A little more about Brazil Selection

A local Brazilian travel agency backed by over 30 years of experience.

Frederic Lalanne,

founder of Brazil Selection, is your multilingual host in Brazil, a tourism pioneer  who offers his made to measure travel concept. 

Black and white portrait of Fred, manager and founder of Brazil Selection.

“Brazil Selection, an agency born with a special vision of travelling”

Obviously there are many ways to travel the world, but Brazil Selection is the result of my experience and so most importantly offers vacations that I would want to go on. Here are some of the vital ingredients: freedom, comfort, charm, exoticism, a nice rhythm; not too slow nor too fast, and of course quality services by quality people.

When I arrived in Brazil to launch a local travel agency, my primary clients were companies offering trips to their employees or their clients so you can imagine their exceptional requirements. I therefore had to work diligently to attain this high level, and looking at the result, it was well worth it.

When I decided to offer vacations in Brazil to private individuals, it was this same rigor, and knowledge of the country that I wanted to apply to the world of private holidays.

So in the same manner as incentive trips, we offer individual quality vacations, customized and with first class assistance. It’s the ideal trip for those with little time who want a change of scenery and exotic experiences in comfortable and pleasant conditions.”

Our specialists based locally in Brazil, provide unrivaled travel advice

Our main role is to advise you. Brazil is a young country evolving fast and changing constantly; what works today may not still work tomorrow, it is important to keep on top of the latest legal and societal changes.

A vacation consists of many services and activities. To optimise our service, we keep constantly up to date with any service changes and so we are able to thoroughly organize a stay that is always customizable and comfortable.

For example, we optimize tours by selecting more basic hotels for quick one night stays, and choose better quality hotels for longer stays. We also offer a guide service only in places that need a good explanation and a private drive service for basic airport to hotel transfers. This is of course, fully customizable according to the client.

Let us illustrate why it is important to choose a team located on – site:

You have found a pousada (lodge) on the internet, the interior decoration looks good and it is available for a fair price. Often what you don’t know is that all the rooms look out over the pool and in high season the lodge gets very noisy. Furthermore, the location is difficult to access during the rainy season. Not ideal for a relaxed vacation or if you want to wake up a little later in the mornings!

In the same pousada, there are several room categories, some may be appropriate for our clientele, others not so, it is therefore essential to regularly visit the hotel to verify that it is a service up to the standards we offer on our tours. A change in management can sometimes totally modify the establishment and its offer. We are always up to date in this aspect because we regularly visit the hotels and lodges we propose.

Concerning the restaurants that we suggest and recommend, these are even more susceptible to changes in quality and so being up to date all year round is priority. A simple change in the kitchen chef can transform a good restaurant into a plain and tasteless one; if this is the case we would no longer recommend the establishment.

This is just a short example of some very basic and minor situations that we are equipped to look after being based on – site. Although they are modest details, 10+ years of industry experience tells us they can make all the differences to a vacation or tour.

Fernando Brazil Selection

Constant attention paid to small details that make the difference

When we book national flights in Brazil, we always chose direct flights, with no layovers and reasonable flight times so that transport is as pleasant as possible.

Indeed, it is easy to forget how vast Brazil is, it would be bigger than the USA minus Alaska. If you place the map of Brazil over that of Europe, the North is in Norway and the south is in Niger in Africa. Its a 6hr direct flight from Cruzeiro do Sul on the Bolivian border to Joao Pessoa, the most Eastern  located city on the Atlantic.

If you want to visit the country at a given time of the year, it ‘s important to know what climatic conditions you will encounter in each region. In principal there are few places that can’t be visited  year round but it’s important to be aware of all the constraints inherent to your trip. Find out more about the regions and their climates on our when and where to go to Brazil page.

There is a long list of details that you must understand to organize a trip to Brazil, plus there is quite a cultural and language barrier. This page is to help you understand the advantages of having your trip organized by someone coming from your culture but who lives in the country you are visiting.

Brazil Selection - focus on the minor details.

We understand your needs

“I have lived in Brazil since 2002. You could almost say I am Brazilian. All these years living in the country have enabled me to fully understand its limits, and its advantages but more importantly to make the link between two cultures (North American/European and Brazilian) and so to adapt our offers to client requirements.”

Frederic Lalanne

dDebora, Brazil Selection staff.

Breaking down some preconceived ideas 

If you contact a travel agent in your home country and mention an offer from a local agency, they will only warn you of the “dangers.”

Traditionally, home country agencies would try to warn consumers of the mishaps that can occur when entrusting the organization of a vacation to a local agency. This may have had an element of truth in the past, were communications between opposing sides of the planet were less than adequate.

In the age of Internet, communications have improved considerably. Now, the tables have really turned and you can reap the advantages of booking through an on-site agency without the risk of communication mishaps. Nowadays, modern telephone communication and tools such as Skype, allow us to talk for free and take the necessary time to organize your vacation together in a trustworthy relationship.

Pierre, Brazil selection.

Your best guarantee is our need to insure the reputation of our business!

In the same vein, increased interconnectedness associated with the internet makes us all members of a global ‘village’ where information travels quickly. Our service is primarily marketed through the intenet, so with this we carry the transparency of an internet based service provider. If our services are not up to scratch, this is public information. All our hard work and investment to be one of the best travel agencies on the internet would be shattered. Therefore the consequences of upsetting a client for us is much higher than for a traditional tour operator.

Pierre and Gloria working in a clients proposal.

Because we cannot always control everything

To create a vacation, as mentioned above, we put together a whole set of services. In a country like Brazil, there is always a small risk of minor details not going to plan.

Even if we take extreme care in selecting our partners and checking the quality of their services, an error can always occur, it’s inevitable; we are dealing with human beings and not machines.

What happens in such a case? Even if we are not directly responsible for a service, we do everything we can so that our customers get their money’s worth, a fair deal where everyone is satisfied. We analyse the reasons for a mistake and if it’s due to a service provider we will agree on an acceptable compensation for our client. Our goal is clear and the reputation of our agency is at stake : We must do everything in our power to ensure that your vacation is a success.

Town sign - Plan A and Plan B.

Meet Brazil Selection’s passionate team!

At Brazil Selection, our team is passionate about both travelling and Brazil. We have lived in the country for a long time and have the double European / Brazilian culture needed to understand your needs, and adapt your vacation to suit them. Meet the human beings behind your Brazilian vacation here!

Brazil selection - organisation.

Legal notices and official statutes

Consult our page detailing the legal notices and official statutes of Brazil Selection travel agency, there are also direct links to the websites for the ministry of tourism and finance in Brazil so you can personally check the pedigree of our company.

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