From north to south and east to west, come on a magnificent journey through all seven regions of Brazil

The Grand Tour of Brazil is our most comprehensive Tour with no less than 14 different destinations during a 23 day vacation. For a little more than 3 weeks, this package will take you on a grand tour of the country, giving you a true panorama of the most remarkable places to be found in each major geographical region of Brazil.

During this unique tour, you will really appreciate the full extent of Brazil’s extraordinary diversity, from its landscapes and fauna to its flora and inhabitants. From Iguacu to the Amazon, and from Pantanal to Bahia along the golden route to Minas Gerais and the wonderful Nordeste coast finishing up in Rio de Janeiro, you will discover everything that makes up Brazil, the true myth of the tropics.

You just enjoy the experience – we will take care of all the rest.


Discover what’s in our Grand Tour
The Iguacu Falls
The Pantanal wildlife
The Amazon forest
The Lencois desert and its beaches in the Northeast
Salvador de Bahia, the Afro-Brazilian “Rome”
Minas Gerais the colonial Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, the « Wonderful city »

carte parcours Grand Tour du Brésil

About our Brazil grand tour program

Day 1 : Iguaçu/ in
The Brazilian side of the Falls with Macuco Safari as an option.

Day 2 : Iguaçu/Cuiaba – Pantanal
The Argentine side of the Falls, Flight to Cuiaba, transfer to Fazenda (farm).

Day 3 : Pantanal
Excursions in the Pantanal. Evening out.

Day 4 : Pantanal
Excursion day.

Day 5 : Pantanal – Cuiaba / Amazon
Transfer to Cuiaba airport and flight to Manaus, transfer to the Tropical Hotel.

Day 6 : Amazon
Visit of Manaus, transfer to lodge and start of tour with excursion and activities.

Day 7 : Amazon 
A day at the lodge with excursions and activities.

Day 8 : Amazon / São Luis
End of stay, transfer to Manaus and flight to Sao Luis.

Day 9 : São Luis / Barreirinhas (Lençois)
Road to Barreirinhas and a visit of the lençois Maranhenses.

Day 10 : Barreirinhas / Parnaiba (Delta of the Americas)
Trip down the Preguicas river, road to the Delta of the Americas and visit, road to Parnaiba.

Day 11 : Parnaiba / Jericoacoara
Road to Camocin, then across the Tatajuba dunes to Jericoacoara.

Day 12 : Jericoacoara
A free day.

Day 13 : Jericoacoara / Guajiru
By buggy or 4×4, along the beaches of Jericoacoara to Guajiru.

Day 14 : Guajiru / Fortaleza
By buggy or 4×4, along the beaches of Guajiru to Fortaleza.

Day 15 : Fortaleza / Salvador de Bahia
Morning flight to Salvador de Bahia and a visit of the historical centre.

Day 16 : Salvador de Bahia
A panoramic visit of the town (main tourist spots).

Day 17 : Salvador de Bahia/ Belo Horizonte / Ouro Preto
Free morning, flight to Belo Horizonte and transfer to Ouro Preto in the afternoon

Day 18 : Ouro Preto
Visit of Mariana and Ouro Preto.

Day 19 : Ouro Preto/ Tiradentes
Visit of Congonhas, Sao Joao del Rey and Tiradentes.

Day 20 : Tiradentes/ Rio de Janeiro
Road to Rio de Janeiro with visit to Petropolis on the way.

Day 21 : Rio de Janeiro
Sugarloaf mountain and optional excursions.

Day 22 : Rio de Janeiro
Corcovado and optional excursions.

Day 23 : Rio de Janeiro / out

Enjoy Brazil beyond imagination

Like the great travellers of an era when just crossing the Atlantic was an adventure of several weeks, come on a great tour and discover the treasures of Brazil!

Fortunately we are no longer in those times when travelling was dangerous, or even perilous, like that of the famous Hans Staden who was almost eaten by the Tupinambas, now we can offer a comfortable and carefree adventure holiday. This is why you should travel with us to organize your dream vacation package. Since we have been based on site for over 10 years, we know every destination to which to send you, very well. To ensure this we regularly visit the places to update our information and make sure that we are offering you the best.

With Brazil Selection at the controls, there will be no bad surprises on your vacation. On this tour, everything is planned so that your trip feels like a dream come true with fantastic landscapes, historical heritage sites and exciting encounters, all happening with no hiccups. This tour will reveal the unique charm this country exhibits above and beyond its landscapes, which is today a symbol of a certain way of life, where spontaneity and sensuality come together.


Discover all the wonders of Brazil with our grand tour

While on the Grand tour of Brazil, You will encounter many different landscapes and regions.

