An exceptional coastline of 9000km awaits you

What can we say about beach holidays in Brazil? Thousands of kilometres of coast offers countless beaches and resorts, some so lost, that it is difficult to navigate between them if you are not familiar with the local maze of sand tracks.

Browse this section of our thematic trips and have a look at our finest beach holidays in Brazil. We have selected them with care and experience, taking into account factors such as beauty, location, footfall, activities and weather.

Deserted beaches stretching as far as the eye can see and small secret corners, hidden off the beaten track, is where you will experience exceptional moments, where motor vehicles are rare, even forbidden, and where one walks barefoot in the sand.

Brazilian dream beaches . . .

Build your dream beach holiday in Brazil, a truly special vacation 

The first factor to consider when choosing the ideal beach for your Brazilian holiday is the weather. Given the size of the Brazilian coast, it crosses several climate zones and there is little uniformity between the areas.

If you want to stay on a sunny Brazilian beach between June and September, there is only one safe destination: The Northeast. From July, it hardly rains and the temperature of the region remains constant throughout the year, around 30 ° C, as well as the ocean which remains stable between 26 and 28 ° C.

During the summer vacation period for Europe, the choice of a beach between Rio and Salvador is a little risky: the temperatures can be cool and the atmosphere humid. In areas south of Maceió, focus on cultural visits.

From October to March, you can choose any beach from the north to the south of the country because it is summer in the south and the dry season further north.

Between March and June, the entire coast may be subject to rainfall. Do not panic however; days of continuous rain remain a rare phenomenon, even during this “wet” season. If you stay in the Nordeste, the rains are usually short and heavy and often in the morning. Usually the sun comes back quickly, making you forget the stormy episode.

The other important factor to consider when building your perfect beach holiday in Brazil is the landscape.

How do you imagine the beach of your dreams? An arid landscape of giant dunes and cliffs, or would you rather enjoy coconut forests?  Maybe you prefer tropical jungle lining the coastline right up to the sea.

There are many different kinds of beaches in Brazil, select the perfect one for you, or give us a few and we will organize a trip between them all!

One of the rocky beaches of Ilha Grande.

Celebrate the sweetness of life in paradisiacal landscapes on the beaches of Sudeste and Bahia

Immaculate beaches of fine sand, lined as far as the eye can see by coconut trees and the forest illustrate the coastline south of Salvador de Bahia. They assure relaxing and tranquil stays in enchanting picture postcard landscapes.

The Bahia region, relatively central on the Brazilian coast, offers an interesting compromise between abundant flora and wide-open spaces. It offers calm beaches at low tide thanks to the reefs that break the waves. The sea, more agitated at high – tide, allows the practice of the most fun water sports!

In Itacaré, enjoy an “eco-chic” stay on one of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia. Also the main resort of the Tinharé archipelago, Morro de São Paulo where “fiesta” and a laid – back atmosphere go hand in hand. In a very relaxed, typically “Bahian” environment, tanning, swimming and water sports are the order of the day. Party the Bahian way until late into the night, dancing to the beat of samba, forró and reggae!

Further south, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, an ecological sanctuary island in the heart of the Costa Verde, remains totally preserved. Small hidden coves, mangroves and tropical forests that go down almost to the water level, make it a particularly interesting destination for lovers of tropical nature and hiking. Its two peaks, rising several hundred meters above the ocean, offer an unparalleled vision of all the surroundings. Perfect for your beach holiday in Brazil.

White sand beach for your beach holidays in Brazil.

Further north in Brazil you will come across real havens of peace

The Nordeste consists of miles of deserted beaches lined with dunes and cliffs, which can be explored by buggy or 4X4. Indeed, from Natal to São Luís, the Brazilian coast bends more sharply to the northwest and becomes wilder.

It then transforms into immense expanses of fine sand, alternating dunes, restinga and ocher cliffs with shapes sculpted by the elements. Its seaside resorts, often hidden behind dune fields, remain unaffected by mass tourism and have kept the original charm of small fishing villages.
In these native villages with preserved authenticity, you will have the feeling of being at the end of the world and will surely enjoy a peaceful beach holiday in Brazil. If you want to discover wild mineral landscapes, deserted beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, combined with a traditional way of life, then without hesitation, we recommend the Northeast of Brazil.
The destinations we offer in this region, Pontal de Maceió (Canoa Quebrada) and Jericoacoara , are perfect settings for a relaxed beach holiday in Brazil. You can also practice surfing and kitesurfing in dream conditions, or go by buggy to explore mystical freshwater lagoons.
On the ecological sanctuary island of Fernando de Noronha , you will find one of the most sought after scuba diving spots in Latin America. But also a laid – back aura, on almost deserted beaches surrounded by cliffs where one is met with calm and translucent waters, housing perfect surf spots.
Finally, it is the ideal region to enjoy the typical small restaurants and the riches of the offshore reefs. You will enjoy grilled lobsters and tropical fish, such as the grouper ( sirigado ), followed by caipirinhas, and local fruit juices such as sirigüela or caja , all while admiring splendid sunsets! To find these beautiful spots to build your beach holiday in Brazil, explore our section on Nordeste!

