The ‘off the beaten track’ tour from Ceara to Maranhao

Come on a Brazilian adventure and spend a fun and authentic time in an enchanting region that is still unknown to most tourists !

This tour in the North East has 6 stages along the Ceara coast, from Piaui to Maranhao, you will set off on an expedition with all modern comforts to discover some totally preserved natural wonders that are unique! This exotic tour offers an alternative to the classic ones found for Brazil. With this tour from Fortaleza to Sao Luis, you will encounter the traditional life of the North East, its inhabitants whose lives continue unchanged and where the landscapes are still untouched and wild.

Your North Eastern adventure will start by driving along the 10kms of almost deserted beaches of the Ceara, at the wheel of your buggy, for those who wish, or in a 4X4. As a couple, a family or with friends, you will discover the unbelievable treasures of this beautiful region where the sun shines all year round.

This is the ideal way to get to and discover the enchanting fishing villages of Guajiru and Jericoacoara, the two first stages of your vacation. It’s as close as you can get to the fabulous occidental Ceara coastline. The waves will come lapping only a few feet from your wheels ! You will see the waves lapping the shore for as far as the can see, with small fishing villages dotted along the beaches. This tour will leave you free to discover the unique scenery of giant sand dunes some covered with small native shrubs, beaches and cliffs, interrupted from time to time by the mouth of a river or a vast lagoon. As we know you won’t want any constraints and just want to live the present moment to the full, you will be almost totally free in these vast deserted coastal landscapes. Your guide will stop where you wish to take photos or just admire the view or swim in the ocean at 27°C. You can also taste an iced green coco drink (bem gelada) in one of the beach restaurants near the villages and taste the daily catch of this region. It is also an occasion to meet the locals with their traditions and culture and to discover the unique way of life that has hardly changed in decades, on the North Eastern coast of Brazil.

This tour continues on to the gates of Amazonia in Sao Luis, where you will take in the full extent of the beauty and diversity of the North Eastern countryside. There are Giant dunes and fresh water lakes hiding each other. Dense mangroves teeming with red ibis and caimans in the Delta des Ameriques and on the banks of the Rio Preguicas. This is what you will see on the way between Jericoacoara, Parnaiba and Barreirinhas ! Not to mention the incredible desert of immaculate dunes, the Lencois du Maranhao, dotted with crystal clear lagoons after each rainy season !

To top this tour off in style, you will learn a little regional history with the largest concentration of Portuguese colonial architecture in the world in Sao Luis. Classified as a UNESCO World heritage site since 1997. A whole district is continually being renovated and a guided tour will throw you back a few centuries to when the town was rich and prosperous and the intellectual capital of Brazil !

This is an authentic circuit well balanced between the discovery of an exceptional and unique environment, the rich regional history and the preserved and little known regional way of life with all its traditions. An amazing adventure off the beaten track and out of time!

In the Fortaleza to Sao Luis Tour

The small fishing village of Guajiru
Jericoacoara, the treasure of the Northeast
The Parnaiba delta
The Lencois desert of sand and water
The colonial Sao Luis

Nordeste Weather

About Fortaleza / Sao Luis tour Program

Private transfer to the hotel in Fortaleza

Private transfer from Fortaleza to Guajiru by 4X4

Private transfer from Guajiru to Jericoacoara by 4X4

Free day

Private transfer by 4×4 to Parnaiba with stop at the Tatajuba lagoon

Private transfer to the port of Tatus and motor boat ride in the Parnaiba delta (3hrs) then transfer by 4X4 to Cabure, ride up the river Preguiças in a private motor canoe to Barreirinhas

Private excursion in a 4X4 vehicle to the Lencois Maranhenses (4hrs) and private transfer by car to Sao Luis

Private visit with a guide of Sao Luis and airport transfer.

Adventure await you on the paradise beaches north of Fortaleza

Fine sandy beaches and the turquoise Atlantic Ocean will greet you as soon as you set off from Fortaleza on an adventure into the immense calm and yet wild landscapes of this region.

At the wheel of your buggy or comfortably seated in a 4×4 with driver, you will explore the preserved landscapes that spread out as far as the horizon at your own pace. Every now and then you will come across a small fishing village nestled in the dunes and lost in time. With a few cobbled streets and coloured huts and their jangadas (local fishing boats) with big white sails, these fascinating villages will make you discover a totally different life style to your own.

After a day driving along the immense beaches, your first stop coming from Fortaleza will be Guajiru, a small paradise, a master piece of authenticity where time seems to have slowed down. The typical architecture of its low houses and the sandy streets between them, are an invitation to wander them and explore the village and see the daily life of the inhabitants. At nightfall, the small square comes alive and you can enjoy watching the unchanged life of this little haven. An ideal setting to try the national cocktail, the caipirinha, a homemade fruit juice or one of the many local and refreshing beers.

Jericoacoara, is a magic destination surrounded by giant dunes, lagoons and the Atlantic Ocean.
Your second stage is Jericoacoara, and it is the emblematic destination on this coast which you will arrive at after your second day of driving along the coastline. Classified by the Washington Post as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you will find here the same authentic and relaxed atmosphere but also a more elaborate tourist infrastructure with a larger range of shops, handicrafts and restaurants. Located 300km from Fortaleza, this little bit of paradise is one of the highlights of this region. Although it remains quite confidential, people come from all over the world to enjoy its exceptional setting.

The Jericoacoara inhabitants have managed to open up to tourism at the same time as conserving their unique atmosphere and charm. More than 30 years after the first visitors came the village is still only accessible to all terrain vehicles as it’s protected by enormous sand dunes. No road serves the small cove that protects the village from the sea currents, and there are barely a few sandy tracks traced by the comings and goings of the locals. This is one of the keys to the magic of this fishing village, isolated from the rest of the world.

There are lots of activities in “Jeri”: the ocean is of course the main one with all kinds of water sports. Kite-surf, surf, windsurfing and stand-up paddle … from the easiest to the more difficult, there is something for everyone. For those who prefer land, there is walking, buggy rides, horseback riding or quad bikes in the National Park and the vast freshwater lagoons where you can relax in hammocks suspended in warm waters that should satisfy all your desires. Everyday of your stay in this little paradise can be full of adventure! But if you prefer to spend your days basking in the sun, this is also the right place. The serenity that is felt in these open landscapes surrounding Jericoacoara is a real call to relaxation.

At dusk, if you want to follow local tradition, you can go to the impressive «Duna do por do sol» (The sunset Dune) near the village. It’s one of the rare places on the Ceara coast where the sun sets over the ocean due to the specific orientation of this place. For walking enthusiasts the walk to the famous Pedra Furada (2hrs) is very interesting and worth the effort required to reach the impressive arched shape rock.

In these small, enchanting and authentic seaside villages, far from mass tourism, sunbathing, relaxing, and evening parties on the beach dancing to local music create an atmosphere of absolute freedom!

Guajiru bac

From the Parnaiba Delta to the Lencois desert, set off in search of some of the most exceptional and unusual panoramas in the North East !

After Jericoacoara, you will carry on in your 4×4 along the beaches and tracks to reach the beautiful lagoon of Tatajuba.

In this beautifull place, take the opportunity to enjoy an amazing lunch of lobster with your feet in the water.

A few kms further on, you will take a ferry in Camocim to get to the road leading to Piaui. About 2hrs later, the town of Parnaiba is your stop for the day. If you prefer to be closer to the beach, we can book a hotel in Bazza Grande on the beach which is very interesting for kite-surfers.However, as this is closer to Camocim (about 1hr30) this destination means you will have to leave earlier the next morning to go on your day’s excursion.

You will spend the night in the hotel you have chosen from our selection and then leave the next day to visit an extremely rich and rare ecosystem, the only tropical delta in the Americas.