One of the main interests of this full circuit, are the swamps in Pantanal, the richest ecosystem in the world. The vast beaches of the semi-arid Northeast, also reveal some of the country’s main ecosystems.

We have designed this trip to be an exceptional experience. We want you to feel the adrenaline pumping when you encounter a jaguar for the first time in the heart of Mato Grosso and enjoy the calm and silence in the desert dunes of Lencois, see the simple beauty of a sunset over Rio de Janeiro, experience the amazing complexity of the Baroque art in Minas Gerais and the jungle of creepers in the Amazon forest. You can share the exuberance and laughter of the people of Salvador de Bahia also called “the black” as 70% of the people there are black, their exuberant laughter compares with the vibrant and tumultuous song of the Iguacu Falls.

In other words, everything has been designed to wake up all your sensations and emotions, through the privileged moments that you will experience during this Grand Tour of Brazil. Wait no longer, come and enjoy an exceptional and unforgettable moment on this tour where you will discover Brazil’s most extraordinary treasures!

Ipanema Rio de Janeiro

A journey to discover Brazil’s soul

This journey is mainly to discover the exuberant nature of the local people, but not only that.

Brazil is also a land of men with a thousand contrasts, it has the reputation of having the greatest cultural diversity in the world.

Thus, each region has its customs and costumes, its music and its cuisine, moreover its very specific vocabulary, most often linked to the particular environment in which it develops.

In Iguacu, there is an astonishing ethnic diversity. From the Indian descendant to the Lebanese, from Japanese to Portuguese all living in harmony and creating rich and permanent cultural exchanges across origins and religions. In the Pantanal, the gauchos, or cowboys of the south and central Brazil, who live with their cattle herds in the grassy plains have created a whole culture of their own.

In Amazonia, You will feel the indigenous influence on the way the locals live. Whether in their cooking, architecture, or religious thought … the Amerindian heritage is felt everywhere.

In the Northeast, along the vast beaches between Sao Luis and Fortaleza You will encounter people descending from the interbreeding between the European settlers and the indigenous populations of the coast. There is a well developed fishing culture as well as the famous Servaneja tradition, which is based on the hard life found on the arid and torrid lands of the region. In Salvador de Bahia, You will discover the essence of the Afro-Brazilian culture, one of the strongest in Brazil, and at the origin of fascinating syncretic religions, the Candomblé and Umbanda.

In Minas Gerais, All the baroque and colonial heritage of Brazil will unfold before your eyes, not forgetting the famous warm hospitality of the Mineiros.

Finally in Rio de Janeiro, you will find the Brazil that we all love in the samba and the sweet bossa nova played in the bars of Lapa. You should also experience the fervor of the carnival and its ensaios – the rehearsals for the final show.

With the Grand Tour of Brazil, You will leave with one simple wish, to come back and enjoy the beauty and the joy of one of the most wonderful countries in the world!


Discover the Grand Tour of Brazil program in detail

All transfers and excursions are private services except for the lodge in Amazonia and in Pantanal

The guides mentionned in the program are private with the exception in Pantanal and at the Juma lodge where they are an option.


In the morning, arrival from the airport and Hotel check-in.

In the afternoon, visit of the Brazilian Falls with your guide. The Brazilian side offers visitors a more general view of the falls that shows the immensity of this place. You will cross the footbridges and other paths that pass over the cataracts, and allow you to enjoy this amazing natural setting.

Option Macuco Safari : If you like thrills, then don’t miss the famous Macuco Safari to get closer to the cataracts aboard big zodiacs! For a total of 2 hours, this excursion takes place in 2 stages: first you board silent electric vehicles that take you through the National Park forest then you walk about 500m to get to the boat landing stage. You then board the zodiacs equipped with life jackets. At the foot of the falls, under the cascades coming from all sides, emotions and thrills are guaranteed!

chutes d'Iguaçu Brésiliennes

Aerial View of Iguazu Falls one of the world's great natural wonders, on the border of Brazil and Argentina


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning: an excursion to visit the famous Iguaçu Falls from the Argentine side with a guide. A breathtaking sight, the Iguaçu falls have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. Spreading over almost 3 km, the highest cascade reaches 90 m. The furthest view points are reached by footpaths and a small train. The site has been planned out so that you can get as close as possible to the waterfalls to feel their power and see their full beauty.

Early afternoon, transfer to the airport of Foz in Iguaçu then a flight to Cuiaba. Arrival in Cuiaba and, departure by private vehicle to the fazenda (ranch/landowner’s property) and the hotel (100 kilometres of road + between 15 & 60 km of dirt track depending on which hotel/ ranch you choose) .

