Enjoy a luxury vacation in the best lodge in the heart of Amazonia!

In this unique and exceptional place, you will discover one of the ecological wonders of Brazil, A group of islands covered in jungle surrounded by freshwater in the heart of the tropical forest.

Located opposite this archipelago, on the River Negro, at 180km from Manaus, the Anavilhanas lodge offers typical accomodation but with the best quality found in the Brazilian Amazon. It is probably the most prestigious lodge in Brazil. It can be reached by road in 3hrs. Including 10mn of track or more easily by seaplane (contact us for details).

This exceptional property offers bungalows scattered in the forest, built around a concept combining design and ecology with an emphasis on local and natural materials and a real concern to integrate the lodge into its environment. The services are impressive and the refined decoration is particularly tasteful.

The 22 bungalows are all equipped with large bay windows giving a feeling of being in the middle of the vegetation while enjoying the modern comfort and services. You can contemplate the life of the rainforest, from your bed or quietly installed in your hammock, without having to worry about insects and other inconveniences. A stay at the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge will allow you to discover the best of the Amazon by privileging your comfort. An exclusive lodge, where the wild environment and the art of living are a happy contrast.

Included in your Anavilhanas lodge stay:
Luxury accomodation in the heart of a tropical forest
The diversity of the Flora and Fauna on the Anavilhanas islands
A unique immersion in the Amazon forest

anavilhanas jungle lodge map

About our Anavilhanas Lodge package

  • Private airport transfer – Tropical Hotel
  • A night in a standard double room at the Tropical hotel
  • the transfers to and from Manaus
  • A private airport transfer
  • The stay with full board in a standard chalet
  • The excursions mentioned in the program
  • 1 private and guided visit of Manaus

Visit the largest freshwater archipelago in the world: The Anavilhanas National Park

The Anavilhanas archipelago includes some 400 narrow islands with forms carved by the current, spread out over 90 kilometers along the River Negro which widens out to 27km at this point.

It is the largest group of river islands on the planet, It is a privilege to visit the extraordinary and unique place.

Throughout the year and with the changing seasons (dry or rainy) the appearance of these islands covered by jungle radically changes as does the entire region.

The river’s tributaries submerge many of the hundreds of green islands in the rainy season (December to May). When one navigates at this period, one can only distinguish an immense mass of water from which emerge the tops of the trees and some high points on the islands. To take a canoe through the foliage of the igapo (the flooded forest) has a magical and surreal side to it.

During the dry season (from June to November), the water slowly retreats, leaving, mid-October, miles of deserted beaches of fine sand around each islet, making it a paradise for lovers of sun and beaches. (Don’t forget a good sun screen, the reverberation is very strong at this latitude). We then sail through the narrow channels that separate the islands to choose your paradise beach of the day.

This region is home to a unique ecosystem which is protected by the Anavilhanas Ecological Station, an integral part of the Amazon Conservation Program, in coordination with the Chico Mendes Biodiversity Conservation Institute. It is therefore a sanctuary serving as a refuge for local biodiversity, now threatened by the increase in river traffic and the pressure of fishing, with all the possible consequences in terms of noise and lost fishing nets and lines.

By exploring the labyrinth of waterways between the islands of the Anavilhanas archipelago, you will certainly see some very rare animals of the Amazon. For example the placid peixe-boi (manatees) or the pink dolphins of Amazonia (Inia geoffrensis). As well as thousands of birds that fly from one island to another in an explosion of color and strange cries.

Archipel des Anavilhanas

Enjoy the luxury accommodation in the heart of the Amazon: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

It’s here in the heart of the truely wild nature that the Anavilhanas lodge is located.

This charming, high standard accommodation will seduce you as much for the quality of its bungalows which constitute a perfect mixture of modern lines and local and authentic materials as by its ecological approach of minimum impact on the environment.

The lodge has about twenty suites decorated with care and offering all the modern comfort (hot water – air conditioning) that you need. All perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature to minimize the visual impact of the installations which blend perfectly into the surrounding environment.

Let yourself be seduced by the unusual charm of the two bungalows offering a panoramic view (superior category) of the forest with a bay window not less than 10 m long, facing the forest. A stay in one of these is a privileged moment, a unique experience in total immersion in the heart of the Amazonian forest.

Like all lodges, the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge includes all meals into its offerings; You will find a delicious and tasty cuisine that elegantly uses the local produce for the pleasure of your palate.

A team of guides is also constantly present to propose different activities designed to add a fun and active dimension to your stay but also the amazon jungle and its inhabitants. You will be able walk the forest paths, fish like the locals, discover the night animals, explore in a pirogue and meet the Botos – the pink dolphins of the Amazon. A unique opportunity to encounter a rare animal and one unfortunately at risk with the increase in human activity.