Delta of the Americas, a preserved, rare and rich ecosystem.
In the Parnaiba Delta, there are mangroves, dunes and tropical forests all mingled together creating a curious group of river islands. Aboard a small, modern and comfortable boat, chartered just for you, your guide and native pilot will take you through the maze of channels to observe an ecosystem almost unique in the world, where you will find monkeys, iguanas and guaras (ibis red) as well as millions of caranguejos, the red or purple colored crabs that populate the mangrove mud and which are one of the main sources of livelihood for many people in the area. During the excursion, your guide will demonstratie the special technique the locals use to catch these famous crustaceans.

This excursion, proposed by day, can also be done at night to discover the nocturnal fauna and in particular the hundreds of small caimans populating these waters to hunt at night, thrills guaranteed!

In the afternoon, you will continue your journey in a privatized vehicle to reach the mouth of the Rio Preguicas and along the way you will notice the countryside becoming more and more wild during this ascent to Maranhao. You will leave the road to Tutoia to reach the coast and travel one last time along the deserted beaches of this region. This thin stretch of sand wedged between the Atlantic and the river that is Cabure feels like the end of the world, alone facing the forces of nature. It is here, in the middle of nowhere that a fast motor boat awaits to take you up the meanders of the river, between mangroves with their red and white vegetation and the forest appearing as you climb up to the picturesque pontoons of Barreirinhas.

If time permits, a short break in Vassouras, a native hamlet, will be a chance to meet the sagu – shy little monkeys, and drink coconut water and walk to see the “small Lencois”. It is possible to make an extra stop in Atins, a small isolated hamlet of fishermen on the other side of the river mouth 15 minutes by boat from Cabure. It is nestled between the ocean, the river and the dunes, in a setting of coconut trees, a perfect place if you are fond of nature, calm and relaxation!

Barreirinhas, the entrance gate to the Lencois du Maranhao desert.
Barreirinhas is the last stage of your tour from Fortaleza to Sao Luis, and is the entrance to one of the most incredible deserts. Stretched out over 1550 km2, theLencois do Maranhao (literally meaning sheets, due to the shape of the dunes, like crumpled sheets) is definitely a unique experience . You enter a strange desert of dunes encircled by many lagoons of crystal clear rain water, it really feels like exploring another planet. After 45 minutes by road along the sandy tracks zigzagging through the vegetation, the vehicle will drop you off at the entrance to the National Park.

You continue on foot with your local guide to reach these famous natural swimming pools nestled at the foot of the dunes sculpted by the winds. It is a unique experience where you can walk barefoot in the soft sands and bathe whenever you wish in the immaculate lagoons. All this in a relaxing silence and soft decor that no other desert in the world can offer!

This extraordinary setting is created by a geological phenomenon that blocks the infiltration of rainwater into the subsoil, trapping it on the surface until it has completely evaporated. The level of the hundreds of lagoons that cover this desert therefore totally depends on the rains. This is also why the lagoons are only full from May to October, after the rainy season and before the sun has dried them up.

dunes environs Jericoacoara

A step back into the colonial era in the capital of Maranhao

You will reach the capital of Maranhao, the last leg of your tour, after about 4 hours (270 km)

It’s a chance to better observe the daily life of this state, the least developed and the poorest of the country. Traditional lifestyles are still present and you will see many houses still traditionally built in Taipa. This technique involves applying layers of clay mud on woven wooden racks to build the walls, completed by a roof made of carnauba or buriti palms depending on what nature offers close by.

Sao Luis is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Latin America with its baroque palaces, azulejo decorations and 18th century patio houses. It is the most important testimony of Portuguese colonial art still in place today. For this reason, it is the subject of a major renovation of its historic centre since its entry into the World Heritage of Humanity. With fountains and mansions, squares and museums, your guide will share the history and magic of this neighbourhood that tells the story of a once prosperous region and to complete your tour of the wonders of NorthEast with a note of history.

Sao Luis do Maranhao

The detailed program of our Tour from Fortaleza to Sao Luis

Note : All road and water transport are totally private. 


Arrival of your flight in Fortaleza. Welcome at the airport by your chauffeur and transfer to your hotel (30 mins.). You can enjoy the afternoon resting or wandering around Fortaleza to get a first impression.

