Actively committed to ecotourism, this island is a true environmental sanctuary with exceptional marine life.

Also known as the “rainbow island” for its beautifully conserved natural landscapes, Fernando de Noronha is a an absolute must on a vacation in Northeast Brazil. This site has been protected since 1988, and everything is done to conserve its fragile ecosystem on land as well as in the sea, so that visitors can discover this amazing place in its natural conditions.

As soon as you land, you will fall in love with this paradise like archipelago . It is made up of a main island of 17 km² (91% of the land) surrounded by 13 little islands creating an exceptional natural marine park. The vegetation is of tropical “Mata Atlantica,” which includes some endemic species and covers most of the land. The main village is Vila dos Remedios, near the port and where all the restaurants and shops are to be found.

Once you have crossed the sea, you will discover what makes “Noronha” such a prize holiday destination. It’s a whole new world that appears in front of you. There are dolphins, turtles, whales, manta rays and sharks. With its extraordinarily rich marine ecosystem Fernando de Noronha is considered one of the best marine diving sites in the world!

On the island of Fernando de Noronha
The most exotic marine diving site in Brazil
The most beautiful beaches in Brazil
A beautifully preserved nature reserve
An incredibly rich marine life
Charming pousadas

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Our Fernando de Noronha package includes

  • 1 private transfer from the Fernando de Noronha airport to the pousada
  • 3 nights in a double room with breakfast in your chosen pousada
  • The daily tax to stay on the island.
  • 1 self- drive buggy, available for 24hrs (gasoline not included)
  • 1 motor-canoe ride to visit the island and its beaches, with a picnic and snorkeling equipment (about 3h30)
  • 1 private transfer from your pousada to the Fernando de Noronha airport.

One of the most magnificent archipelago of Brazil

Listed as World Heritage since 2000, Fernando de Noronha is one of Mother Nature’s finest jewels.

The Portuguese called it “Esmeralda do Atlantico”, literally the emerald of the Atlantic referring to the luxuriant green forest covering the isles when they were discovered in 1502. Its magnificent landscapes alternate between long beaches of fine sand, turquoise waters, volcanic reefs and cliffs covered with rainforest. It’s an ideal place for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts.

With about 20 different beaches, you can spend hours walking barefoot along the shore. The famous Praia do Sancho, is regularly cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! If you enjoy cliff walking or exotic landscapes, you can reach the Morro do Picco to enjoy the splendid view across the immense Atlantic ocean. From this view point you may be lucky enough and see whales swimming off the coast and on the surrounding cliffs you will find one of the largest tropical bird colonies on the West Atlantic.

You can also explore the headland of the island with a little motivation and the agility to cross the rocks. Running and mountain biking are entirely different experiences in these amazing surroundings.

Among other curiosities, the archipelago is home to one of the rare groups of sedentary dolphins. Rendezvous at dawn at Baia dos Golfinhos” to see the spectacular arrival of lots of “long nosed” dolphins coming back from hunting. These mischievous dolphins are renowned for their amazing ability to leap from the water, sometime displaying as many as seven consecutive pirouettes. A breathtaking and moving show!

Fernando de Noronha dolphin

Discover a rare diving spot on your Fernando de Noronha tour

The beauty of Fernando de Noronha is in its landscapes and beaches, but even more so, in the sea. Look underwater if you truly want to discover another world.

To enjoy the treasures of its depths, there are 3 scuba diving schools on the main island. They offer beginner courses as well as equipment rental for qualified divers. Along with an instructor (obligatory), courses or autonomous dives allow you to explore one of the most famous spots of South America.

In a relaxing silence, you will move along the sandy seabed, scattered with rocks and small caves that the multitude of fish, algae and corals decorate in shimmering colours. During these unforgettable dives, you will swim as close as possible to turtles, stingrays or majestic mantas, slender barracudas and impressive (but harmless) sharks. It is a fabulous show right before your eyes which you will remember for a long time.

The colouful fish of Fernando de Noronha.