Check-in and night with full lodging not including drinks.

chutes d'iguaçu argentines


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel/fazenda.

In the morning, a motor boat ride with guide on the river to see lots of birds and also caymans.

Return to the fazenda/ranch for a buffet lunch.  Mid afternoon, a canoe excursion or horse back riding or vehicle drive (The excursion program can vary depending on the local weather and your desires, allowing you to see as much wildlife as possible)

Dinner at the fazenda. After dinner, a night safari in a 4X4 vehicle.

Night at the Fazenda.



Brazilian buffet breakfast.

After breakfast, horse back ride or 4×4 vehicle to observe the morning wildlife.


In the afternoon around 4pm, motor boat safari along the river.


Night at the Fazenda.



Early morning excursion by boat or on horse, or on foot along the trails around the fazenda’s land with a local guide.

On return, a large buffet breakfast at the lodge.

Then, transfer to the airport at Cuiaba flight to Manaus.

Arrival in Manaus and private transfer to your chosen hotel (Tropical Eco-resort or Saint Paul).

Night at hotel.



Brazilian buffet breakfast.

Morning: private visit of Manaus with a guide.

A 3 hour tour during which you will visit the famous Théâtre Amazonas, built in the era of rubber production and inaugurated in 1896. This theatre has a very European style and is the symbol of Manaus today. You will visit the theatre with its superb ceiling, its stage curtain representing the “Encounter of the Waters”, but also the hall with its Murano chandeliers, Rococo mirrors and ceiling on which the renderings of the fine arts triumph.

You will also visit the local market where you can see lots of famous Amazonian fish (tambaquis, pirarucus, tucunarés, jaraquis, etc), but also regional fruits and Amazonian handicrafts (necklaces made with seeds, basketry, ceramics, Calabashes, bows and arrows etc.)

You will also see the other important city monuments: Palace of Justice, Rio Negro Palace, etc. The tour ends back at your hotel.

Early afternoon, transfer to the lodge, for a short 2 day stay with full board.


When you go to Juma Lodge, the transfer is an excursion in itself of about 3hrs. You arrive at the port, get in a boat and go as far as the meeting of the waters. It is a unique sight where the loamy waters of the Amazon meet the dark waters of the Rio Negro without mixing for several kilometres.

You cross the Amazon River before driving half an hour then about an hour’s boat ride along the Juma river to reach the Lodge.

If you are going to the Amazon Ecopark lodge you follow the Taruma river that you then cross to reach the Lodge’s beach.

Night at the lodge followed by a Brazilian breakfast.

théatre Amazonas

Amazonie reflet arbres dans igarape

Amazonie Cabane de caboclos


Brazilian breakfast at the lodge.
A day of activities organized by the lodge with full board (drinks not included).

The following activities are proposed by the guides according to the season and the possibilities of the moment:

NIGHT AND DAY ANIMAL WATCHING EXCURSION: Canoe trip (motorized or not) to appreciate the sounds of the forest by day and to observe the fauna and the flora, or at night to try to see small alligators (or other animals). The alligators are paralyzed by the powerful torch lights and their eyes shine like small red lights, making them easy to spot. Guides catch them to show them close up and explain their way of life before releasing them.

VISIT TO AN INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY: canoe trip (motorized or not) to meet an indigenous community on the river banks and to discover their habits and customs.

PIRANHA FISHING: departure from the lodge in canoes (motorised or not) to fish for piranha and other fish.

A NATURE WALK : The biodiversity is one of the main characteristics of the Eco Park, there is the rainforest, savannah and creeks. There are also many streams of clear, warm water that flow through the rainforest.

During the tour the guide explains the fauna and flora. He also talks about forest survival: where to find fruit and drinking water, first aid in an emergency and how to find your way back in the forest. The tour lasts 1 to 3 hours depending on the enthusiasm of the participants.

Each lodge also has other personalised activities. We can detail them for you on request.

Night at the lodge.


perroquet sur sa branche Brésil

Forêt Amazon Eco Park


Last day, with a last early morning excursion, transfer to Manaus airport and flight to São Luis.

On arrival, transfer and night in your chosen hotel.

Brazilian breakfast with local specialities on the lodge’s buffet.

End of stay at the lodge.

Return transfer to Manaus airport and flight to São Luis.

On arrival, transfer and night in your chosen hotel.



Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning departure in a private car with driver to Barreirinhas and the Lençois Maranhenses (a 3 ½ hr drive).

«A wonder of nature » the « Lençois do Maranhão » or the sheets of Maranhão, a national parc that owes its name to the immense dunes that spread out over 1550 km2 and seem like enormous white « lençois » (bed sheets).