Located just below the equator, in a clearly tropical position, is the Ceara coastline, with its turquoise waters at around 25 to 28°C all year round. Fortaleza has a history of almost 300 years and has everything to welcome the tourist. Hotels & restaurants, 3000 hours of sunshine a year and a constant gentle breeze, it’s a perfect paradise. The nature in Fortaleza is beautiful and impressive with 25kms of beaches, most of them with hotels and a tourist infrastructure. For night owls, you can go out in the evening to the bars and lively parties, with the typical regional music, forro or samba.

The modern architecture of the buildings contrasts with the artisanal fishing boats found on the beach of Mucuripe, the Beira Mar (the avenue that borders the ocean). This is where the best hotels are found and it is ideal for a walk to discover the local life. Also visit the night market, every day from 6pm and which has a hundred stands offering local souvenirs. Fortaleza has been the capital of Brazilian seaside tourism for a few years now and is a permanent invitation for pleasure!

Night in your chosen hotel: Sonata de Iracema (Standard) or Gran Marquise (Superior), possible accommodation option in Cumbuco, at the Golfinho, 45 minutes from Fortaleza, for those who wish to have their “feet in the water” as soon as they arrive. (See accommodation details in the section below)

Night at the hotel.




After a good Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel, your chauffeur/guide will take you on your adventure along the beaches of Ceara in a 4×4 or a buggy.

It’s about a 40 minute drive out of town to reach the seaside resort of Cumbuco. This is where you can drive onto the beach and your adventure really starts ! You will encounter the barra of Cauipe, a magnificent lagoon between the sea, the pine trees and the coconut trees and where the kite-surfers are found. After the port of Pecem you will arrive in Taíba, a village built along one street, lined with coconut trees and lovely houses. Then you continue along the beach for about 20kms to get to Paracuru where we suggest you have lunch.

In the afternoon, a narrow track of about 8 kms winding through the fields will bring you to a small bridge to cross the Curu river before joining the road to Lagoinha. This village is one of the picture postcards of Ceara with its famous beach and small peninsula covered in coconut trees. 15kms further on, you arrive at your stop for the day, Guajiru, a dream beach as far as the eye can see with a little fishing village hidden from the main tourist trade. It’s an idyllic setting to spend the end of your day watching the ocean.

Check-in and night at your chosen pousada: Rede BeachVagalume(standard) or Zorah Beach (superior). (See accommodation details below).


jericoaocoara_buggy sur une dune


Brazilian buffet breakfast at your hotel.

After tearing yourself away from the enchanting atmosphere of Guajiru, your trip in a 4×4 vehicle still has some surprises in store! After 5kms you will discover Fleixeiras, set among coconut trees and rocks covered with natural pools full of small fish at low tide, ideal to go snorkelling.

Further on at Mundau, (Fleixeiras/Mundau – 13kms) where the river winds between the dunes before reaching the ocean, you will climb some magnificent dunes with an incredible view point of the surrounding region. You then cross the Mundau river on a small ferry before reaching the Baleia (Mundaú/Baleia – 8kms) beach, then along the beach to Icarai de Amontada (lunch suggested here).

At Icarai you leave the beach and join the road to Jericoacoara for about 1hr30. You will go through Itarema and Acarau before going to the fishing village of Prea and its magnificent beach leading to Jericoacoara.

Paradise on earth in its most natural state, Jericoacoara is often considered the most beautiful beach on the Brazilian coastline. Giant dunes dotted with fresh water lakes, caves, cactus, palm trees…..the landscape is breathtaking! The unique location of this village enclosed by the Atlantic Ocean and the sand dunes, protected by the bay from the winds and the currents creates an exceptional place. Whether it’s to enjoy the natural surroundings of the tropical ocean and the National Park or the relaxing atmosphere, Jericoacoara is a highlight of the Ceara coast!

