Lovers of nature and exotic landscapes, do you want to see the most beautiful places in Brazil?

Among our « Grand Combined Tours », we have created a Tour especially for you, “The Nature Tour “.

This tour focuses on the most extraordinary landscapes in Brazil and reveals some ecosystems often unknown to the general public as they are off the beaten track. For example the Lencois du Maranhao, A unique desert where the dunes, interspersed with lagoons of transparent rainwater form a magnificent and enchanting spectacle during the rainy season.

With this Nature Tour, You will cross the country from one end to the other visiting and discovering places of exceptional natural beauty. You will get right up close to the impressive Iguacu Water Falls and admire their majestic power in the midst of the jungle as well as the unique and magical Rio de Janeiro. It is indeed the green city “par excellence” where nature is omnipresent, with miles of beaches, lots of parks and the largest urban forest in the world – the Tijuca forest.

You will also get the chance to visit some wild regions still practically untouched by man, such as the jungle region of Manaus in the heart of the Amazon or the Pantanal, the largest swampland in the world and with the largest biodiversity on earth.

This Nature Tour is obviously the right choice if you want to do something different and away from the classic tourist sites. In less than 2 weeks, you can discover the most famous places in Brazil as well as the most hidden natural places, adding thrills and additional scenery, to a truly spectacular and unforgettable holiday!

Discover our Nature Tour:
The Iguacu Falls
The Pantanal Wildlife
The Amazon Forest
The Lencois Desert
Rio de Janeiro, the « Wonderful City »

itinéraire circuit spectacle de la nature

Our Nature Tour Program summary

Day 1 : Iguaçu / in
Visit the Falls from the Brazilian side with a guide (possible option of the Macuco Safari).

Day 2 : Iguaçu/Pantanal
Visit the Falls from the Argentine side with a guide, flight to Cuiaba and transfer to lodge at the Fazenda (farm).

Day 3 : Pantanal
Excursions suggested by the lodge, morning and afternoon.

Day 4 : Pantanal
Excursions suggested by the lodge for the afternoon.

Day 5 : Pantanal / Amazonie
Excursions, transfer to Cuiaba and flight to Manaus, transfer to the Saint Paul hotel.

Day 6 : Amazonie
Visit of Manaus with a guide then transfer to the Juma Lodge and then activities and excursions proposed by the lodge.

Days 7 et 8 : Amazonie
Stay at the Juma Lodge with full board (drinks not incl.) and various excursions and activities organised by the lodge.

Day 9 : Amazonie / São Luis
Transfer and return to Manaus and flight toSao Luis.

Day 10 : São Luis / Barreirinhas (Lençois)
Transfer by road to Barreirinhas in the morning and afternoon – visit of the Lencois Maranhenses.

Day 11 : Barreirinhas / São Luis
Free morning (Contact us for possible optional excursions), Road to Sao Luis in the afternoon.

Day 12 : São Luis / Rio
Visit Sao Luis in the morning, then transfer to airport and flight to Rio de Janeiro in the afternoon.

Day 13 : Rio de Janeiro
Guided visit of the Corcovado in the morning and Sugar Loaf mountain in the afternoon.

Day 14 : Rio de Janeiro / out
A free day to sight see with optional activities (contact us), transfer to Rio airport, end of our services.

Enjoy amazing nature show at the Iguacu Falls and in the Pantanal

Straddling the natural river border between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguacu Falls are the largest in the world in terms of volume of water.

Because of their exceptional characteristics, they are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. With the roar of the falling water and the thousands of rainbows appearing in the iridescent mist surrounding the some 275 cascades, this unique natural site offers you an unprecedented multi-sensory experience, as big as the water falls themselves.

In the middle of a luxuriant tropical forest, which is also a national park, you can observe this magnificent and hypnotising spectacle, from both the Brazilian side and the Argentine side.

Access to the falls is via a network of paths and bridges that pass partly above the falls. The “Garganta del Diablo” bridge takes you 90m high to where the river falls into the abyss and you can enjoy an impressive view.

Next stop the savannah and flooded plains of the Pantanal in the centre-west of the country. The biggest terrestrial wetland in the world, this region is still scarcely inhabited by man and essentially untouched offering an amazing experience. Both land and aquatic animals live here in abundance, due to the extraordinary variety of plants, a favourable climate and little human impact so far.

There are safaris on foot, by vehicle, on horseback or by boat that can take you to see these rare animals, Jaguar, Tamanoir and the maned wolf and many others living in this amazing environment.

