chutes d'Iguaçu.

Bed in Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, first stop on the honeymoon in Brazil.

Hotel Santa Teresa

On the heights of Rio de Janeiro, the bohemian district of Santa Teresa is home to a beautiful boutique hotel.

Santa Teresa MGallery is within the walls of a colonial mansion dating from the mid-19th century.

A contemporary decor highlights the natural materials and privileges comfort. The beautiful pool terrace offers views of the city and Guanabara Bay.

In addition to the hotel, the restaurant Térèze offers quality cuisine combining French know-how and Brazilian produce, it also includes a bar where you can enjoy the sunset.

If you are looking for romance, intimacy and sophistication far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the Santa Teresa MGallery is the place to go in Rio de Janeiro for your honeymoon.

Vue de la piscine du Santa teresa Mgallery à Rio de Janeiro.

Black and White of room in Santa Tereza.

Fasano Rio de Janeiro

Located in front of the ocean on the mythical and very select Ipanema beach, the Fasano Rio de Janeiro is part of the Fazano group of hotels and luxury restaurants. It is in the top 3 most prestigious establishments in the famous Zona Sul of Rio.

The bold and contemporary design of this exceptional establishment by Philippe Starck combines natural materials and contemporary lines with a vintage touch of the golden age of Brazilian architecture between the 50´s and 60´s.

The infinity pool on the rooftop terrace offers an incredible and unique view of the surroundings, it is reserved for hotel guests only and has a perfect bar to enjoy a romantic sunset.

The excellent Italian restaurant and London-inspired bar allow you to enjoy moments of bliss.

For lovers of design and couples who want to stay close to the sea, in the heart of the Carioca atmosphere – this is a name to remember.

Pool of the Fasano in Black and White.

Room of the Fasano Hotel in Rio.

Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro

The Emiliano is to Copacabana what the Fasano is to Ipanema, the flagship of boutique hotel design on this, a legendary beach.

You can not miss it with its peculiar facade – hinged shutters isolate the rooms and balconies from the public on the mythical Avenida Atlantica.

Ocean view rooms are the order of the day and at 60sqm all have a wonderful balcony. The bathrooms all have baths with windows through which you can enjoy the ocean view from the bath.

The sophisticated decoration highlights the materials and textures with smooth woods and rough marbles that will delight the senses of the most demanding visitors. The roof terrace has a beautiful infinity pool and solarium. Once a month, on the full moon, they organize dinner under the stars.

A beautiful luxury hotel, offering one of the most spectacular views of the coast of Rio de Janeiro, perfect for an exceptional honeymoon in the Cidade Maravilhosa .

Outside the hotel Emiliano in Rio de Janeiro.

Room in the Hotel Emiliano.

Hotel Villa Amazônia

The Villa Amazonia is a beautiful boutique hotel, ideally located in a former mansion overlooking the back of the Theater Amazonas, in the heart of the historic district and close to the best restaurants in the city.

Combining a modern touch with the charm of the precious woods from the surrounding Amazonian forest, the sophisticated decoration plunges travelers somewhere between past and present.

A perfect step for a smooth introduction to the Amazon.

The rooms are bright and comfortable; the superior and premium categories are equipped with bathtubs. Their large bay windows overlook the beautiful stone pool surrounded by tropical plants.

The Vila Amazonia hotel’s restaurant is located upstairs, in the old lounges of the original colonial mansion and is one of the best in the city.

Without a doubt a very charming establishment, perfect for the Amazonian stop of your Brazilian honeymoon.

Villa Amazonia room in Black and White.

Villa Amazonia lounge area.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Located on the banks of the Rio Negro (one of the two rivers that form the Amazon), 180 km from Manaus, Anavilhanas Lodge is the most prestigious lodge in the region.

The rooms are in bungalows in the heart of the rainforest. They surround a central island of common areas allowing a stay combining immersion in the jungle with comfort and a high level of service.

The decor is a mixture of different woods from the surrounding forest and a touch of modern exoticism. Anavilhanas are uncompromising on the well-being of their guests.

Featuring large windows the size of the entire wall, the rooms allow you to observe the rainforest any time, from the comfort of your hammock or bed.

In addition to very comfortable accommodation, the Anavilhanas Lodge offers the services of professional and bilingual guides.

They will take you to discover the fascinating Amazonian ecosystem on the waters of the Anavilhanas National Park, the largest river archipelago in the world. Also explore the land between the massive trunks of the forest giants.

Anavilhanas room in Black and White.

Pool at Anavilhanas - Black and White

Hotel Fera Palace

The Fera is a former Art Deco palace built at the gates of Pelourinho, the historic district of Salvador.

After being neglected for several decades, it has been completely renovated with great care by Adam Kurdahl, a renowned Danish architect.

It has skilfully combined the charm of the Roaring Twenties, a more contemporary design and modern comforts.

With 80 rooms ranging from the standard category to the Tower Suite of 110 m² with bath, dining room and an alcove at the top of the building, the Fera Palace will satisfy all lovers in search of tranquility.

Its roof terrace with an infinity pool and a bar where you can watch the ocean, (a rarity in the neighborhood), will delight couples looking for a modern but not impersonal stop for the Bahian step of their honeymoon.

Inside Fera Palace - Black and White.

Outside Fera Palace in Black and White.

Pousada Villa Bahia

The most beautiful and charming pousada in Salvador de Bahia nestled ideally in the heart of the historic Pelourinho. Built in two carefully renovated colonial mansions.

Villa Bahia is Salvador’s boutique hotel – character, comfort and authenticity.

Each room of this small establishment is unique and takes the name of an old Portuguese colony. The furniture consists of refurbished antiques.

This attention to detail, accompanied by beautiful bedding and spacious rooms ensure a comfortable and glamorous stay.

The hotel also has a small swimming pool on one of its patios and a garden with a nice fountain on the other. There is also a terrace from where you can examine  the interlacing of roofs and other steeples of the old city.

Lately, a pleasant lounge and one of the best restaurants in the city have been added to the already long list of positives.

A truly charming address in the ideal location to enjoy the historic district of Salvador in a fantastic atmosphere.

Four poster Bed in Villa Bahia.

Room at Villa Bahia in Black and White.

Txai Ecoresort Itacaré

Situated on a long deserted beach of golden sand between the two small towns of Ilheus and Itacaré, the Txai Resort is like something from a dream.

When you arrive, you will realize that you are not dreaming and that this little corner of ultra exclusive paradise does exist.

A refuge for many celebrities, the establishment combines high-end services and ecological awareness.

This luxury hotel is one of only 2 awarded the “Relais et Châteaux” label in Brazil.

It gives pride of place to natural materials from the region for its magnificent architecture and furniture.

The rooms are large and the establishment offers high quality services. All premium bungalows have their own private pools.

Offering all the necessary services for your well-being such as a spa, various swimming pools, surfing classes and quality restaurants, this seaside stage will be the climax of your honeymoon.

Room in Txai resort, last stop of the honeymoon in Brazil. Black and White.

Garden and pool of Txai Itacaré in Black and White.

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