This desert’s uniqueness and beauty is due to many lagoons of crystalline water formed by the rain. One can leisurely admire the splendid landscape through some fabulous walks punctuated by stops to go swimming.

In the afternoon, departure by 4X4 vehicle to go and stroll through the magnificent Blue lagoon, Fish lagoon and Moon lagoon and bathe in them if you wish.

Night in your chosen lodge.

coucher du soleil sur les lagunes des lençois Maranhenses

lagune eau bleue Lençois Maranhenses


Brazilian breakfast at the lodge.

In the morning, departure by private motorboat and descent of Rio Preguiças, to the Atlantic coast,in an exceptional natural setting. The banks of the river show themselves in all their splendor: mangroves, buritis, açaizeiros, coconut trees, tucunzeiros and never far away … herons and kingfishers.

As you approach the coast, the dunes unfold gradually. Stops at Vassouras, as well as at Mandacaru and its lighthouse where you will have a magnificent view over the whole region.

Arrival in the tiny village of Caburé and departure by 4×4 to the Parnaíba delta.. The track runs along the seafront for many kilometres before crossing a fishing village and going inland. The sensation of the end of the world is real: deserted beaches (there is no road access), migratory birds and sand dunes.

And gradually, the rhythm of the Northeast appears: a few plantations of “buriti” palms, curious, rickety little houses, kids playing in the streams under fragile bridges. After a 2hr30 journey, arrival in Parnaiba and check-in at the Santo Antonio Casa

Afternoon, Boarding in a fast boat for a ride on the Parnaiba River delta also called the Delta of the Americas. Formed by 85 islands over an area of 2,700 km² between the states of Piauí and Maranhão, this is a complex group of islands that is only found elsewhere on the Nile and Mekong deltas.

In the same ecosystem there are various different landscapes: rivers, lagoons, gigantic dunes, flooded areas, deserted beaches with white sands and various types of mangroves. The fauna, is very diverse too: crocodiles, monkeys, turtles, crabs and various types of birds such as herons or guarás (red ibis).

Return to Parnaiba in the late afternoon, check-in and night at the charming lodge: Casa de Santo Antonio.

Rio Preguiças

Delta Parnaiba pécheur le long de la mangrove

chasse petit caiman Amazonie


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning, departure to Jericoacoara by 4×4. The road leads to Camocim, 120 km from Parnaíba, where you cross the Coreau river by ferry.

A stop by the Tatajuba lagoon (suggested lunch « chez DIDI »).

After lunch, the journey continues through the dunes and marshlands with beautiful landscapes. A second ferry crossing at Guriú beach, a fishing colony located between Tatajuba and Jericoacoara. Finally, arrival at the quiet village of Jericoacoara, with its sandy streets, coconut palms, and calm, warm, blue sea.

Night in your chosen lodge.

le long de la plage de Jericoacoara


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

A free day to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Sight-seeing tours and activities can be organised around Jericoacoara :

For example, Buggy or quad bike rides to the Azul and Paraíso lagoons. The blue and translucent colours here remind us of Caribbean …

About an hour’s walk to the famous Pedra Furada (Pierced rock) passing by other amazing rock formations such as the Pedra do Frade (Priest’s rock).

Kite-surfing or wind surfurfing on Préa beach.

Capoiera or Brazilian dance lessons.

And lots more!

Overnight stay.


Plage de Jericoacoara depuis la dune


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer by private 4×4 vehicle to Guajiru.

After a short distance by track you will drive along the Préa beach, and then continue on the road to Icarai de Amontada where you will rejoin the beaches again.

A drive along the almost deserted beaches of Caetano and Icaraizinho, and then along the Baleia beach.

Then you cross the vast deserted landscapes to Mundau where you take a ferry. Then on to the village of Flexeiras, where you can go snorkelling at low tide. Then to the fishing village of Guajiru and the charming lodge of Rede Beach Resort.

Night at the Rede Beach lodge.

Bac Mundau Nordeste

Guajiru plage pousada rede beach


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

A free morning to enjoy the almost deserted beach that runs as far as the eye can see or visit the area on quad bikes.

End of the afternoon, transfer by 4×4 vehicle to Fortaleza by road (2hrs.).

Fortaleza, is a town of contrasts between the modern buildings and the homemade fishing boats on the Mucuripe beach. It’s one of the most dynamic towns of the Northeast region, with its cultural centre, Dragão do Mar where there are events every weekend, with free concerts and shows.

Check-in and night in your chosen hotel.



Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Salvador de Bahia.

