Our favourite romantic stops in Brazil!

With airline tickets becoming increasingly cheaper and international travel as easy as ever, more people are flocking to the four corners of the world to spend their honeymoons.

For those wanting an exotic and alluring experience, look no further than a well – organized holiday in Brazil. The ideal honeymoon in Brazil would be organized for you as customized package. This takes all the pressure off traveling in a new and wonderful land. Let a local travel agency specializing in Brazil tours customize the perfect itinerary whilst you kick – back or dive headfirst into exploring an incredible country.

The perfect honeymoon?


The perfect honeymoon is obviously different for every couple. Some couples like to take things nice and easy, colourful cocktails and lots of sun being the name of the game. Others are more satisfied with thrills, adventure and sharing wild and unforgettable moments with their loved one. For most couples, some of each is ideal. That is the problem with traditional honeymoon packages, there is always a compromise in that you must follow a pre- built itinerary. On your perfect honeymoon, you should be able to lie on a deserted white sand beach one day, and cling on to the back of a high – speed buggy as it darts through endless mountain dunes the next. It is human nature, we like freedom.

A Honeymoon in Brazil


Brazil is the perfect destination for a honeymoon, simply because of its diversity. The best honeymoon packages in Brazil take advantage of everything the country has to offer. From the breath- taking enormity of the Amazon rainforest, to the lost little fishing villages of the Northeast coast, where the red dunes envelop the communities along the Atlantic. Having the freedom to choose from nature and culture, tiny towns and massive megalopolises, makes Brazil an ideal destination for a diverse holiday. This article describes just some of our favourite honeymoon destinations in Brazil and why they should be included in any Brazilian honeymoon package.

A couple getting married at Belmond das Cataratas Hotel.

Iguaçu Falls


The thundering Iguaçu Falls really allow you to contemplate the power and beauty of nature. Sharing this moment with a loved one is a truly special experience. An unforgettable sight, so much so that it is said Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “My poor Niagara!” upon seeing the mammoth UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The falls lie on the border between Brazil and Argentina and are accessible from both sides of the international line. On the Brazilian side, you will find the most impressive view, a picture postcard image of the falls and a definite stand out moment during any honeymoon package in Brazil.  You can hike the trails that twist and wind through the tropical jungle surrounding the falls. It is a good idea to have a guide so you can learn about the surrounding eco – systems and the fauna and flora that thrive on the little islands in the basins. You can easily cross over to the Argentinian side of the falls for a more close – up experience (most of the falls lie on the Argentinian side of the border). Here you will also have access to “Garganta del diablo” the highest of the falls. Formed in U – shaped curve, its basin is the deepest of all on the site. One of the walking trails “Paseo Garganta del Diablo” will bring you right over the top of this famous cascade. Back on the Brazilian side, make friends with the tropical birds in the birdpark and take part in the Macuco Safari for extra thrills!

For the most romantic experience, we suggest staying in the “Belmond Hotel das Cataratas”. This exclusive 5 – star hotel is the only way to access the falls outside the opening hours of the park. A sunset over Iguassu Falls, definitely one of the key ingredients for the perfect honeymoon package in Brazil!

Couple walk on the beach at sunset on their Brazilian Honeymoon Package Tour.

Rio de Janeiro 


Rio de Janeiro “A Cidade Maravilhosa” or “The Wonderful City.” Mountains, beaches, culture and Samba. Here is where you will remember you are spending your honeymoon in beautiful Brazil! Soak up the sun on Ipanema beach, the famous subject of many Samba verses. Cool cocktails, designer bikinis and let´s admit it… beautiful people! If you want a more laidback atmosphere, head over to Copacabana and join with the locals for a game of football, “frescobol” or “futevolei.” You can´t miss the chance to climb Corcovado right up to the top to see the “Cristo Redentor” statue, who keeps watch over the city and will surely become one of your most treasured honeymoon photographs. “Pão de Açucar” mountain offers staggering views of the city and the bay as well as the chance to see an unforgettable sunset.

The fantastic thing about making Rio part of your honeymoon package in Brazil is that there is so much more to the city than the famous landmarks. Tijuca Forest is said to be the biggest inner city forest in the world and is home to hundreds of different, bird, mammal and fish species within the city confines. A romantic stop here is the “Vista Chinesa” an incredible viewpoint built as a tribute to the Chinese who came to the area to plant tea. Don´t forget to head over to Santa Theresa neighbourhood to enjoy some trendy evenings in the various bars and restaurants. Here is where you will experience the eclectic nightlife culture Rio de Janeiro has to offer. If you have some spare time, a good honeymoon package in Brazil will include a tour of the Guanabara Bay and a visit to Rio de Janeiro´s impressive Botanical Gardens.

Vista Chinesa in Rio de Janeiro at sunset.

Stay in a luxury lodge in the Amazon Rainforest


When thinking of the Amazon, most people imagine scythes hacking through thick undergrowth, dangerous spiders, dirt, sweat and campfires. Sure, there are adventurers who trek to the unexplored parts of the jungle and spend weeks on end navigating a lost world. However, there is another side to the Amazon, a side where immersion in nature and jungle exploration go hand in hand and you only ever leave your comfort zone when you want to.

The perfect Brazilian honeymoon package has to include a stay in an Amazon luxury jungle lodge. Anavilhanas Jungle lodge offers clients the chance to enjoy their stay in the Amazon jungle in comfort and tranquillity. An authentic and eco – friendly design, luxury furnishings and top – class service make the lodge an ideal Brazilian honeymoon destination. Wake up to the sounds of tropical birds, before your guide takes you on a mystical tour of the forest via the “Igarapés.” These are the rivers and waterways that penetrate the forest and allow you to lose yourself in another world. You and your loved one will find yourselves in one of the most diverse and wild eco – systems on the planet and will have the chance to meet the inhabitants of the enormous forest. From the indigenous riverside communities, the “Cablocos” to the friendly and famous pink Amazonian dolphins, you can be sure that you will feel welcomed.

Inside the Anavihanas Jungle Lodge.

An amazing beach lodge to end your stay


What better way to end the best Brazilian honeymoon package than with a stay in a luxury beach lodge. Frequented by celebrities and seekers of real tranquillity, the Txai Eco Resort is one of our favourites. It is located between the villages of Ilheus and Itacaré on the magnificent Bahian coastline, where lush Atlantic Forest hugs the water´s edge. Using a mix of local natural materials and well – chosen furniture, the lodge creates an atmosphere that is in harmony with the beauty of the nature surrounding it.

The buildings, which contain the guest rooms, are interspersed between trees to make each one its own private little haven. Venturing into the shared facilities will delight even the most demanding visitors with five swimming pools, four bars, three fine restaurants, a spa and tennis courts to enjoy. Taking a walk on the white – sand beach with your partner at twilight will surely be a highlight of your Brazilian experience. To add to the paradise that is the Txai Eco Resort, it is possible to explore the surrounding Atlantic forest, or for those seeking some adventure, go rafting on the Rio das Contas not far away. Also close – by are fantastic waves for surfing.

The freedom to construct your ideal honeymoon is one of the most important details when planning this holiday that you should remember for the rest of your lives. Brazil, with its unmatched natural attractions, top – tourist destinations and welcoming culture should be at the top of the list when you are planning the perfect honeymoon.

One of the beaches near Txai Itacaré Eco Resort.

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