You can also feel the thrills of getting close up to hundreds of little Jacare (crocodiles) by day or night and see hundreds of exotic birds, such as the famous Jabiru, the emblem of this region.

This immersion in paradise also includes contact with the locals by staying in guest houses on the local farms or fazendas that are several hundred hectares in size.


Experience the Unseen world of Amazonia and the Lencois Maranhenses

The next stage will take you further into Amazonia. The world’s largest tropical forest and an obvious choice if you have come to Brazil to see nature.

We have therefore programmed it halfway through your Nature Tour of Brazil.

To be totally immersed in the heart of the jungle we have organised a stay in Manaus, Amazonia’s state capital.

You will begin your Amazonian stage with a private visit of Manaus, accompanied by a guide who will reveal all the secrets of this incredible town. You will be surprised to discover the amazing Belle Epoque theatre, the interesting floating jetties and the colourful market.

You will then set off towards the Juma lodge, a small hotel in the jungle with 20 rooms, isolated in a totally preserved part of the forest with its charming bungalows on stilts facing a beautiful, calm lake. On the way to the lodge (3hrs) by vehicle and boat, you will experience the “meeting of the waters” with the Solimoes and Negro rivers joining to create the majestic and famous Amazon river.

This is a rare and fascinating phenomenon where the two rivers don’t seem to want to mix together, they flow side by side for tens of kilometres. You will then spend several days isolated in the heart of the Amazon jungle, a new world that you will quickly discover through excursions to see the many beautiful and natural resources. Fishing for piranha and waking up alligators will hold no secrets for you. You will leave with a totally different image of this complex and enchanting environment!

The Lencois Du Maranhao is the next stage of your Tour. This vast natural park at the gates of the Amazon that resembles giant rumpled white bed sheets from the sky is in fact giant sand dunes dotted with thousands of rainwater lagoons. This is the combined result of the rains falling every year from March to May and the water-tight ground that blocks the water in the sandy surface where it slowly evaporates under the hot tropical sun.

After venturing into this place you will find it is totally deserted and you can experience magical moments such as bathing in these natural swimming pools of fresh water, alone in the calm of this incredible landscape. You will really be able to relax in this unique place out of time, walking bare foot and bathing in the limpid waters. Culminating in a fabulous sunset over the desert these are rare and unique moments you will never forget!

To get to this truly « other world », you will go through the regional capital of Sao Luis, then 4hrs. by road to the small town of Barreirinhas from where you will set off to explore this unique desert. On the way back you will get to visit this interesting town founded in 1612 by a French expedition from Cancale.

After having conquered the town, the Portuguese established a large and prosperous trading port here. The wealth created attracted many artists and the rich houses the traders lived in are now part of the world’s historic Portuguese colonial architecture which is recognised as unique and classified since 1997.

Lençois Maranhao

Rio, and it’s hills in the jungle, the last stage of your tour

Your Nature Tour comes to a majestic end in Rio de Janeiro. It has been the world’s samba capital for years, and is the most visited tourist destination in Brazil; the fluminense capital is a must in this nature tour.

The « Zona Sul » Is in fact one of the greenest urban areas in the world and so we’ve included it in our Nature Tour. Surrounded by the morros – small rounded mountains covered in vegetation with their feet in the ocean, Rio is in a unique geographical setting especially for such a big city and capital.

Sugar Loaf Mountain and its little brother Urca mountain that stand at the entrance to Guanabara bay and Corcovado with Christ the redeemer on top all surrounded by the Tijuca forest will give you some magnificent views over this « Wonderful City ».

One always remembers a visit to Rio where you can feel a little of the famous “sweetness of life” in its inhabitants, called the Cariocas, proof that you can reconcile nature and urbanism in a harmonious way. A city full of nature, to simply live in and love,!

Rio de Janeiro

Discover the detailed program of our Nature Tour

All transfers and excursions are provided by private companies except at the Juma Lodge

Day 1 : Iguaçu/ in

Transfer from Foz airport to Iguaçu (Brazilian side), your chauffeur will take you to the hotel you have chosen from our selection.

Afternoon, a guided visit of the Brazilian Falls.

There are two advantages in discovering the Falls from the Brazilian side: The overall, panoramic view of the falls the sheer size spreading out over almost 3 kms. The more natural view of the falls which makes for a more enchanting discovery of this incredible place.

Return and a free afternoon or the optional Macuco Safari (about an 1hr45 ).
You will begin the Macuco Safari, with a short ride in an electric car through the national park then 500m on foot to get close to and discover the local flora.

Protection and safety equipment are provided before you set off on your waterfall adventure going up the river in powerful zodiacs to get to the canyon and right under the Falls. Get some real thrills and have fun in total safety!

Return and night at your hotel.

iguaçu chutes bresiliennes

chutes d'Iguaçu sous les nuages

Day2 – Iguaçu/ Cuiaba

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

Morning, guided waterfall visit from the Argentine side.
After 30kms through the Iguacu natural park you’ll reach the Iguacu Falls.

The Argentine side of the falls is the most spectacular. Also on this side you can get closer to the water thanks to a network of footbridges.

You will get to the most impressive drop called the ‘Devil’s throat”!

Transfer to the airport mid afternoon then flight to Cuiaba in the Pantanal.

On arrival in Cuiaba your chauffeur awaits to take you to your hotel at the fazenda (ranch).

Night at the fazenda.

Iguaçu en bateau au pied des chutes argentine

Tatu Pantanal

Day 3 : Pantanal – Fazenda

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

A day of activities: (3hrs. in the morning & the afternoon) suggested by the guides depending on the season and the weather (either in a vehicle, on foot, by boat or horseback), watching the sunset or night safari.

Dinner and night at the fazenda.

Pantanal famille de capivares

Day 4 : Pantanal – Fazenda

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

Daily activities organised by the ranch with professional guides : Photo safari in a truck with a photo platform , hiking or horse riding, boat ride (depending on the season and weather).

Lunch and dinner at the ranch.

Pantanal loutre mangeant poisson

Day 5 : Fazenda / Cuiaba / Manaus

At dawn, you will set off to see some specific wild animals. When you get back there will be breakfast and then transfer to Cuiaba airport.

Flight to Manaus.

On arrival in Manaus, your driver will transfer you to the Saint Paul hotel.

Check-in and night at the Saint Paul hotel.

Pantanal perroquets jouant sur une branche

Day 6 : Manaus / Juma Lodge

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

A guide will collect you and take you on about a 3hr. visit of Manaus.

You will discover the main monuments of the town, vestiges of the prosperous past of this region at the time of the rubber industry. There is the court house, the Rio Negro palaces and especially the amazing and famous Amazonas theatre built in the mid XIXth century and recently totally restored. For Manaus it is the equivalent of the Eiffel tower in Paris and the town’s symbol. Inside you will find a magnificent European style performance hall but with a characteristic Brazilian rococo touch.

You will also see the Mercado Municipal, or permanent market with piles of cuia and bowls made from The Cuiera tree fruit and carefully painted with local designs or flower designs on a black background, plus other handicrafts. Also can also discover and taste lots of new and different local forest foods found on the market. .

Not forgetting the fish market with all the exotic local fish! There’s Giant Pirarucu and the unusual Tambaqui with almost human-like teeth and the delicious Tucunare. Ideal for choosing what you want to eat later!

After returning to the hotel and lunch (as you choose) it’s off to the port to take a ferry for your transfer to the lodge. It’s a 3hr expedition in itself to reach your destination in the heart of the jungle. Your Amazon adventure starts with a boat ride across the Amazon river where you will experience the “Encounter of the Waters”: the contrast between the Dark but clear waters of the Negro river slowly mingling with the lighter but murky waters of the Solimoes river, creating an unusual phenomenon for a few kms in the middle of the river.

Once across the river you will take a vehicle and then another boat before arriving at your lodge. Then you will go nocturnal alligator watching!

Dinner and night at lodge.

fruits Amazonie

Amazonie rivière d'eau marron

juma lodge cabanes

Days 7 & 8 : Juma Lodge

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

Full board and stay here (drinks not incl.) including activities animated by professional and passionate guides.

We suggest for example: Jungle excursions, canoe trips on the lake, piranha fishing, and visits to meet the local people. There are also conferences on life in the Amazon forest. The activities suggested depend on the season and to make your stay as memorable as possible.

Lunches, diners and nights at the lodge.

Amazonie enfants indiens

Day 9 : Juma Lodge / Manaus / São Luis

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

End of your stay at the lodge and transfer to Manaus (3hrs) then transfer to the airport and flight to Sao Luis.

Arrival in Sao Luis, your chauffeur awaits to transfer you to the hotel you have chosen from our selection for the night.