An original feature of this lodge lies in a 13m high observation tower rising above the canopy. Standing at the top with a pair of binoculars, you can observe the life in the treetops or contemplate the fantastic twilights rich in the region’s colors. A bewitching sound and light show if you pay attention to world of the forest awakening as the day gives way to the night. Not to mention the swimming pool set up facing the river, ideal to refresh you at the hottest hours of the day.

Discover a charming lodge, an original concept perfectly combining authenticity and luxury on a small scale where everything is organized so that your stay takes the pace of a day dream. With the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, treat yourself to a different vision of the Amazon!

Anavilhanas hébergement coeur Amazonie

Visit « Paris of the Americas »In the heart of the Amazon!

To complete this fabulous stay at the centre of the Amazonian forest, you must visit the regional capital, Manaus, the famous “Paris of the Americas”.

As this city was nicknamed at the beginning of the 20th century.

An important crossroads in the Amazon thanks to its strategic position at the confluence of the Solimoes and Negro rivers, where the strange phenomenon of the encounter of the waters occurs, Manaus is above all a city of merchants and adventurers. They have always come here, attracted by the riches extracted from the forest with the idea of making a fortune by reselling the goods at higher prices in Europe.

This intense commercial trade concentrating itself in one place made local prosperity possible. It culminated with the trade of rubber sap which, once vulcanized, became a highly coveted material with the advent of the industrial era in Europe, this raw material was rubber.

It was at this time, when there were many rich merchants who wanted to give their city the image of a great European capital, that most of the beautiful buildings that you will see during your guided tour were built.

Imagine the power of these families who in their time had the means to meet the technical, financial and human challenges that these constructions represented. This gives an idea of the prosperity of the times. They had to bring artists, craftsmen and an enormous quantity of materials and already assembled pieces from the best workshops across the Atlantic to build the masterpieces that we can see today.

The famous Municipal Market Adolfo Lisboa is an example. Reopened in 2013 after 7 years of renovation and whose beautiful wrought iron halls of several thousand m² were entirely made in Scotland before being transported by boat and then mounted on the spot. And of course the theatre whose 36,000 tiles are from Alsace, the marble is Italian, the metal structure is English and the furniture and tapestries are Parisian. In 1896, when it was completed, it was simply the most extraordinary building in South America!

Manaus immeuble de la douane

Detailed Program

All transfers in this package are not private (groups of 8 to 10). Full board (drinks not incl.) from lunch on the second day to breakfast on the fourth day.The guides speak Portuguses and English.

Day 1 : Manaus

After arriving in Manaus off your flight, you will be taken to your hotel by vehicle.

On the trip from the airport to your hotel, you will see the local conditions and daily life of Manaus. Indigenous influence is everywhere, whether in the architecture, cuisine with dishes made from local fish, cassava and regional fruits such as the Tucumã or in the many geometric figures found in the local designs.

Depending on the arrival time of your flight (until 13:00) it is possible to visit the centre of Manaus (private visit with a guide, for about 3 hours).

Night at the hotel of your choice.

Manaus Vue théatre sous les arbres

Day 2 : Manaus – Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

In the morning, after eating a good Brazilian breakfast, you check out, and then, between 8 am and 9 am depending on the location of the hotel, a vehicle will pick you up to take you to the lodge * (not private). It is also possible to make this trip by seaplane, consult us for details.

During the 3 hour journey to the lodge, about 200km away, you will discover the Amazon rainforest for the first time.

What strikes us immediately are the trees. Their gigantic and imposing sizes are far bigger than the largest European species. With their enormous height, each is a true multi-storey ecosystem. From the ground to the summit, each branch develops a specific fauna, but also a symbiosis with other plants, such as ferns, lianas and beautiful orchids. These have played a leading role in the plant knowledge of the region, which has, over the centuries, encouraged many European botanists and explorers to explore these forests in search of a rare beauty.

Arrival at the lodge, you check into your bungalow installed in the forest.

At noon it’s time to go for lunch. A tasty elaborate cuisine with regional products is served in an idyllic setting overlooking the surrounding jungle, ideal for relaxation and the simple pleasure of good food.

In the afternoon, an activity (see list in day 3) will be proposed by the hotel team according to the weather, the season or simply your desires, so that you can enjoy your stay at Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge as much as possible.

b in the restaurant around 19:00. It is an opportunity to discover other local specialties based on local produce from the river and the surrounding jungle deliciously cooked to bring out all the qualities of their delicate flavours.