Arrival in Salvador de Bahia, hotel transfer and check-in.

In the afternoon, a guided tour of the historical centre of Salvador de Bahia on foot. A walk in the heart of the old town (Pelourinho) with its magnificent colonial houses, all renovated in pastel colours (light and dark blue, bright pink, yellow, soft green). A stroll through the cobbled alleys and a visit of the richly decorated churches: the San Francisco Church – an astounding Baroque church whose interior seems to be covered with gold leaf – the Basilica Cathedral – a 17th century Jesuit college church, a masterpiece of the colonial baroque.

Night at the hotel.



Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning: departure by car for a private guided visit of the town. The tour begins in the lower town, along the Itapagipe peninsula with its magnificent panorama. You will visit the Bonfim church, a very important religious place for the people of Bahia. It is the most famous church in Salvador. Built in 1754, it stands on a hill overlooking the town and its rugged terrain. In the Sala dos Milagres you will find the ex-votos, which evoke the the body parts treated by a miracle, offered by the faithful, in memory of a grace or a healing obtained. They are also found in the form of notes describing the promises made by the faithful. In the church square there are people selling coloured ribbons. These “fitas” are attached around the wrist by three knots, each corresponding to a vow that will be heard once the bracelet has worn out and fallen off.

The visit continues with the Monte Serrat fort located on a jetty off the Itapagipe penninsula, which offers a breathtaking view of the bay and the island of Itaparica. Built in 1583, this fort protected Salvador from the Dutch attacks of the XVIIth century. Its harmonious forms make it a jewel of Brazilian military architecture.

Free afternoon to continue exploring the town or to enjoy the beach or your hotel facilities.

Night at your hotel.


Bahia Lembranças senhor do Bonfim


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Airport transfer for your flight to Belo Horizonte.

A journey through time: the historic towns in the Minas Gerais region possess a unique artistic and architectural heritage. The churches, museums, streets and houses beautifully preserved or restored testify to a magnificent Brazilian cultural and traditional past.

When looking at a Aleijadinho sculpture one can’t help asking where we are, Portugal or Flanders. It’s both the height and the summary of baroque art in Brazil.

Minas Gerais is also a state apart, forged by its wealth, the gold rush, minerals and thieves (bandiraantes): Some of the cities that relate this astonishing history are: Tiradentes, Mariana, and Ouro Preto.

Arrival in Belo Horizonte and transfer by private vehicle to Ouro Preto. (About 2 hours)

Night at the Hotel Luxor.

les toits d'Ouro Preto Minas Gerais

balcons fer forgé Ouro Preto Minas Gerais


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning: private transfer to Mariana and visit of the town and the Basilica da Sé.cathedral

Free time for lunch.

Afternoon: visit of Ouro Preto and its Mineralogical museum, São Francisco de Assis church and the Casa dos Contos.

Night at the Luxor hotel.

maison Ouro Preto


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning: transfer to Tiradentes. On the way there is a stop at Congonhas to visit the Bom Jesus de Matosinhos Basilica, and the Chapels of dos Passos and Profetas.

Free time for lunch.

Afternoon: the tour continues to São João Del Rei to visite the São Francisco de Assis church and the town.

Arrival in Tiradentes and a night in the Brisa da Serra lodge.

Rue Tiradentes Minas Gerais


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

Morning departure for Rio de Janeiro by private vehicle to visit Petropolis.

Petrópolis (66 km from Rio de Janeiro) was the Summer City of the Carioca Monarchy and its elite. Pedro I, the founder of the Brazilian Empire, had a daughter suffering from tuberculosis. He moved his family to a higher altitude to save his daughter. Pedro II, born in 1825, then started building the Palace of Petrópolis in 1850. The City is marked by the elegance of the noble residences around the Imperial Palace.

Free lunch.

In the afternoon, continue to Rio de Janeiro.

Arrival in Rio with a night in your chosen hotel.

quitandinha palace


Two days with two visits planned.

Le Corcovado :  About a 4hr excursion with a driver and a guide. The Corcovado hill, with the statue of Christ the redeemer at the summit is one of the main symbols of the town. This huge stone monument, emerging from the forest, so vertical and imposing, dominating all around it, is undoubtedly one of the elements that make Rio de Janeiro “the wonderful city”.

The climb to the top can be done by train (funicular train) but there is a long queue!

Free afternoon to enjoy Rio as you wish.

The Sugarloaf: Next morning, A guide and driver take you on a 4hr visit of the Sugarloaf. It is the sentinel at the entrance to the Guanabara bay.

Composed of two parts, the first extends from the Red Beach (Praia Vermelha) to the Urca hill, and is 224 meters high; The second goes from the Urca hill to the Sugar loaf and is 395 meters high. The cable car ride takes approximately 3 minutes for each part. At the top, the view covers the entire southern zone and also Niteroi across the bay.

Nights at the hotel.

Corcovado dans les nuages Rio de Janeiro

Brésilienne sur Copacabana plage


Brazilian breakfast at the hotel.

A Free day With optional excursions available such as discovering Rio “off the beaten track”, hiking in the Tijuca forest or paragliding or hang gliding over the city … With Rio de Janeiro there are a thousand possibilities open to you!

Airport transfer for your international flight.

End of our services.

musée Niemeyer Niteroi

Our Accommodations for the Grand Tour of Brazil

Hotel Continental Inn (standard)

We have chosen this hotel for two reasons : Its location in the centre of Foz d’Iguacu and its very good value for money compared with other local hotels.

It offers comfortable and well equipped rooms for all types of clientele.

chambre twin hotel continental inn

Hotel Bourbon (superior)

With superior quality facilities the hotel Bourbon in set in a large and calm tree-lined park. Perfect for those looking for peace and quiet and the services are of top Spa quality.

chambre hotel bourbon

Hotel Belmont das Cataratas (luxe)

This is one of the Legendary luxury hotels in Brazil. it’s unique location in front of the Iguacu waterfalls means its an obvious choice for those wanting to stay in the best conditions. The colonial style hotel was recently acquired by the Belmond chain(Orient Express) and has been completely refurbished. The place that combines beauty, change of scenery and luxury.

vue du ciel du Belmond das cataractas avec les chutes en fond

Hotel Golden Tulip

This hotel is the best in the capital of Mato Grosso with a 3 star international standing and the only one of this quality in Cuiaba to date.

The rooms are modern and equipped to European standards. For all those who spend a night in Cuiaba it’s simply the best in town.

Golden Tulip Cuiaba

Pousada Rio Claro (Standard)

This is an excellent option to discover the Pantanal.

Well located on the Pantaneira about 40kms from Pocona but set back from the road.

The rooms are farely basic but comfortable enough for a nice stay. The fact that its close to the river with lots of local animals and enthusiastic guides this is a choice stopover in the Pantanal.


vue nocturen des batiment de la pousada Rio claro Pantanal

Pousada Piuval (Standard)

This pousada is interesting as it’s easy and quick to get to at the entrance to the Transpantaneira.

It is located on an active Fazenda (ranch) and is an excellent choice for those who want to horse ride. Its luxury category rooms built recently in 2016 are the most spacious and comfortable in the Transpantaneira.

As well as being an ideal place to discover the local animals you will see how the local cowboys run their daily life.

pousada Piuval

Pousada Fazenda Santa Tereza (Standard & superior)

Located 66Kms from the famous Transpantaneira that crosses the Northern Pantanal.

It is attached to a local farm and is a small well equipped pousada with around 20 air-conditioned rooms with hot water. With a full board stay and excursions with a guide you will fall into local life in no time. However the local guides only speak Portuguese.

chambre triple fazenda santa teresa

Pousada Rio Mutum (superior)

This pousada is off the beaten track and located in a wild and less visited region of the Transpantaneira. Here the accommodation and its decor is of a charming pousada style with small bungalows.

The surroundings are pleasant and the meals are of quality. It is also close to a lake and waterways that attract the animals that you can discover with a local professional guide.

apercu de la chambre de" la pousada rio mutum pantanal nord

Hotel Saint Paul (Standard)

A small modern hotel offering basic services, recently renovated and in the centre of Manaus. It has around 60 pleasant rooms and some suites 2 of which have a view of the Amazonas Theatre.

It’s an ideal hotel for those wishing to visit the town centre, for families, friends, or couples.

Chambre double 2 hotel Saint Paul Manaus

Hotel Tropical (Standard et superior)

This hotel is strategically placed a little out of town to reach the surrounding lodges easily.

suite Tropical eco resort Manaus

Hotel Villa Amazonia (Superior)

This new and charming accommodation in Manaus is the right place for those looking for luxury and calm at the same time as being in the town centre near the famous Amazonas Theatre. It’s the same style as the Anavilhanas Lodge with its quality rooms and services and a calm atmosphere.

chambre superior hotel Villa Amazonia à Manaus

Juma Lodge (Standard)

It is definitely one of the lodges that offers the best local experience in Amazonia. The Juma Lodge is a place to discover the area in all safety and focuses on ecology with its buildings made from local renewable materials and its totally autonomy. It is completely integrated into the surrounding nature.

cabane Juma Lodge Amazonie

Anavilhanas Lodge (Superior)

This is the most luxurious hotel built in the heart of the jungle. We can say for sure that it is the best place for a stay in Amazonia.