Check-in and night in your chosen pousada : My Blue (standard), Hurricane, Vila Kalango or Essenza (superior)(see accommodation details in the section below)

Jericoacoara Plage

barque rouge plage Jericoacoara


Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Free day to enjoy Jericoacoara and the numerous activities available that are on option here, For example:

• Excursions on foot or horseback along the Jericoacoara beach and among the surrounding sand dunes.

• Quad bike or buggy rides to the rainwater lakes in the National Park.

• Beginner lessons in kite surf, or surf or windsurf or sailing or even stand-up paddle.

• Dance lessons for the local dances (samba, forro…)

• A walk to the Pierced Rock (Pedra Furada). You walk along the beaches before reaching the cliffs lined by fields and then descend a path taking you to the pierced rock. It is one of Jericoacoara’s symbols where people often come to admire the sunset (2hrs. round trip).

Night in your chosen pousada : My Blue (standard) and Hurricane, Vila Kalango or Essenza (superior). (See accommodation details in the section below).

Jericoacoara_femme sur la plage


Morning, after breakfast at your hotel, you are free to have a last wander around the village or go for a swim or relax.

End of the morning around 11h30, your personal driver will collect you in a 4×4 (buggy on option, contact us) to set off to Parnaiba, your destination of the day. After 6km along the beach, you arrive at the Guriu ferry where you cross the water to reach a dead mangrove forest that has silted up over the years and died.

Then on along the beach to reach the village of Tatajuba where you will turn inland. In this extraordinary countryside of dunes and prairies dotted with small lagoons and a few groves you will find donkeys that have been returned to the wild. After 45mins. in the dunes, along the beach and the sandy paths you come to the Tatajuba lagoon,  (possible option of reserving a lobster lunch at « Didi’s beach restaurant »).

Tatajuba, is a vast lagoon in the middle of nowhere in a totally wild place, the restaurant tables are installed literally in the water as well as the hammocks and the lobsters seem to have been caught in front of you. It’s a very calm place, ideal for a relaxing moment with good food and a view straight out of paradise.

After this refreshing pause, the trip goes on to Camocim. After a ferry crossing, you continue by road this time for about 2hrs before reaching Parnaiba. (1hr20 if you have chosen to stay in Barra Grande)

Check-in and night at the charming pousada of Casa de Santo Antonio (Standard & Superior categories). (See accommodation details in section below).

sortie de plage jangada plage Nordeste Brésil



Morning, after a delicious buffet breakfast at the pousada you set off in a 4X4 to the port of Tatus at a few kms away (20mins, 45mins from Barra Grande).

Here, a local guide will take you in a small modern motor boat that is fast and comfortable and with a sun protection roof, for about a 4hr ride in the labyrinth of Isles in the famous Parnaiba delta, unique on this continent.

Known as the « Delta des Ameriques »,the Parnaiba river mouth divides into 5 main branches with around 73 islands. Between these is a vast network of small waterways which are the only means of communication in this impenetrable mangrove forest. This is a fragile ecosystem that is perpetually changing with the tides. You will see various animals including small monkeys, sloths and caimans. But it’s especially the many bird species with feathers of every colour including the red ibis.

Around noon you return to the port of Tatus where your vehicle awaits to set off for Cabure via Tutoia. This village located at about 1hr30 from Parnaiba is an ideal stop for lunch.

Afternoon, after tasting a few local delicacies, you will take the road to the village of Paulino Neves. From here, you cross the sand dunes of the small Lencois before joining the totally deserted part of the coastline and arriving in Cabure, which is a small stretch of sand separating the ocean from the river with a few little huts on. It’s a magnificent place that feels like the end of the earth. A fast canoe awaits to take you up the Preguiças river. It’s a chance to see the gradual change in the plant life from the imposing mangroves to the appearance of the Acaizieros palm trees with their soft fruits that you can taste in sorbets and then other tropical trees.

After about 45mins. you arrive in Barreirinhas where you will step onto the jetty closest to your pousada.