After the meal, you are invited to take a night boat ride to meet the animals that wake up and come out at night in search of food. In the night silence, your senses sharpen and by listening to the thousands of unusual rustles arising from the jungle, you become aware of the agitation of all these animals hidden in the trees.

Using powerful electric lamps, the guide spots small caimans that become paralyzed by the light so he can pick them up out of the water and show them to you up close. The most adventurous among you will be able to hold the reptile to immortalize the event!

Le diner est servi au restaurant aux alentours de 19h00. C’est l’occasion de découvrir d’autres spécialités locales à base des produits de la rivière et de la jungle environnante délicieusement cuisinées pour faire ressortir toutes les qualités de leurs saveurs délicates.

* It is possible to make the transfer in the afternoon (departure between 13:00 and 14:30 depending on the location of your hotel.) You can also choose your own departure time between 8:00 and 15h00 for an additional cost.

Anavilhanas lodge forêt inondée

Anavilhanas Reduzidas Retina-32

Anavilhanas Reduzidas Retina-33


Day 3 : Anavilhanas lodge

In the morning breakfast is served in the form of an attractive buffet of various local juices and seasonal fruit, as well as more traditional, sweet and savory dishes, to fill up with energy before a busy day of activities.

Throughout the day, the guides will offer you different excursions and activities included in your package. We strongly recommend each of them, but it’s up to you whether you want to participate or not.

Visit to see the pink dolphins and the handicrafts in Novo Airao (about 2h30):

You go on a floating barge where the pink dolphins come every day, attracted by the fish they are given. Then you will visit two craft centers where craftsmen offer products made with natural materials such as braided vegetable fibers, naturally colored seeds and local wood.

Walk in the forest (about 2H30):

You will explore the orest, led by experienced local guides, who will reveal some of the amazon’s mysteries. They will tell you about the trees, fruits and edible berries as well as forest survival techniques and some herbal medicines.

Tour of the archipelago of Anavilhanas (about 2hr30):

You will go for a boat ride along the countless canals, lakes and islands of the world’s largest river archipelago. During this excursion, you will enjoy the fabulous and untouched landscapes as well as the animal life of the region.

Piranha fishing (2hrs. environ):
A fun fishing party aboard a traditional wooden canoe through the Igarapes (waterways) where you can catch a few piranhas or other fish while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Lunch and dinner at the lodge.




Day 4 : Anavilhanas – Manaus

Contemplation of the sunrise (approximately 1hr30):

Departure at dawn (5:30 am) to one of the Anavilhanas lakes where you can observe many birds and contemplate the beautiful colours and shades of an Amazonian sunrise where the air itself seems tinted with purple iridescences.

Breakfast awaits when you get back from your morning excursion.

After a last time enjoying the good food of the Anavilhanas Lodge, it’s time to get your suitcases packed and to check out.

A hotel vehicle will take you back to Manaus (not private).

After a journey of about 2hr30 you will reach the city centre, and explore this with a local guide for roughly 3hours. During the visit, your personal belongings remain in the vehicle which will accompany you to the different places visited (Amazonas Theater, Rio Negro Palace, port market).

After the tour, the driver will either take you to your hotel to catch an overnight flight or one the next morning, or drop you off directly at the airport.

coucher de soleil archipel Anavilhanas

balade en Canoe Anavilhanas lodge

Our accommodations in Manaus for the Anavilhanas Lodge Tour

Hotel Saint Paul (standard)

If you want to be located in the centre of Manaus during your stay, we recommend the Saint Paul Hotel for several reasons. Firstly, its location means it’s ideal to discover the city on foot, only a few hundred meters from the Teatro Amazonas, the emblem of the city. This is an important point because most quality hotels are out in the suburbs and mean you need a taxi for everything. Thanks to this proximity, it also has some rooms with a view of the theatre, adding a little charm to your stay.

Moreover, ieven though the rooms are relatively plain, they are well equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and with no bad surprises. Swimming pool, sauna and gym complete the offer of this property and, to top it all, the price is excellent, making Saint Paul the best value for money when staying in the center of Manaus.


Hotel Tropical Manaus Ecoresort (superior)

If you are looking for maximum comfort and a large range of services for your stay in Manaus, without suffering the city more than needed, then the Tropical Hotel is the place for you. It is located in the north of the city, on the waterfront, in a park full of vegetation and with important sports and leisure facilities and a mini-zoo.

The rooms are luxuriously equipped and decorated in a classic style, with 7 categories covering the needs of the vast majority of travelers. This is the most comprehensive establishment you can find in Manaus.

unspecified 11

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $1106 /pers 4 persons $1049 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $1482 /pers 4 persons $1425 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote