Praia do Forte is a peaceful place, a refuge to marine turtles and a safe haven for whales with 12km of beaches and reefs, dotted with natural turquoise-blue pools.

The seaside resort of Praia do Forte (The fort beach) started off as a modest fishing village located on the north coast of Bahia in an area called Costa dos Coqueiros (coconut tree coast) in the municipality of Mata de São João. It stands out from other destinations here thanks to its magnificent 10km long beach with crystal clear waters and natural pools formed by the coral reef. It’s this rare and enchanting setting that earned it the title of “The Brazilian Polynesia.”  The only medieval fort in Brazil is 3km from here and this is why it is called Praia do Forte.

Over the last 30 years, Praia do Forte has become a seaside resort thanks to the initiative of a local investor, Klaus Peters, and offers quality reception while still remaining at a reasonable scale with a total capacity of about 1000 beds.

Like several other vacation destinations on the coast of Bahia, it puts ecotourism at the forefront. It is the headquarters of an important association, the Tamar project, specialized in the protection of marine turtles and their reproduction areas. The public can visit the centre, and encounter these rare marine turtles. It is a real privilege to be able to observe these animals as big as 3 metres under such good conditions, a rare moment to remember. You will also find the “Baleia Jubarte” institute whose mission is the observation of the hump-back whales that can be spotted in this area from July to October. This is therefore a particularly interesting destination for parents wanting to show their children the wonders of nature and to introduce them to ecology.

The other interesting aspect of Praia do Forte is its proximity to the Bahian capital. It is situated only 80kms from the centre of Salvador and 55 mins. from the international airport, it is relatively easy for international travelers to come and visit all year round and enjoy its beaches. It is an interesting option for foreign travelers who come to visit the colonial capital of Brazil. Thanks to this proximity, it is easy to plan a short seaside break and enjoy the tropical beaches without wasting too much time getting there.

Included in our Praia do Forte package:
A trendy little seaside resort
The marine turtle protection project
An area full of sporting excursions and activities
A luxury hotel

Map of Praia do Forte on the coast of Bahia.

Our Praia do Forte Tour Package

  • 1 private transfer from the international airport of Salvador de Bahia to the hotel in Praia do Forte.
  • 3 nights in a double room in one of the hotels  (Porto da Lua & Tivoli Eco-Resort)
  • 1 return transfer from the hotel at Praia do Forte to the international airport at Salvador de Bahia.

Enjoy the easy-going Bahian way of life at Praia do Forte

With its long stretches of fine sand bordered with coconut trees, its warm climate and blue skies seemingly with no horizon, Praia do Forte is a choice destination for a seaside stay on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

Even though this charming old fishing village has been transformed into a popular seaside resort, its inhabitants have managed to control its development and keep it at a reasonable size. While wandering the streets you will soak up the relaxing atmosphere and find all the services you may need.

The beach in front of the village has two coral reefs each side of the São Francisco de Assis church, where the boats drop anchor. These reefs are dotted with coves that form natural swimming pools at low tide and are ideal for sunbathing, bathing and snorkeling to observe the sea life.

If you are looking for thrills, you can go up the nearby river Pojuca in a kayak or go on a quad bike ride. Confident surfers will enjoy the great spot in the village. There’s also a golf club open to all.

To find out more about local life and folklore, you can also take time to wander the historical village centre and its pedestrian streets admiring the traditional fishermen’s houses some of which have been transformed into charming pousadas and shops, as well as the beautiful church with blue doors and its impressive hundred year old ficus tree. Craftsmen from here and there present their wares in welcoming little shops that will delight those who love browsing.

The lighthouse, at Praia do Forte in Bahia.

Praia do Forte, an eco-tourism hub with the Tamar and Baleia Jubarte projects.

The beaches of Praia do Forte are among the favorite places in Brazil for marine turtles to lay their eggs.

Founded at the beginning of the 1980s, the Tamar Project , naturally chose to base their national headquarters on this beach to best protect the precious eggs buried in the sand. This semi-governmental association successfully combines scientific research with the protection of the marine turtle species in danger of extinction.
It allows visitors to encounter the marine reptiles that are being cared for in the infirmary. A network of pools open to the public allows you to discover the 5 main species of Brazilian Atlantic turtles. You will also learn more about their way of life and the dangers they are up against through exhibits and videos in the centre.

The Baleia Jubarte institute is a younger institution, existing only since the year 2000. It allows visitors to learn more about the Humpback Whale, one of the worlds biggest mammals; reaching up to 17 metres in length and 40 tons in weight, they come to Bahia to carry out their impressive mating rituals and give birth to their babies. Naturally, the institution is located on the coast at Praia do Forte. There is a museum with conferences where you can learn more about the amazing life of these enormous creatures.

What will amaze you the most is no doubt the boat trips you can take with the institution from July to October to see the whales in the ocean. They will be in their mating period so the males are competing for the females by diving and leaping out of the sea in an incredible show of size and power.

A seaturtle pokes his head out of the water.