Check-in and night at your chosen pousada : Pousada Encantes do Nordeste (Standard) and Porto Preguiças (Superior) (See accommodation details in the section below)

There is a possible option to add an extra stage to your tour of one or two nights in the totally isolated village of Atins, opposite Cabure. Contact us if you are interested !

Delta Parnaiba barque

Igarape Delta Parnaiba



Morning, After your buffet breakfast at the hotel, you will set off in an all terrain vehicle to the desert and the famous National Park of the Lencois du Maranhao for about a 4hr. visit with a local guide. It is possible to make the tour last all day (6hrs.) with lunch on a local farm, siesta in a hammock and sunset over the desert to top it off!

After leaving your pousada, you cross the Preguiças river on a ferry and then take a series of tracks for about 40 minutes before seeing the first Lencois sand dunes. Here, your driver drops you off and you will walk into this immaculate desert with your guide. (Vehicles are not allowed in this Park).

After passing the first dunes, this unusual and beautiful scenery spreads out before you. In the hollows between the giant sand dunes, small crystalline lagoons of rainwater have formed during the rainy season creating many pools of freshwater warmed by the tropical sun and inviting you to swim. Walking barefoot in these surroundings feels like visiting another planet, it is truly an unforgettable experience. The Lencois Maranhao desert is a true wonder of nature, unique in the world and a must-see visit for any visitor to the region!

Back to the pousada around 12 :00.

Afternoon, after lunch, a chauffeur will collect you from the hotel and take you to Sao Luis. It’s about a 4hr drive and you will see the local life passing by, still deeply rooted in tradition, all along the 270 kms between Barreirinhas and Sao Luis, the regional capital.

Night at your chosen hotel: Grand Sao Luis (standard) or Pestana Sao Luis (superior) (See accommodation details in the section below)


Lagune d'eau douce Lençois Maranhao

Day 8 : SAO LUIS / OUT

Morning, After a Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel, you set off on a guided tour of the historical centre of Sao Luis for 2 to 3 hours. Your guide will introduce you to one of the most remarkable vestiges of the Portuguese colonization of Brazil, entered into the UNESCO World Heritage in1997.

This city owes its name, “Saint Louis”, to the French king Louis as it was founded by French who named it in his honour. Few traces of this period still exist, only a love of good cooking and some place names, because the Portuguese were the true occupiers of this peninsula. Long abandoned for lack of money, the historic district of Sao Luis Maranhao has been in full renovation since 1987 thanks to an initiative of the city council, the “Projeito Reviver”.

There are more than 107,000 m2 of renovated buildings and streets to take you back to the prosperous time of this neighbourhood in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Then the streets were swarming with artists and scholars attracted by the money of the rich local merchants, the city was called “the Paris of Latin America” ​​due to its splendour and the intellectual activity and excitement that reigned at the time.

Here we can find all the Portuguese architectural influence with, of course, the famous azulejos, these small tiles of earthenware painted with blue floral and geometric motifs. This tour is a real journey back in time as you stroll through the local streets and trace the life of local influential or rich residents, 200 years ago.

Sao Luis du Maranhao, the self proclaimed reggae capital of Brazil, also has a lively carnival and a colourful party every June, « Bumba meu Boi ». This tropical town is found in the bay of Sao Marcos with its warm waters, ideal for bathing and has some beautiful beaches nearby.

After visiting this town and leaving your hotel, a chauffeur will take you to the airport for your flight. End of our services.

Sao Luis Maranhao

vieille maison de sao Luis

Discover the accommodation options for our Fortaleza to Sao Luis Tour

Hotel Sonata de Iracema (Standard)

This hotel is ideally located on the Iracema beach, It has pleasant rooms all with a spectacular view of the ocean.
It’s location means easy access on foot to the beach and also the many restaurants in the area and the most animated part of the town is only 5 mins. By taxi. Simply one of the best value for money offers in the area!

chambre standard vue mer Hotel Sonata Fortaleza

Gran Marquise (Superior)

This hotel is located in the old centre of Fortaleza on the Beira Mar, the ocean avenue in the Mucuripe quarter. It is the most top of the range establishment in town.