Amazonie pirogue à moteur

Day10 : São Luis / Barreirinhas

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

Around 8a.m. your chauffeur will come to take you to Barreirinhas, the small town from which you will set off to visit the famous Lencois du Maranhao desert.

Along the way you will discover the typical landscapes of this region with buriti and carnauba plantations, these two types of palm trees whose fruits, leaves and wood are all exploited. It is also an opportunity to see how the locals live and in particular the traditional houses constructed of clay on wooden trellises built along the road.

Arrival in Barreirinhas, check-in at the hotel you have chosen from our selection.

Afternoon, you will set off in a 4X4 vehicle with driver and local guide to explore a landscape found nowhere else in the world! The Lencois desert.

You will cross the river on a ferry then after about 40 minutes along sandy tracks, you will arrive at the first dunes. From here, you continue on foot with your guide into the desert to the first lagoons (between May and October). You can walk barefoot and bathe whenever you like in the natural swimming pools of crystal clear waters. Do not miss the desert sunset which is always an unforgettable moment!

Return to the hotel for the night.

fotobrasil3 289

Coucher de Soleil dunes Lençois

Day 11 : Barreirinhas/Sao Luis

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

You can have a free morning to relax and appreciate the pousada’s services or go on an optional excursion.

We can suggest going down the Preguicas river to the mouth at Cabure in a fast canoe.

We can also organise a quad bike ride, a visit to a farinha, house where they make the famous manioc flour the old fashioned way or you can go down the Formiga river, also known as Cardoso – famous for its clear waters – on giant buoys, floating on the river current and followed by a guide.

After lunch, you set off by road for your transfer back to Sao Luis (4hrs). In Sao Luis, the driver drops you off at your chosen pousada.

Check-in and night at the pousada.

paillote autochtones rio preguiças

rivière Preguiças

Day 12 : Sao Luis / Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning your guide will pick you up at the hotel for a walking tour of the historic district of São Luis.

You will walk along the cobbled streets of the old town, and discover the important Portuguese colonial architectural heritage, vestige of the city’s bourgeois life in the 18th century which was at the time called the “Paris of the Tropics” due to its intellectual and artistic abundance.

Afternoon, transfer to the airport in Sao Luis then flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Arrival in Rio de Janeiro and transfer to the hotel chosen from our selection.

Check-in and night at hotel.

Sao Luis rue coloniale vieille ville

Day 13 : Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

A day visiting with a guide, a vehicle and driver. (4hrs. In the morning & 4hrs in the afternoon). You will set off towards the Tijuca forest and the famous Corcovado, the mountain with the impressive statue of Christ the redeemer on top, the icon of the «Wonderful City».

There is a funicular railway that takes you to the top and the statue and from where you can admire the whole city.

After lunch, you continue towards the other amazing view point in town, Sugar Loaf Mountain.

First you will go to the chic Urca quarter of town then take a first cable car to the praia Vermelho, a small beach hidden between the hills from where you will get to the top of Mount Urca at 224 metres high.

From here, you will take a second cable car to the very top at 395 metres. The view across the whole bay, Niteroi and the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches is absolutely breathtaking.

Night at the hotel.

Rio de Janeiro dans la  Forêt de  Tijuca

Pau de acucar from above.

Day 14 : Rio / out

Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel.

The last day is free to buy a few souvenirs before leaving, however you can ask for a guide for half a day and visit some other interesting places in Rio.

Transfer to the airport and then end of our services.

Have a good trip home !

Rio de Janeiro vue téléphérique Pain de Sucre

Accommodation for the Nature Tour

Continental Inn (Standard)

The Continental Inn is a modern and comfortable hotel that has 111 rooms and 13 pleasant suites. It is located in the noble quarter of central Iguaçu, close to all amenities useful to travelers.

Pools, gym, bars and children’s playroom make this hotel a great address for everyone. Great benefits and a great location, this is our best value for money currently in Foz de Iguaçu.

Chambre 2 lits Continental Inn Iguaçu

Hotel Bourbon das Cataratas Spa & Resort (superior)

This hotel is located at the entrance of the city but next to the Iguaçu Falls National Park. It is one of the best accommodation options after the Belmont Das Cataratas hotel. It is set in a large garden and offers all the modern comforts in its rooms as well as common areas and recreational facilities that can be expected from a hotel of this category.

