Jericoacoara is the must see holiday destination on the Brazilian coastline between Fortaleza and Sao Luis.

Once a small village facing the ocean, « Jeri » as its inhabitants call it, is a perfect combination of an authentic relaxed local atmosphere and a quality tourist infrastructure. Here you will discover this amazing landscape of immense dunes and vast sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. There are also freshwater lagoons, steep cliffs plunging into the sea, vast grassy plains with wild donkeys and even a mangrove with sea horses in! Unique and exceptional landscapes that you will not tire of looking at during your stay in this little paradise.

This exceptional environment is ideal for water sports such as kite surfing or stand-up paddle. It is also a perfect playground for buggy, quad, horse riding or walking adventures and discovering all the wonders that this unforgettable place has to offer. But those who just want to watch the time go by while sunbathing will also enjoy the beautiful main beach protected from the winds.

The village itself is a major attraction during your stay with good gastronomic restaurants to discover thanks to an excellent offer of regional and international cuisines. Not to mention the craft shops and designers to satisfy those who enjoy shopping or who are looking for an original souvenir to bring back from an amazing holiday.

If you want to spend your vacation both relaxing and having fun, then Jericoacoara is the place for you. The Brazil you want to discover that will surprise you every minute.

In our stay in Jericoacoara

The charming fishing village of Guajiru
An tour along the magnificent Northeast beaches
The paradise of Jericoacoara
An amazing trip along the dunes of Tatajuba

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See Our Jericoacoara Package Information

  • 1 private transfer from Fortaleza airport to the hotel
  • 1 night in Fortaleza
  • 1 transfer over 2 days in a 4×4 to Jericoacoara by the beach (stop in Guajiru)
  • 1 night in a hotel in Guajiru
  • 3 nights in a hotel in Jericoacoara
  • An excursion by Buggy to the Tatajuba lagoon with fresh lobster for lunch in a beach restaurant.
  • 1 return transfer to Fortaleza or the airport in Fortaleza in a 4×4 by the road.

Set off on an adventure along the beaches to Jericoacoara

How to get to the beach in Jericoacoara ? Nothing more simple ! You just have to fly to the airport in Fortaleza, the Ceara state capital.

In choosing the local airline TAP  you are only 7 hrs. flight from Fortaleza leaving from Lisbon and 10 hrs. from most large French cities. Therefore there is no excuse not to come!

Once in Fortaleza, you need to get to the seaside resort at 300km on the northwest coast. If you arrive in the evening, or if you don’t want to travel straight after your flight, a night in Fortaleza is necessary. This will be an opportunity to discover the Beira Mar arts and crafts night market, the avenue along the sea front, and the Dragao do Mar cultural centre not far from all the bars and clubs for an enjoyable and animated evening with local and international music.

At less than an hour from Fortaleza, there is also the Cumbuco beach which is a nice alternative to the town for those flying into Fortaleza and who just want to relax with their feet in the sea. How wonderful to wake up facing the ocean lined with coconut trees and feel the sea breeze after just arriving in Brazil!

The trip from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara takes 4 hrs by road, and the last few kms. are along a sandy track from the small town of Jijoca or passing through the village of Prea. But if you want to add some excitement to your trip between these two places we have found a fun way to do this transfer. We propose to climb aboard a private vehicle and drive along the almost deserted beaches and discover the incredible beauty of this untouched and wild coastline!

If you chose to go along the beach, there are 3 options: either by 4×4 or in a buggy with a driver or you take up the challenge and drive your own buggy for even more thrills and excitement, accompanied by a guide/driver in another vehicle to show you the way. The trip takes about 8 hrs. With a stop for lunch and a few others to swim in the sea or admire the amazing landscape and takes some photos.

However, you can also do this trip in 2 days with an over night stay in the small fishing village of Guajiru. It’s the best option if you have time as you can stop more often on the way to swim and appreciate this unique coastline. Be aware, however, in high season (July – August & October), weekends, and during local holidays, the hotels in Guajiru only take a minimum of 2 nights stay !

This trip is also determined by the tide level and cannot be done all year round. Part of the trip must then be done by road depending on the tide. Contact us to find out what is possible around the dates you wish to visit this region.


Enjoy your holiday with wild and natural beauty at Jericoacoara

If the destination was already known by some precursors, it was only at the beginning of the 1990s that this little paradise, lost in the dunes of the Northeast, really became a recognized travel destination.

The very select Washington Post indeed ranked it as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world in 1992, arousing the general curiosity about this little Eden. Jericoacoara has become more and more popular and has diversified its activities and services. However, the locals have been careful to preserve the authenticity of this unique place, and the relaxed atmosphere is the same as always.

Thanks to this constant attention, the magic that makes this destination an exceptional and unique place continues to work! This means you can walk without fear along the sandy alleys of the town center in the evenings. In fact, the inhabitants refuse to install public lighting so that the village keeps its pale light of the nocturnal stars and the luminous stall fronts.

Sheltered by a small cove, Jericoacoara’s Praia Principal (main beach) offers calm and pleasurable waters, without the strong currents that the surfers enjoy on the adjacent beaches. It is a pleasure to bask in the sun and watch the jangadas, or local boats, bobbing to the rhythm of the waves. At dusk, you will love to climb the imposing Duna do por do Sol. Thanks to the particular orientation of this cove it is one of the few places on the coast of Ceara, where you will enjoy a magnificent sunset on the sea

During your stay you will also enjoy another major asset of this beach: its location. Situated in the heart of a vast natural reserve, the Jericoacoara National Park has hardly been touched by Man, it is the seaside destination of Ceara which has the most exceptional natural setting. To discover and appreciate it at its best, you can go on many different excursions, on foot or horseback, horse and cart, in a buggy, quad or 4 × 4. You will discover the giant dunes of Tatajuba or the freshwater lagoons like lagoa da Torta, lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraiso. You can also go for a walk (about 2 hours round trip) to the famous Pedra Furada, a big rock in an arch shape through which you can admire the sunset at certain times of the year.

You will quickly realize that Jericoacoara is an ideal destination to relax and have fun in splendid surroundings. The romantic atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon. It’s also perfect for family vacations too or groups of friends. There are many fun and cultural activities adapted to all types of visitors. Finally, the nightlife here is animated with a few bars and musical venues but nothing too noisy to trouble the guests of this calm little village.

Jericoacoara view of village

Discover a unique desert in the world

Along the 300km of beach between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, there is a small fishing village hidden in the coconut trees that we have fallen in love with.

It is 120 km from Guajiru facing the ocean, not far from the village of Fleixeiras, which is totally dedicated to tourism these days. It is precisely this relative distance from the main tourist places combined with its position halfway to Jericoacoara that has charmed us.

If you want to spend a little more time in Jericoacoara, stop off in this very authentic little village where the way of life of the fishermen and their families hasn’t changed for centuries. Quality pousadas await you on the sea front to set the authentic atmosphere of your stay and for you to discover the local customs in this little paradise, an ideal way to start your vacation.

Here, you will see the men go out to sea every day in their small flat-bottomed fishing boats that are typical of the Brazilian Northeast and Rendeiras, or lace-making women, working on the front steps of their homes. The traditional life of this small town continues unperturbed alongside the small charming pousadas that have flourished over the years in this village.

More exclusive than Jericoacoara, this seaside destination has all the magic of a place lost in time.

Guajiru -unknown little paradise

Amazing ways to get to this little paradise

We suggest two different ways of reaching Jericoacoara. One is by the road, fast and conventional. The other is along the beaches as close to the ocean as possible.

It takes longer but means you can discover this uniquely amazing and beautiful landscape. The option along the beach is in a 4 x4 vehicle with a driver.

Jericoacoara view with boat

Detailed program of a stay in Jericoacoara

All transfers mentioned in this program are private.  Breakfast is included as buffets in the hotels.

Day 1 : Fortaleza in

At the airport in Fortaleza, a driver awaits you in the hall and will take you to your hotel.