Located in front of the Anavilhanas archipelago which is one of the most interesting places to visit here, Its Quality services and charm will appeal to you if you are looking for excellent accommodation from which to discover Amazonia.

chambre bois twin Amazon ecopark

Hotel Luzeiros

We definitely would prefer to propose a hotel in the historical centre but they don’t match with our standards. Hotel Luzeiros is at about 15mn  from the historical centre and has a very nice sea view. It’s a modern hotel with all the  facilities required for a pleasant accommodation and an excellent option for a short stay in Sao Luis.

Standard room hotel Luzeiros Sao Luis

Pousada Encantes do Nordeste (Standard)

A little out of the town centre the Pousada and its restaurant are on the Preguicas river bank. It has small pretty bungalows set in a pretty garden full of banana and palm trees.

This is the best choice for those not wanting to stay in a larger resort and who have a smaller budget for accommodation.

Allée pousada Encantes do Nordeste

Porto Preguiças Resort (Superior)

This is the best hotel in the Barreirinhas area. It is situated in a large walled park on a river bend. The bungalows are made of local bricks but have all the modern comforts and typical decor. They are placed around a nice pool.

There is a good restaurant bars and activities making this resort a special address for families and those looking for upmarket accommodation.

bungalow Porto Preguiças Resort

Casa de Santo Antônio (Standard et Superior)

In a beautiful colonial house over 150 years old, this charming hotel is definitely the best hotel in the small town of Parnaiba. The owners have made a splendid job of renovating and decorating this old building giving back its old heritage as well as modernising it.

The large comfortable bedrooms have large balconies or open out onto the garden. An exceptional place and good value for money for families, couples, or groups of friends.

chambre coloniale hotel Casa de Santo Antonio

My Blue Hotel

In the village centre, and on the main beach, My Blue Hotel is a fine hotel with 80 comfortable rooms originally decorated in bright colours. The buildings are all one floor high and in a park with 2 pools and a jacuzzi. There is a fun family atmosphere and a beach restaurant for breakfast or a candle lit dinner over looking the ocean. This hotel is good value for money especially in high season.

Chambre jardin My Blue Hotel

Hotel Hurricane (Standard & Superior)

This hotel has a tropical charm to it with its bungalows that are comfortable and well equipped (Solar showers, quiet air-cons). It has used local natural materials with an organic design. A little out of the town centre Hotel Hurricane will appeal to you with its view pool and restaurant on the Malhada beach.

Be aware to conserve the peace and quiet here children under 13 are not accepted. It is aimed more at honeymoon couples or couples looking to stay in one of its 2 luxury bungalows on the sea front with a jacuzzi on the terrace. This is our favourite place in «Jeri» from July to October, minimum stay of 5 nights.

piscine hotel Hurricane Jericoacoara

Pousada Vila Kalango (Superior)

This is a true precursor to the Eco-Chic trend in Jericoacoara, pousada Vila Kalango is found at the end of the main beach at the foot of a giant dune. There are a few ecologically designed bungalows and apartments (Natural ventilation, no television) are spread out in a pretty garden.

In this natural but sophisticated setting, you will relax and forget everything looking out over the ocean.

bungalow terrasse

Pousada Chili Beach (Superior)

A charming little pousada with 4 rooms ideal for those looking for exclusivity.

The pool the restaurant and 2 of the rooms look out directly over the Malhada beach.

There are also 2 luxury and spacious bungalows (2 rooms) with private gardens.

chili beach terasse

Hotel Essenza praia Jericoacoara (Superior)

This recent hotel is on the main beach in Jericoacoara. All rooms have an ocean view. It is very frequented by the Brazilians who li ke the small private pools on the balconies on the upper floor. It will appeal to those appreciate modern designs and furniture.

Its rather expensive prices makes it a rather exclusive Hotel.

Essenza Jericoacoara

Pousada Rede Beach (Standard)

This charming pousada is well located in the centre of the small fishing village called Guajiru. Directly on the immense beach that goes as far as the eye can see. All rooms have a balcony with and terrace and a hammock and are prettily decorated in the local style and using natural materials.

The vast garden lends itself to a fun football match after which you can relax in the pool facing the ocean. Definitely the best value for money in the region. Minimum 2 nights stay at the weekends.

coussin sur lit Rede Beach Resort Guajiru

Pousada Vila Vagalume (Standard et Superior)

The Pousada Vila Vagalume is a fine establishment facing the ocean with bungalows of 2 (standard) and 4 rooms (superior) that are spacious and situated around a maloca – a huge Indian hut- under which you find the restaurant and the relaxation area next to the pool and the ocean.