Renovated recently, it will satisfy the most exigent among you thanks to the high quality services and comfort.

Chambre grand classe Hotel Gran Marquise Fortaleza

Golfinho (standard)

Located about 30kms from Fortaleza, in Cumbuco, a small popular seaside resort, this small family hotel has 25 rooms that are plain but comfortable installed around a nice pool.

Located right on the beach you are in the front row to see the waves. It is an excellent option for those wanting to avoid the town and who want to be on the beach at the beginning of their stay.

Chambre standard Hotel Golfinho Cumbuco

Rede Beach Boutique Resort (standard)

Ideally located on the beach front, in the centre of the small fishing village of Guajiru, the charming Rede Beach Resort offers around twenty rooms decorated in a local style and with natural materials. It has an eco-chic atmosphere and all the necessary comforts for a pleasant stay.

It has a large garden, a pool facing the ocean and a good restaurant that beautifully complements the qualities of this pousada. Perfect for families with large lawn spaces for kids to enjoy. This is our best value for money in Guajiru.


Vila Vagalume (standard)

Located facing the ocean this charming hotel is organized in bungalows each with 2 or 4 rooms and a total of 34 rooms. They are arranged around the restaurant which is in a magnificent marquee built using the traditional indigenous Indian methods with a pointed roof of Canauba palms.

An arch shaped swimming pool and a lounge ideally placed between the pool and the beach top off the lot. Perfect for friends who can reserve in the same bungalows and be together in the evenings.

Chambre supérieure pousada Vagalume Guajiru

Zorah Beach (Superior)

Zora beach opened in 2014 and has an Asian style to it. Definitely for top of the range clients it has superior services and amenities. On the edge of Guajiru village it is set in a magnificent tropical garden with ponds. It has 16 superb suites and 5 excellent 90m2 bungalows as well as a 140m2 villa with a private pool.

There is a beautiful multi level pool, and an excellent restaurant creating a refined little paradise. It’s the most exclusive hotel on the Ceara coast and an ideal choice for a special occasion in an exceptional setting.

Piscine pousada Zorah beach Guajiru

My blue Hotel (standard)

With its excellent location on the main beach in the heart of Jericoacoara, this is a quality hotel with a Mediterranean style. It is very well designed so that you forget its size. The 78 rooms are all decorated in shimmering colours perfect for this region where summer lasts forever and are spacious and comfortable. It has an interesting structure with a floor with balconies intergrated into the garden that has 2 good sized pools and a restaurant on the beach which is ideal for breakfast and dinner!

Chambre vue jardin My Blue hotel Jericoacoara

Hurricane (Superior)

Recently built facing the ocean, with a privileged view of the Malhada beach,the Hurricane Jeri offers charming bungalows with small gardens. This superior category establishment is decorated in a very typical style combining local and modern materials for a comfortable and authentic experience.

A beautiful pool and tropical garden add an extra touch to this top quality place. The luxury category bungalows are very nice with their private Jacuzzi and small lounges for a moment among family or friends.(From July to October 5 night minimum stay)

bungalow luxe hotel Hurricane Jericoacoara

Vila Kalango (Superior)

Located on the main beach in Jericoacoara, the vila Kalango is one of the reputed charming places to stay in this seaside resort. In a 5000m2 tree lined garden there are 29 rooms bungalows and cabins on stilts built with local materials creating a charming and rustic atmosphere in luxury and comfort awating you for a relaxing stay.

A top quality place ideal for a quite and peaceful stay .It has an ecological dimension too with no air-con or television (2 night stay minimum)

bungalow Palafite haute Vila Kalango Jericoacoara

Hotel Essenza (Superior)

The latest of the hotels on the main beach in Jericoacoara, this one has a resolutely modern architecture aimed at a superior clientele.

It has suites with balconies looking out over the infinity pool facing the ocean and on the upper level each room has a private mini pool. It is a pleasurable stay that awaits you in this modern and sophisticated setting. Ideal for couples or friends, Children under 12 are not accepted here.

