Discover Recife, Olinda and Maceió, a journey to the heart of Brazil’s Northeast culture 

Pernambuco and Alagoas, superb destinations in Brazil!

Looking for unique Brazilian culture and an amazing idyllic countryside during your tour in the Northeast ? Visit the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas! 

Recife & Olinda are found in the state of Pernambuco and are beautiful examples of colonial architecture. These cities were among the first built by the Portuguese colonizers and they welcome you to their charming historic districts to explore the interesting history of Brazil.

In Alagoas, or the “Brazilian Caribbean” with its sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Kenoa Resort is located a few kilometers from Maceió. It offers an oasis of relaxation in a decidedly upmarket atmosphere with contemporary design and exclusive services, unique in Brazil.

You’ll be staying in superb accommodation, but you’ll also be discovering the cultural richness of northeastern Brazil. Your tour will be one of exclusivity.  

From “The Tropical Venice” to “The Brazilian Caribbean” 

Recife and Olinda were among the first western cities founded in Brazil, and they have preserved their gorgeous colonial quarters.

In Recife, these are found mainly on three islands. The numerous canals and bridges found here explain the nickname “Brazilian Venice.” You can stroll through its wide cobbled streets lined with colorful houses and emblematic religious buildings such as the Golden Chapel. Also, visit the urban beaches of Boa Viagem and Piedade. Fine sand and emerald waters offer excellent moments of relaxation, to continue late into the night in the many bars, restaurants and discotheques of the town.

In Olinda, the “Seven Hills” neighborhood is home to one of the most beautiful concentrations of colonial architecture in the country. The steep streets with brightly colored façades hide ancient homes and beautiful gardens. They are a delight for architecture lovers with their authentic and charming atmosphere.

Historical buildings at the waters edge in Recife.

The luxurious Kenoa Resort, a secret place of the brazilian Northeast

250km south of Recife, the village of Barra de São Miguel offers a magnificent glimpse of the beautiful Alagoas coastline.

In the heart of natural, Caribbean – like surroundings, lose yourself at the Kenoa Resort, a prestigious hotel with exceptional services: apartments with private infinity pools, a gourmet restaurant and a private villa.

The design, and decoration utilizing raw materials complete the picture and ensure a completely relaxed ambience. An exclusive place reserved for a privileged few where each moment of your stay is synonymous with refinement and relaxation. A true oasis of calm and tranquility, Kenoa Resort offers the very best in Brazilian hospitality and catering with the Kaamo restaurant  and its chef Cesar Santos. Spend an extraordinary holiday on a dream beach and in a protected coastal environment.

The luxurious Kenoa resort at dusk.

Recife, a historical city at the water´s edge.

Olinda, an architectural and cultural gem in the Northeast region

“Town of seven hills,” 45mins from Recife, Olinda is one of the marvels of Brazilian colonial architecture. It has some superb monuments such as the Alto da Sé cathedral, and the São Francisco convent along its gently sloping streets leading to the sea.

You will enjoy wandering the cobbled streets that wind between the beautifully coloured, typically local style houses.
Also, Olinda and its neighbour Recife, hold one of the most famous carnivals in Brazil with the largest bloco in the world, the Gallo da Madrugada, a musical ensemble that travels through the city with its procession of “Folioes,” (participants), dancing, singing and laughing behind. A must-see if you have a big festival bucket list!

If you want to add a historical touch to your trip to Brazil or if you love vibrant celebrations, a stay in Recife and Olinda over 2 nights or more will exceed all your expectations!