Shimmering lagoon in Nordeste Brazil.

One of the beautiful beaches of Ilha Grande.

Include Ilha Grande on a beach holiday in Brazil and discover a timeless tropical island

Ilha Grande is the largest of the Costa Verde islands. It is totally unspoiled because it was practically uninhabited until the 90’s! A stay in the small village of Vila do Abraão opens the door to a lost paradise, just a few hours away from Rio.

An ideal destination for nature lovers , the rugged island is covered with tropical forests and mangroves. It is bordered by fine sand beaches and soft rocks polished by time and water. There is no road, only dirt tracks or sand accessible on foot or by bike. The absence of motorized vehicles makes it a real haven of peace, ideal for travelers looking for tranquility.

You will find paradisiacal beaches with small deserted coves and calm, translucent waters, ideal for snorkeling or swimming. Other beaches, on the livelier Atlantic side, are perfect for surfing, including the Praia de Lopes Mendes, considered one of the most beautiful in the country. This strip of fine sand, between the tropical forest and turquoise waters of the ocean is reached by boat or on foot with a hike of about 5 km and 500 m of elevation gain. It is also the perfect place to sunbathe with an ice – cold, fresh coconut!

Finally, to complete this exceptional seaside offer, a multitude of hiking trails crisscross the island so you can go for walks and climb the surrounding peaks. It is one of the rare destinations in the south of Brazil that is still off the beaten track, and offers a Zen – like relaxation, definitely deserving of a place on your beach holiday in Brazil!

Luxury beach Fernando de Noronha.

Fernando de Noronha, the ecological sanctuary island with sumptuous dream beaches

At 545 km off Recife and 380 km from Natal, the small island of Fernando de Noronha offers a timeless adventure in a totally preserved marine ecosystem.

This island is an ecological reserve of the first order and access is deliberately restricted; visitors cannot exceed 675 people (variation depending on the seasons). It is therefore an exclusive destination and relatively expensive.

However, Fernando de Noronha is a truly exceptional place. It is home to a plethora of underwater fauna; turtles, sharks, dolphins and other colorful fish and coral. It also has beautiful landscapes and beaches, including the famous Praia do Sancho, regularly described as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s a paradise for scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing.

The beaches of the island are reachable by buggy. Walking enthusiasts will follow trails through the forest that run along the cliffs and down to the shoreline.

Thanks to the control of the number of visitors, as soon as you stray a little from the more popular beaches, you will be able to enjoy splendid landscapes with the sensation of being alone in the world! Fernando de Noronha would surely be a highlight for any beach holiday in Brazil.

Wandering on the beaches of Jericoacoara.

Jericoacocara, travel in a 4×4 along the coast to reach one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

To get to the small village of Jericoacoara from Fortaleza, go up the coast along with the waves aboard a 4X4 or a buggy through the splendid, arid landscapes.

Sheltered from the waves and the sea breeze, lined with giant dunes and interspersed with lagoons, groves and coconut palms, Jericoacoara is an old fishing village that has retained its charm of yesteryear. Its sandy streets where you walk barefoot and the absence of public lighting or asphalt road, make this destination a truly authentic treasure.

In this enchanting setting, you will find very different beaches, always mystical and spectacular. The main beach, sheltered from the sea, offers perfect bathing conditions with little current and a very gradual slope on the seabed. On the Malhada you will find one of the few rocky beaches in the area. Here you can walk in the maze formed by ancient stones with captivating shapes and forms.

If you are a kitesurfing enthusiast, be sure to consider Préa, it is one of the best spots in Nordeste! (It is possible for experienced kitesurfers to do a downwind of almost 300 km from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara in 4 or 5 days, contact us directly to learn more!).