Explore the fortress linked to the colonization of Salvador de Bahia

This area is also famous for its ruined medieval fortress. The fort was built by the faithful treasurer, Garcia d’Avila, of the first general governor of Brazil, Tome de Souza.

He managed to accumulate an immense fortune through a huge quantity of land that spread from the Bahian coast all the way to Maranhão. A massive territory that many historians today believe to be the biggest landowner territory of all time!
These ruins are a unique look into the past, a souvenir of the middle-ages anchored in the renaissance period with its new style of architecture. It is also one of the few fortresses built on the Bahian coastline and which served many a time as a refuge or stronghold during the colonial wars, and then later during the wars of independence.

During your stay, you can visit the ruins and the still well conserved chapel built in the form of an octagonal tower. Wandering among the walls of this edifice you can imagine how daily life was in a Brazilian fortress in medieval times. A real adventure, this experience is not to be missed. You can make a full day excursion and combine the visit with a quad bike ride for example! (Contact us for more details.)

The fortress from which Praia do Forte recieved its name.

 Praia do Forte Tour – Detailed Itinerary

The transfers between Salvador de Bahia (hotel or airport) and Praia do Forte mentioned in the program are all private.
Meals are not included except breakfasts at the Pousada Porto da Lua.
Half-board at the Tivoli (drinks not included at dinner).

Day 1 : Salvador de Bahia – Praia do Forte

You will be picked up from the Luís Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport or from your hotel in Salvador de Bahia, in a private vehicle and taken 1hr30 further north to the resort of Praia do Forte.

During this trip accompanied by your driver, you can discover the local surroundings and the way people live here on the northern coast of Bahia.

Once in Praia do Forte, your driver will take you to your hotel to check-in.

You will then be free to unpack and spend the night.

Boats on the beach at praia do forte ready to take tourists to the surrounding areas.

Day 2 & 3 : Praia do Forte

After waking up to a view of the ocean and coconut trees swaying in the wind, you can enjoy the delicous breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

Enjoy a free day as you wish.

You can simply enjoy the beach or a hammock at the hotel and relax, or find some activities to do. Indeed, there are lots of options on hand to discover & enjoy the surrounding areas.

You can take a walk on the beach in the morning and then go visiting when the beach gets too hot.

The Tamar project centre is located at the base of the lighthouse and is open everyday from 08h30 to 17h30. Remember to ask for the day’s program and activities for the day on arrival.

The Baleia Jubarte institute is just next door and open from 9h30 to 18h30. If you wish to go on a boat trip to see the whales, request this when planning your timetable.

For more thrills, there are quad bike rides in the coconut tree forest and kayaking down the river.

People enjoy the sunsplashed beach at praia do forte.

Praia do forte lined with coconut palms stretches far along the coast.

Day4 : Praia do Forte – Salvador de Bahia/ out

After breakfast and depending on your flight time, you can enjoy the beach at the hotel one last time, checking out before noon.

A chauffeur will pick you up at the hotel reception and take you to the international airport or a hotel in Salvador depending on your choice.

After an hour’s travelling, you will arrive at the airport where our guide will say goodbye. It takes about 1h30 to 2hrs to get to a hotel in the town centre.

End of our services.

A couple walk hand in hand down the beach at praia do forte.

Praia do Forte – Accommodation

Porto da Lua (Standard)

The charming Pousada de Porto da Lua is a small, up-market establishment created by the famous tropical architect Wilson Reis Netto. He imagined a building in harmony with its surroundings in which he built his own apartment. It has 27 attractive and comfortable bedrooms, each with a balcony or terrace with hammocks. Categories go from a single room up to the architects own suite which is 60 m2 in size. This Pousada has a major advantage: It’s the first and one of the few in the village to be located on the beach.

Therefore all the rooms and especially those in the mezzanine category have amazing views of the ocean and the turquoise pools that form on the reef at low tide. We have chosen this hotel for its ideal location and beautiful rooms. It’s the ideal compromise for all travelers who want a small, comfortable and quiet property with excellent value for money.

A vibrantly coloured room in the pousada porto da lua in praia do forte.

Tivoli Eco Resort Praia do Forte (superior)

The Tivoli Eco Resort in Praia do Forte was the first resort built in Bahia, and undoubtedly one of the best, with top quality services and up to date facilities that have been recently renovated. This impressive resort with half-board included, located in a huge park facing the ocean, has all the comforts even the most demanding clients could need.

Among other services you will find an enormous spa and three restaurants. The resort has bright single and double rooms all with a balcony and a terrace. The presidential suite is actually an apartment with a bay window facing the ocean. The category Master SPA, allows unlimited access to the spa (only for over 16s). The all comfort destination in Praia do Forte, for travelers looking for a hotel with half-board and all services included especially for children.

Premium roo in the Tivoli eco - resort at Praia do Forte.

Double room prices:

Catégorie standard : Base 2 personnes 578$ /pers Base 4 personnes 500$ /pers
Catégorie supérieure : Base 2 personnes 989$ /pers Base 4 personnes 844$ /pers

Prix basse saison de l'année en cours, donnés à titre indicatif et ne valant pas devis