Chambre superiore vue piscine Hotel Bourbon Iguaçu

Hotel Belmont das Cataratas  (Luxe)

It is the perfect place to stay in Iguaçu. The hotel faces the wonderful falls of iguaçu, in the heart of the national park, in a beautiful green setting. It is managed by the Belmond chain, a pledge of luxury and excellence in service. The rooms are tastefully decorated in a colonial style and combine charm and comfort. An exclusive establishment and out of the ordinary due to its location.

vue du ciel de l'hotel das Cataractas et des Chutes d'Iguaçu

Hotel Golden Tulip Cuiaba

The Golden Tulip Cuiaba Hotel is modern and comfortable. It is the only hotel offering international quality services in the region while ideally located less than one kilometer from the historic center and about ten minutes from the airport.

Perfect for a good night’s sleep to start a stay in the Pantanal in great shape!

Chambre double executive Golden Tulip Cuiaba

Pousada Rio Claro (standard)

The pousada has a good modern and recent infrastructure with simple but comfortable rooms. Access is from Cuiaba in about 2H30 by road to Poconé then 42 km on the Transpantaneira, but the pousada is in the heart of a huge property, 3km from the famous track, which makes it a quiet place. It is also ideally located on the edge of a beautiful river which makes it easy to observe the abundant wildlife.

vue nocturen des batiment de la pousada Rio claro Pantanal

Pousada Piuval (standard)

The pousada is located at the beginning of the Transpantaneira just 1 hour from Cuiaba airport. It offers the most comfortable structure in the region with modern and well-equipped rooms in a superior luxury category. It is a large fazenda, the local farms, with a beautiful observation tower and a vast territory alternating flood plains and forest. This is also the best option if you like to ride horses and observe the life of the Mato Grosso cowboys.

vue des chambres luxo pousada Piuval dans le Pantanal

Pousada Rio Mutum (superior)

Located in a very quiet part of the Pantanal, away from all homes, this pousada has the great advantage of bringing together all the wild landscapes of the region. The accommodation is in pleasant rooms, well decorated with charm and organized in small bungalows. All in a garden where one can frequently see the local animals.

A lake borders the pousada and allows access to the surrounding rivers for a privileged observation of the abundant wildlife.

A beautiful place particularly suitable for a longer stay.

jardin mutum

Fazenda Santa Tereza (Pantanal Wildlife Center)

In the heart of the Pantanal, this small, 11-room hotel is part of the Fazenda Santa Tereza cattle farm, which covers an immense area of several thousand hectares where oxen graze. Located a little more than two kms away from the famous Transpantaneira road, its isolation and its setting in the heart of a farm is the guarantee of a stay in total immersion.

A team of local guides speaking Portuguese and English is there everyday to take you on excursions to discover the extraordinary variety of wildlife. A traditional decor that gives pride of place to local materials and the comfort of the modern equipped rooms offer an ideal compromise for an authentic stay..

Chambre double Pousada Santa Tereza Pantanal

Hotel Saint Paul (standard)

Located in the heart of the historic center of Manaus, a few hundred meters from the Amazonas Theater and Largo Sao Sebastian, the Hotel Saint Paul is really well located for travelers who wish to explore the city and its port not far away.

The modern comfortable and spacious rooms (35 m2) all have balconies and some have views of the theater. The best option in the historic center of Manaus. Ideal for couples and tourist stays of several days with suites offering living room and kitchenette.

Chambre 2 lits hotel Saint Paul Manaus

Villa Amazonia (superior)

This new charming pousada in Manaus is a great plus for those who want to stay in the center of the city in the best conditions. The property, managed by the same team as the Anavilhanas Lodge, offers comfortable and tasteful rooms that will appeal to all travelers.

chambre superior hotel Villa Amazonia à Manaus

Tropical Manaus Eco-Resort (standard & superior)

The Tropical Hotel is a large and very comprehensive structure offering all the services that a family on vacation can wish for! From the mini zoo with 11 emblematic species to various entertainment and games rooms, not to mention the restaurants, everything is done for the comfort of visitors.

611 rooms in a classic style, well equipped and of all categories complete this set and make The Tropical is a place for everyone. 10km from the airport and 16 from the center of Manaus, it also has its own port.

Chambre luxe Hotel Tropical Manaus

Juma Lodge

Perched in the middle of the Amazon jungle at 3 hours from Manaus, on the other side of the Amazon river, the Juma Lodge is a unique place. Installed on the edge of a lake about ten meters off the ground to escape the floods in the rainy season, it has 20 comfortable bungalows connected by strong bridges including 16 with a splendid view of the lake.