Finally, there are also vast lagoons of rain water filtered by the dunes ( Lagoa Azul, Paraiso and Tatajuba ) which offer incredible sites to kitesurf, or unwind in a hammock suspended in the water. For a mix of fun activities and relaxation, in a decor worthy of another world, Jericoacoara is the dream beach for a beach holiday in Brazil that will surpass your expectations

One of the choppier beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo.

Morro de São Paulo, dream beaches lined with coconut palms

The island of Tinharé and its main village of Morro de São Paulo are ideal for beach holidays in Brazil. On site, you discover a small hamlet full of charm with an old fort on the edge of a cove of turquoise water studded with reefs.

To reach this charming seaside village, the fastest and easiest way is by plane. To reach the island by boat, you should be confident that you are not prone to seasickness as the powerful currents can make for a choppy crossing! By road, the transfer is longer but the landscapes are gorgeous and you can make some interesting visits on the way.

No complicated names here, the beaches are simply numbered from 1 to 5 in the order of their distance from the village. The further you get from the village, the more quiet and uncrowded they are.

Morro de São Paulo is a haven without vehicles other than shuttles to reach the pousadas. At night it is also an ideal place to party to the sounds of local and international music. The alleys of the village crisscross the old fishermen’s houses full of charm, some of which are now pousadas. Many bars and restaurants allow you to spend special moments in a good-natured atmosphere. On some evenings, the music on the beach and the small traveling bars turn the place into an open-air disco. There are also a number of craft shops, souvenirs and clothing for those who like to shop.

A magical setting, tropical nature and splendid company are all in order. Boat trips to go swimming in natural pools, walking to waterfalls, horseback riding and kayaking on the river and, at night, enjoying the party. Do not hesitate to choose Morro de São Paulo for an idyllic beach holiday in Brazil.

Morro de Sao Paulo beach.

Follow the wild Nordeste beaches by buggy and join Pontal do Maceio

Imagine driving a buggy, a small, agile and light vehicle, perfect for the beach, along the ocean, right along the waves, speeding along the beach as far as the eye can see. This is what we offer with the package to reach Pontal do Maceio , a small fishing hamlet 45 minutes from Canoa Quebrada.

Instead of getting to your dream beach by road like everyone else, we suggest you go by the beaches. You will discover the beautiful coastline of the Northeast, with its mineral landscape with dunes and cliffs in delightful shapes, in the best possible way, by exploring!

Discover 100 km of deserted beaches, punctuated only by small villages and estuaries that you will cross in ferries. It is a preserved landscape, exceptional and increasingly rare with the urbanization of Northeast Brazil. At the end of the road, you will arrive in an authentic fishing village. You will find some charming pousadas, here to welcome vacationers and kite surf enthusiasts.

In a fabulous arid setting of coconut palms and dunes, discover the upmarket Vila Selvagem, located on the edge of the beach and practically in the water, its beautiful garden and 29 bungalows are combined with quality services. Fine materials, neat design … nothing has been left to chance to make your stay a moment of refinement and exception.

It is a confidential address, a small paradise and a treasure of authenticity where the welcome is smiling and warm, and the lobsters fresh! An original destination ideal for long walks along the shore or just enjoying your Brazilian beach holiday from the comfort of your hammock.

One of the luxury beaches at Itacaré.

Txai Ecoresort in Itacaré, a combination of ecological awareness, paradise and luxury.

In a unique setting in Bahia, between cliffs, forest, coconut trees and fine sand, discover one of the most beautiful beaches of the wild Brazilian coast about 2 hours from Salvador de Bahia.

The Txai Resort is a beautiful property dotted with coconut palms at the edge of the ocean, secluded in a wild and unspoilt setting.

It is a protected area, which covers 1 million m²! Small buildings; suites and individual bungalows are distributed in 38 units in this idyllic landscape. They make this hotel a human-sized establishment where attention to every detail and personalized treatment for each guest are at the top of the list. Here, everything is done to make your beach holiday in Brazil a long and sweet daydream.

Decorated in a style combining resolutely modern lines with local and ecological materials, the buildings are superb. They offer an environment conducive to relaxation with comfortable sizes ranging from 60 m². The rooms are designed to complement the surrounding nature, with garden showers to cool off and ample terraces and solarium. They offer magnificent views of the beach, ocean and coconut forest.

The beach itself is breathtakingly beautiful. The scenery invites you to walk along the shore of this small enclave of sand between two cliffs, a real pleasure. An ideal destination for a relaxing stay, or to celebrate a special occasion like a honeymoon.