During the 20 mins. ride to reach the coast and your hotel you will get a first glimpse of the local life and watch the town pass by your window. If you have chosen Cumbuco for your first night it will be a 45 mins ride on the edge of town and then along the coast to reach your hotel.

Arrival at your hotel for the night.

port of Fortaleza

Day 2 : Fortaleza –  Guajiru

Depending on the tide times that determine when you can drive along the beach, you will have breakfast and be collected with your luggage by a 4×4 vehicle and a private driver at reception.

Leaving from Fortaleza, the drive starts with about 40 mins of road to reach Cumbuco where you will join the beach.

Driving alongside the waves lapping the beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, you will be amazed by this wild landscape that takes your breath away. The panorama changes all along this coastline.

You will get a chance to see cliffs sculpted by the winds, giant dunes, lagoons that fill up at high tide and small fivers flowing into the sea, and various little fishing hamlets sitting on the shore.

The Ceara is well known as a kite surf paradise, and you will see their brightly coloured kites dancing in the clear blue sky as you drive along the beaches,

Along the way, the driver will show you different villages where you can stop for lunch depending on what time you set off. This is a chance to enjoy the delicious fresh local foods such as lobsters, crayfish, shrimps or an excellent local fish, with cassava chips.

If you left around 8a.m. you will arrive in Guajiru mid afternoon. You can then take time to enjoy walking around, or take a quad or buggy ride in the dunes around the village or go and visit the lagoon seen when arriving.

After a quiet evening next to the sea in this calm oasis, you can enjoy a calm night with the sound of the waves lapping the shore.


boat view at Guajiru

Plage infinie du Nordeste

Day 3 :  Guajiru – Jericoacoara

After a buffet breakfast looking out over the ocean and checking out of your hotel, you will climb aboard your vehicle to continue the adventure along the coast. (Departure time depending on the tide, as for the day before).

You will continue along the beach after Guajiru for a few kms. to reach Fleixeiras and its reefs where you can go snorkeling at low tide. The mineral landscape continues to Mundau where at the edge of town you will take a ferry across the river after having seen the view from the top of a giant dune facing the river estuary.

You will then carry on along the beach to Icarai de Amontada (about 1hr.).

From this village, you will come back to the road to avoid the protected beaches on the coast here: This is where the turtles lay their eggs along the Atlantic coast. You will drive for 1h30 before reaching the little town of Jijoca de Jericoacoara. From here you will go back to the beach and on to the village of Prea. You will then continue along the beaches and sandy tracks to Jericoacoara in the middle of this wild landscape: hills and cliffs, grassy lands with a few donkeys that have gone back to being wild.

At last, Jericoacoara, hidden in a cove, with a hill and cliffs on the right and a famous giant dune on the left, You have arrived !

After checking into your hotel, you can start the evening by a tour of the village with its small pedestrian streets and shops that stay open until sunset.

After spending a pleasant evening with a good meal, you will return to your hotel for the night.

Plage Icarai Nordeste Brésil

sunset Icarai Nordeste

Day 4 : Jericoacoara

Enjoy your first morning in Jericoacoara by eating breakfast directly on the beach, facing the sea, regardless of which hotel you chose from our selection.

Around 10h30/11h00, a buggy driver will come and collect you for an amazing excursion in the region around Jericoacoara (about 4hrs.)

You will go to the main fresh water lagoon about 45mins by buggy from Jericoacoara, near the Tatajuba village. Then along the beach to reach the ferry and then cross a dead mangrove due to the salty water and sand banks.

You then continue along the beach before turning inland to pass by the impressive Funil dune. You can try your hand at « ski-bunda » on its slopes, a kind of sledge on sand invented by the local children.

From here, you will arrive at the lagoon and Didi’s barraca (hut) on the water’s edge where you can order a delicious lobster lunch (not included in the package : 20 euros per person). To be eaten with your feet in the water !

Return to Jericoacoara after lunch around 14h30/15h00.

Back in the village don’t forget to climb the giant dune to admire the incredible sunset.