Everything is built with local materials but equipped to preserve your comfort and 4 are provided for people with mobility difficulties and families with young children.

A team of professionals offers activities and excursions throughout the day so that the stay in the lodge is also a moment of discovery and awareness of the fragile and priceless ecosystem of the rainforest.

bungalow vue lac Juma lodge Amazonie

Anavilhanas Lodge (superior)

Simply the most luxurious and comfortable lodge in the Amazon. Located at the edge of the Anavilhanas, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world, it is the best solution for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of the Amazon rainforest but keep a high standard of comfort.

The rooms are in fact small, independent and very comfortable bungalows with large windows allowing you to observe the jungle from the inside.

Professional guides are there each day to take you on the water and in the forest to meet the wild life and the inhabitants. A unique place from which to discover the rainforest!

Anavilhanas hébergement coeur Amazonie

Grand São Luis (standard)

Facing the bay that borders the historic center, next to the Se Cathedral, the Grand Sao Luis Hotel is modern and classic. It has spacious and simple rooms as well as a welcoming swimming pool to cool off after visiting the historic center.

An establishment that represents the best compromise for visitors wishing to stay in the historical district of the city in good conditions of comfort and calm.

chambre lit double Hotel Grand Sao Luis

Pestana São Luis (standard & superior)

About twenty minutes from the historical center, the Pestana Sao Luis is located in a more modern area of the city in front of Calhau beach. 124 bright and well-equipped rooms with garden, pool or ocean view welcome visitors.

The large swimming pool and leisure facilities such as the proximity of the beach make it an ideal address for those traveling with children or who intend to stay several days on site.

Chambre grand lit Hotel Pestana Sao Luis

Pousada Encantes do Nordeste (standard)

Located 5 minutes by taxi from the city center, 200m from the Preguiças River where its pontoon and restaurant are located, Encantes do Nordeste is a small pousada offering twenty small bungalows with a rustic decor and simple in a beautiful tropical garden.

The best compromise currently for visitors who do not wish to stay in a big structure.

pousada Encantes do Nordeste Barreirinhas

Porto Preguiças Resort (superior)

The only superior category hotel in the Lençois area, 15 minutes from the center of Barreirinhas. The Porto Preguiças offers bungalows scattered in a large fenced park that borders the river and has extensive recreational facilities including a beautiful pool, kayaks and a game room.

The rooms are bright and well maintained and the restaurant is excellent. Ideal for families and visitors looking for more comfort and services.

Piscine Porto preguiças resort Barreirinhas

Altos de Santa Teresa (standard & superior)

Located on the heights of Rio de Janeiro, 20 minutes from the beaches of Copacabana, the charming pousada Altos de Santa Teresa is a small establishment set apart from the tumult of the wonderful city. The owners have transformed this house into a place dedicated to the comfort of travelers.

The common areas are pleasant with a terrace and swimming pool and Jacuzzi that allow you to relax while contemplating the city, Guanabara Bay and the famous Pão de Acucar in the distance.

A very sophisticated designer decor and generously proportioned rooms add the finishing touch of excellence to this exclusive establishment and provide unbeatable value for money in the region.

chambre lit double Altos de Santa Tereza_Barreirinhas

Hotel Olinda (standard)

It’s hard to imagine a better location than the Olinda Hotel, practically in the center of the famous Copacabana Beach.

The hotel dates back to the 1950s, completely renovated in 2015 and offers rooms with a sea view and beautiful view of Copacabana and its beach, at an affordable price.

An ideal address for vacationers who wish to be at the heart of the myth of Rio de Janeiro!


Hotel Arena Leme (standard)

This hotel is ideally located at the end of the Copacabana beach in the part called Leme, a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Recently built, it offers modern and pleasant rooms, and luxury categories facing the sea.

A very good compromise between price, comfort, tranquility and location for an unforgettable stay in Rio.

Vue de la chambre deluxe hotel arena leme

Hotel Miramar (superior)

The Miramar Hotel is located at the end of Copacabana beach, it offers beautiful rooms with comfortable bedding that offer a side view of the sea or a view facing the sea.

The breakfast is simply delicious and copious with a wide range of foods. The roof terrace of the hotel offers breathtaking views. This is really a good address in the range of upper class hotels.


Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $4040 /pers 4 persons $3254 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $4708 /pers 4 persons $3923 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote

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