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Brazilian news , much like in other countries, can be difficult to follow, perhaps even more difficult than elsewhere because of the immensity and diversity of the country. Moreover, Brazil has only established a presence on international media since the early 2000s, making current affairs here relatively unknown to the global population. It is therefore not easy to comprehend contemporary Brazilian society, and it can be difficult to find interesting news when one wishes to enrich their knowledge on the subject.

The Brazil Selection team live in Brazil all year and each of us follow the news that interests us, to keep up to date with public life. In this regard, this section aims to provide our readers with some specially selected topics chosen from inside Brazil, by people living here everyday. We do not claim to be exhaustive, our ambition is rather to draw an overview of Brazil through some news that invites the reader to question the dynamics that run through Brazilian society.

Discover these snippets of Brazilian news and dive into the lives of the people that live here every day.

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