Jericoacoara is one of the rare points on the Ceara coast where, due to its orientation, you can see the sunset over the sea. Each evening, everyone comes down to the main beach in Jericoacoara and the « duna do por do sol » (sunset dunel),to enjoy this ritual of the sun setting over the mirror like Atlantic.

In the evening you can enjoy the large choice of interesting restaurants and bars with regional and international delights in various relaxed atmospheres.

Jeri plage

lagunes autour de Jericoacoara

laguna de Tatajuba Jericoacoara

Day 5  : Jericoacoara

A buffet breakfast at your hotel.

A free day to explore Jericoacoara and its amazing surroundings as you wish:

The Azul and Paraiso lagoons, discover some other lagoons in the Jericoacoara National Park! These freshwater lakes are lined with small huts where you can sit or lounge in hammocks actually in the warm water and sip fresh coconut juice. To do this, simply ask a buggy driver in one of the agencies in town to take you or deal directly with a buggeiro. The prices are regulated by a local association and vary depending on the distance and the season. As an indication, In 2016, it cost about 250 reals per vehicle (3 passengers max.) for a trip between 10a.m. and 4p.m. going to the 2 lagoons.

You can also spend the day around the pool or relaxing on the beach, with a good book. Jericoacoara is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

For water sports and especially « kite surfers » you can go to the Prea beach or near the malhada beach.

Be aware, from August to November the wind gets up to 30 knots so you need to be fairly good to enjoy this spot. Beginners can have lessons in Jericoacoara and also try wind surfing. Surf boards, wind surfs and stand up paddles can easily be rented from the clubs and renters arrive every morning along the main beach.

You can also go walking in the dunes, on horse back or in a cart or simply on foot along the coast or in the dunes of the regional park.

For those who like walking, the classic trail is to walk to the Pedra Furada, or « pierced stone », this arch shaped rock through which you can see the sunset at certain times of the year. The view is magnificent and is one of the picture post cards of Jericoacoara. This walk can be done with or without a guide and takes about 2hrs30 return trip. You climb the hill near the Malhada beach and walk back down along the cliffs to reach the famous rock. An interesting walk with an amazing view of the park and village from the top of the hill.

A last night at the hotel.

Jeri PedraFurada

ruelles de jericoacoara

capoeira Jericoacoara

Day 6 : Jericoacoara – Fortaleza/ out

A last breakfast in Jericoacoara, is the occasion to drink an acerola juice and order a tapioca pancake at the buffet.

Depending on your flight time, you can check out when you like but before midday, (You can leave your luggage at the hotel reception if needed)

A driver in a 4X4 will meet you at the hotel at an agreed time and take you and your luggage to Fortaleza (about 4hrs.).

You will drive down a track to reach Jijoca crossing the dunes and then another track that winds through the Anacardier plantations, the tree that gives the cashew nuts. On arrival at the small village you will then join the main road (CE-085) for about 250kms before arriving at the Fortaleza airport.

The 4X4 will drop you and your luggage off at the Fortaleza airport, end of our services.

If you wish to spend a night in Fortaleza to avoid too much travelling time, or to wait for a connection for another destination, you can choose from our selection of hotels and stay somewhere in all serenity.

Jericoacoara dunes et cocotiers

sunset Jericoacoara beach

Accommodation for your itinerant stay around Jericoacoara

Hotel Sonata (standard)

All the rooms have a view of the ocean at the Sonata hotel, located facing the Iracema beach, and the value for money is the most reasonable in Fortaleza. The 117 rooms are modern and comfortable. Its location half-way between the Beira Mar and the cultural centre, Dragao do Mar, is perfect if you want to easily access the beaches and restaurants along the sea front and enjoy the night life and culture of Fortaleza.

Accommodation-Hotel Sonata

Gran Marquise (superior)

Ideally situated in the chic part of the town, the Mucuripe on the avenue along the seafront, the Beira Mar, The Gran Marquise is considered the best hotel in Fortaleza and has recently been renovated. You will find all the best comforts and services necessary for an excellent stay in Fortaleza.

hotel Gran Marquise fortaleza

Hotel Golfinho (standard) (Cumbuco)

If you wish to stay in Cumbuco, we suggest the Golfinho. This 3 star establishment is located on the seafront practically on the beach. The 25 rooms are organized around a pool facing the ocean, giving easy access to the sea and its waves as well as the pool. Its excellent value for money makes it a perfect hotel for 1 or 2 nights before setting off to discover the coastline.