Rules of the “Rainbow Island”

In order to preserve the ecosystem on Fernando de Noronha, the number of tourists allowed at one time on the island is limited.

The 3,000 inhabitants must not welcome more than 500 visitors at any one time. To stay on the island travelers must pay a tax at the airport towards the upkeep of the islands. For divers and hikers, there is an additional tax to enter the marine park that covers the beaches and the ocean (the tax lasts for 10 days and is payable at the port or the kiosk at the Vila dos Remedios).

As the island is isolated and produces little food other than by fishing, everything is imported from the mainland and the main economic activity is tourism. Add to that the limitation of the number of travelers and you will understand why the prices for accommodation, services and restaurants are generally 2 to 3 times higher than on the continent. The same goes for a plane ticket, there are only 2 airlines that provide a regular connection, GOL and Azul, a point to take into account when planning your stay.

One of the beaches of Fernando de Noronha.

Fernando de Noronha tour – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 : Fernando de Noronha/ In

Your flight will arrive at the Fernando de Noronha airport in the afternoon; a vehicle will collect you and your luggage.
To save time and avoid queuing to pay the day tax, we will do this for you in advance; you will just have to show the documents we will send you by email. Your driver will then take you to your pousada.

Arrival at the pousada, check-in and night on site.

The deep blue waters of Praia do sancho.

Day 2 : Fernando de Noronha

A Brazilian breakfast at the pousada.

A vehicle will collect you and take you to the port where you will go on a sea trip for about 3h30.

During this boat ride you can admire the beautiful coastline from the island’s port to the Cacimba do Padre beach. You can also go snorkeling, and a small barbecue of fresh fish is included for lunch onboard. This boat ride will give you a panoramic view of the island and its beaches and cliffs.

You will also be able to observe the seabed and the incredible colours of the corals and fish. With a mask and tuba (provided) you may be lucky enough and see turtles and rays ! A great time combining nature, joy and some action to share with a partner, with family or with friends!

Free afternoon.

This is an ideal time to go exploring one or two of the beaches that you saw from the boat trip in the morning. A diving trip is also a good option.

Night at the pousada.

A pod of dolphins swimming at Fernando de Noronha.

Marvellous view at Fernando de Noronha.

Day 3 : Fernando de Noronha

A free day to do what you please with a buggy at your disposal (gasoline not included). Set off exploring the island and going to the beaches a little further away.

Diving, snorkeling, climbing, hiking or lazing on the beaches, there are lots of ways to enjoy this paradise island! We strongly suggest going to explore the Sancho beach, considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil. There is also the Cacimba do Padre beach with its two almost identical rocks which form the postcard picture of this enchanting place.

Night at the pousada.

One of the turtles at Fernando de Noronha.

Jour 4 : Fernando de Noronha / Out

After breakfast at the pousada, a private vehicle will take you to the airport for your return flight.

End of our services.

Long sandy beaches at Fernando de Noronha.

Handpicked accommodation on Fernando de Noronha

Pousada Miragem (Standard)

Boasting an excellent location in the hills, 10 minutes from the main town, the Miragem pousada is a charming little guest house that offers a few rooms with a magnificent panorama of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.

With a pleasant and modern decor using exotic wood and a location relatively close to the beach, this pousada is the best value for money that we currently know on the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Pousada Miragem on Fernando de Noronha.

Pousada Morena (Superior)

A superior hotel with a magnificent view of the archipelago and Morro do Pico. We particularly like the Luxo and Master bungalow categories. They offer rooms that are spacious, comfortable and well decorated with breathtaking views of the open sea.

Also, the infinity pool that seems to throw itself into the ocean in the distance is a magical place where you can really relax. A charming hotel, ideal for a couple wanting to celebrate a special occasion.

Room in Pousada Morena, Fernando De Noronha.

Double room prices:

Catégorie standard : Base 2 personnes 1944$ /pers Base 4 personnes 1556$ /pers
Catégorie supérieure : Base 2 personnes 2222$ /pers Base 4 personnes 2000$ /pers

Prix basse saison de l'année en cours, donnés à titre indicatif et ne valant pas devis