Chambre vue piscine Hotel Essenza Jericoacoara

Casa de Santo Antonio(Parnaiba – Standard & Superior category)

Definitely one of the most charming places of the NorthEast, this pousada is in an old bourgeois mansion that has been totally renovated. The owners have done an extraordinary job in each of the 22 rooms.

Spacious and well equipped with balconies or looking opening onto the garden these rooms are comfortable with modern accessories. The decor is from the elegant past history and there are antique objects decorating the rooms. A superb place to be discovered.

Chambre de charme Casa de Santo Antonio Parnaiba

Barra Grande Kite Camp (Barra Grande – Standard & Superior Categories)

Located on a fine beach on the Piaui coastline, the BGK pousada is specialized in welcoming kitesurfers. But its charm and quality also attracts other visitors. The bungalows and cabins on stilts are made from local natural materials such as the wooden roofs and they are equipped with all modern comforts.

An ideal beach stop if you want a break of 2 or more nights and also for kitesurfers who will appreciate the kite school with all its equipment.

bungalow sur plage Bgk Barra Grande

Encantes do Nordeste (Standard)

200m from the Preguica river and 3kms from the centre of Barreirinhas this charming pousada offers 25 bungalows set in a lush green garden with lots of palm trees.

The 25m2 bungalows are plainly but tastefully decorated and comfortable. They each have a terrace and hammocks. The pool and the breakfast area set in the garden are particularly charming.

A private pontoon in the river is reserved for the hotel clients and there is also a restaurant. A charming place in an enchanting setting for a truely pleasant stay.

extérieur Eco chalet Encantes do Nordeste Barreirinhas

Porto Preguiças Resort (Superior)

Porto Preguicas is the most luxurious hotel in the Lancois region. Located in a palm grove by the river 3kms from Barreirinhas, it is an unusual and lovely place. There is a large pool with a sandy bottom around which the 40 comfortable bungalows are found. There are various activity options which makes this Resort Ideal for families with children(there are suites for up to 5 people).

The hotel’s relative isolation makes this and ideal stop for peace and quiet and its restaurant has a good menu, the ideal place from which to visit the Lencois du Maranho desert.

jardin Porto Preguiças resort Barreirinhas

Pousada Maresia (standard) (Atins)

Recently installed in Atins, this charming pousada has focused on regional materials mainly wood and has chosen an ecological approach to accommodation. With rooms and bungalows ventilated naturally by the ocean winds and no artificial pool seeing as there are many natural coves to swim in, are all part of this ecological approach.

200m from the beach and 400m from Lencois this is a very peaceful place ! The owners are originally Italian and have opened a restaurant serving pizzas and other Italian dishes using local produce. This pousada combines ecological awareness in a fragile ecosystem with charming and authentic lodgings. There are also raised bungalows that offer a magnificent view of the surrounding region.

chambre double pousada Maresia Atins

La ferme de Georges (superior) (Atins)

This farm was opened by Frenchmen who fell in love with the little village of Atins. Their project was to combine top quality accommodation with organic farming. Today there are 7 ecologically designed chalets made from natural materials that welcome you on a large piece of land.

The 150m2 « Tree Chalet » with 3 bedrooms a bar and its own observation tower is an exceptional extra unique in this region. All the restaurant food is organic and the vegetables come from the garden on site. An original place combine luxury and ecological awareness giving a new dimension to your vacation !

Chambre double Ferme de Georges Atins

Luzeiros São Luis (Standard)

Hotel Luzeiros São Luis is just a short walk from the beach of Ponta do Farol. The well-equipped accommodation features an LCD TV with cable channels. The hotel  offers a restaurant serving international cuisine, a bar, a pool and a gym. Room service is available 24 hours a day. All rooms have air conditioning, a safe, a minibar and a hairdryer.

Sao Marcos Beach is just 300 meters from the property, while the historic center of São Luis is 20mn away.

Standard room hotel Luzeiros Sao Luis

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $1665 /pers 4 persons $1111 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $1871 /pers 4 persons $1298 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote

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