We really like this place for its calm, for its roomy bungalows facing the ocean with your feet almost in the sea. It’s ideal for couples looking for a calm and relaxing atmosphere while on their Grand Tour of Brazil.

Bungalow superior Vila Vagalume Guajiru

Zorah Beach (Superior)

This is quite simply the best hotel in the region with its high quality facilities of magnificent bungalows and fine suites, a gourmet restaurant and a large pool surrounded by a Tropical garden, all with an Asian theme. Everything is here for an exceptional stay!

A romantic and chic place for those looking for something special, or to celebrate an occasion, the Zora is the hotel that will satisfy the most exigent clients. Minimum of 2 nights stay.

lit baldaquin Zora Beach Guajiru

Hotel Sonata de Iracema (Standard)

This is particularly interesting for its value for money. It has a hundred rooms facing the ocean and with a magnificent view of the town. It is also close to shops and restaurants. You can walk to the bars in the evening in a few minutes and to the Dragao do Mar centre.

Good quality accommodation at a reasonable price this hotel is a best seller. Recommended to all clients.

terrasse entrée hotel Sonata de Iracema

Gran Marquise (Superior)

On the famous Beira Mar sea front, this hotel has a privileged position in the chic centre of Fortaleza. It has a wide choice of accommodation from rooms to apartments all with upmarket services expected from a recently renovated spa. There is also a gourmet Asian restaurant.

A hotel worth staying in to enjoy and relax. Those who like good quality will appreciate this fine hotel.

suite vue océan Gran Marquise Fortaleza

Fera Palace hotel

This new establishment in Salvador is very original. It has stylish art deco rooms a lounge pool on the roof offers an exceptional setting with a beautiful view of all saints bay. Its location just off the historic centre is also an advantage.

Fera Palace deluxe big

Pousada Villa Bahia

This is without doubt the preferred pousada for Europeans in the historic centre. Two 17th & 18th century houses joined together makes it feel like a private mansion. The pleasant rooms have a neo-colonial style, there’s a small pool and indoor patios create a very harmonious atmosphere.

vue de la chambre Goa à la pousada Vila Bahia

Pousada solar do Rosario (Standard et Superior)

This pousada offers a trip into the historical atmosphere of the baroque centre of Ouro Preto. In this old 19th century hotel with colonial styled rooms it feels like a trip back in time but with all modern furnishings.

There is a good restaurant and indoor and outdoor pools making this pousada an exceptional place to stay in.

Hotel Solar do Rosario chambre avec terasse

Hotel Brisa da Serra (Standard et Superior)

it is located in a beautiful and calm garden facing the green hills. It has large rooms decorated in old stone and contemporary styles. Some rooms have a real and working fireplace for a romantic evening in front of the fire in the cooler season. Exceptional facilities almost luxury level make this an excellent way to end your tour mineiro.

ofuro chambre hotel Brisa da Serra Tiradentes

Hotel Olinda (standard)

This hotel doesn’t have a pool but it is still one of the best options for a reasonable stay in Rio. The rooms with a sea view over Copacabana are pleasantly decorated in a 1950s style and are very charming.


Altos de Santa Teresa (Standard)

Une adresse que nous sommes heureux de vous faire découvrir dans le Montmartre de Rio, le quartier de Santa Teresa à 20 mn de Copacabana en taxi. Si vous cherchez une petite pousada de qualité dans une zone tranquille de la ville, alors la pousada Altos de Santa Teresa va vous séduire. Dans une maison centenaire entièrement réaménagée et modernisée, les propriétaires ont créé un havre de paix avec de belles chambres et des parties communes décoré avec soin dans un esprit design résolument contemporain.

La superbe terrasse offre piscine et jacuzzi avec en bonus une magnifique vue panoramique. De très belles prestations pour le meilleur rapport qualité/prix que nous proposons à Rio de Janeiro. Un lieu romantique idéal pour les voyageurs en couple mais aussi pour ceux qui recherchent un petit établissement loin du tumulte de la ville. A découvrir absolument !

terrasse Hotel Altos de Santa Teresa Rio de Janeiro

Hotel Miramar  (Superior)

This hotel could be in the luxury category as it is located on the Copacabana beach. It is the best value for money in its range. It offers an excellent breakfast renowned, rightfully, as the best in Rio

Hotel Miramar quarto superior-final-12

Prices for a double room:

Standard category: 2 persons $6744 /pers 4 persons $5134 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $7708 /pers 4 persons $6079 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote

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