Accommodation-Hotel Golfinho

Zorah Beach (superior)

Not far from here, slightly apart from the village for more tranquility, a new little hotel has recently opened. Only 2 years old, it has already seduced many visitors and tourist guides with its Asian inspired decoration. For those looking for luxury or for a special occasion, such as a honeymoon, this is a perfect destination! Discover the Zorah Beach hotel (superior category).

Accommodation-Zorah Beach

Rede Beach Resort (Standard)

The Rede Beach Resort is a superb little pousada located next to the beach. Its 24 rooms are decorated and furnished using local traditional materials, at the same time as offering modern comforts to make your stay enjoyable. It also has a good restaurant where you can eat lobster and other delicious fresh fish. It’s the perfect place to stop and relax while vacationing in Brazil before going on to Jericoacoara.

Rede beach - guajiru

Vila Vagalume (standard)

A hotel with small buildings of 2 or 4 rooms arranged around a fine pool and a restaurant in a luxuriant garden facing the ocean, this is the setting of the charming pousada Vila Vagalume. With 30 rooms all with a terrace and a hammock, this little hotel is ideal to unwind in and start your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Accommodation-Vila Vagalume

Hotel My blue (standard et superior)

Imagine a hotel with 80 rooms that manages to make you forget how big it is with its original architecture, in a lovely intimate landscaped garden. It is in the best location in Jericoacoara, in the centre of the main beach in the village. The restaurant faces the sea which makes breakfast times absolutely divine.

The original decoration of the rooms, full of colors, as well as their comfort makes for a pleasurable stay. 2 swimming pools and 2 Jacuzzis allow you to relax and unwind. “Refined Simplicity” is the motto of this establishment; it’s simply one of Jeri’s best places. Have you guessed which hotel it is? the My Blue of course!

hotel My blue Jericoacoara

Hotel Hurricane (superior)

The Hurricane is a recent hotel, opening its doors in 2014 and is an upper class establishment with a very tropical atmosphere. Surrounded by greenery, it has a magnificent view of the Malhada beach and a superb lagoon shaped pool. A little out of the town centre but still close to the shops it will ensure a calm stay while still being close to the entertainment in Jericoacoara.

The few rooms are organized in bungalows and are spacious and nicely decorated in a modern style but with local natural materials. It is a quality choice for a stop over or a longer stay and surely the best value for money in Jericoacoara. Attention, a minimum stay of 5 nights is demanded by the management for the months of July, August and October.

hotel hurricane Jericoacoara

Vila Kalango (superior)

If you are a Robinson Crusoe at heart then this top quality hotel of « cabins » is for you. One of the first built here, in a perfect location on the main village beach at the foot of the sunset dune.

The Vila Kalango will seduce all ecological visitors that also want comfort on their vacation. The cabins on stilts facing the ocean offer an exceptional setting for nature lovers. An exclusive place that has been reputed for many years.

Accommodation-Vila Kalango

Hotel Essenza (luxury)

With 30 rooms looking out over a huge 1300m² pool (lounge category) or with individual balcony pools (Cult category), The Essenza Hotel aims to be the new flagship in luxury hotels in Jericoacaora. Built in 2015, it is perfectly located on the main beach with all rooms facing the ocean. The rooms are 50m² and decorated in a modern style with contemporary furntiture. (super king size bed, 600 thread sheets, Egyptian linen curtains, rain shower….)

An exceptional hotel for an exceptional stay, the perfect place for those looking for a modern, luxurious and exclusive place to celebrate a special occasion, in a dream décor, in Jericoacoara.

suite cult essenza hotel jericoacoara

Prices for double rooms:

Standard category: 2 persons $885 /pers 4 persons $647 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $1122 /pers 4 persons $885 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote