Come and discover one of the world´s most magnificent natural wonders.

The Iguassu Falls  are one of the natural sites you must see in Brazil. On this package tour, you will visit this impressive place with over 275 waterfalls stretching across the river that creates a natural border between Brazil and Argentina.  This magnificent site, lost in the heart of one of the Mata Paraense, the largest subtropical forest in America, is a unique treasure in Latin America.

The falls are situated on an enormous geological divide of 2700m. It was created over 200,000 years ago, and originated from large tectonic plate movements that also created the “Cascade des Sept Chutes“, the most imposing cascade in the world until 1982 when it was submerged under the waters of the giant Itaipu dam.

Shared between Brazil and Argentina, the site is visited from both sides. Each side is very different and they complement each other well, offering a fantastic overall experience.

On the Argentinian side, you can reach the foot of the falls as well as look down on them from above. You can also get right up close to the most famous waterfall, the “Devil’s Throat”. The Brazilian part is not as wide but offers an amazing and unique panoramic view of the dozens of cataracts gushing between the rocks.

For even more fun, you can go to the very foot of the falls and really hear them roar, on the Macuco Safari! On this excursion, you will go up the Iguaçu River aboard powerful RIB boats to reach the falls and their turbulent waters, an exhilarating activity with guaranteed adrenaline in the heart of the rainforest!

You can also visit Latin America’s largest bird sanctuary (parks das aves), with more than 5 hectares of aviaries, which allows you to see the birds roam freely. This is a unique experience where you can get close up to toucans, parrots and more than 150 species of tropical birds! A unique opportunity to combine the pleasure of discovery, learning and the magic of a close encounter with animals.

Finally, you can visit one of the seven wonders of the modern world, and one of the most formidable engineering adventures of the twentieth century, the gigantic Itaipu Dam. Be sure to take a boat ride to admire the sunset reflecting on the water of the dam’s impressive reservoir of more than 1300 km².

Included in your Iguassu Falls Tour:
The Falls from the Brazilian side
The Macuco Safari to the foot of the falls
The Falls from the Argentinian side and the “Devil’s Throat”
Visit to the bird sanctuary

Map showing where the Iguassu falls are.

Our Two Night Iguassu package includes:

• 1 private transfer from the International airport to your hotel in Foz d’Iguacu

• 2 nights in a double room at the hotel (see our selection in the accomodation section)

• A half-day private visit with a guide to the Brazilian side of the Falls.

• A half-day private visit with a guide to the Argentinian side of the Falls.

• The Macuco Safari (2hrs) (info in detailed itinerary)

• A guided visit to the bird sanctuary

•  1 private transfer from your hotel to the Iguaçu airport

A two night stay, perfect to absorb the atmosphere on your Iguassu falls tour

The Iguassu Water Falls are an enormous natural spectacle where mountains of water surge out of the jungle, in the heart of the Iguaçu National Park.

Hundreds of waterfalls stretch out in a gigantic horse-shoe shape, nearly three kilometers wide, splitting the river between Brazil and Argentina. There are 19 main falls, each with its own name. You will discover 14 of them during your visit to the Argentinian part. The remaining 5 will be revealed during the visit in Brazil.

The National Park itself is an exceptional place as it is probably the best preserved subtropical forest in the country. It is home to an abundance of wildlife including many birds whose songs will accompany your visit. You will certainly meet other intriguing inhabitants of the park such as the mischievous Coatis. These tropical racoons will not hesitate to come and grab loose hanging belongings, so keep an eye out!

The forces of nature at work in this unique place are astonishing: during periods of flood, the flow can exceed 40 million litres of water per second, the equivalent of 11 Olympic swimming pools! This illustrates just how enormous this natural formation is. One can not remain indifferent to such a spectacle, all visitors are struck by the incredible beauty and power that eminates from the falls.

During the visits, you walk along several kilometres of footbridges that wind between the falls and massive boulders. There are also small islands that offer views that would otherwise be inaccessible. Thanks to the great infrastructure, you can enter the heart of this enchanting setting and forget the rest of the world. Along the lower walkways, water is projected several tens of meters high, its violence at the foot of each of the waterfalls raises glorious sprays of foam. The misty sheets that emerge, reveal incredible halos of rainbow colors, giving the landscape a magical feeling. You will leave Iguassu with the satisfaction of having experienced something that you will remember for the rest of your life !

A close up of one of the waterfalls at Iguassu.

Add the Macuco Safari to your Iguassu falls tour

The Macuco Safari will be one of the most memorable moments of your stay, combining a forest walk and an exhilarating trip in a RIB boat.

It offers you a completely different view of the falls as well as a first encounter with the characteristic subtropical forest of the region.

The excursion begins by exploring the lush plant and animal life in Iguaçu National Park, comfortably installed in an electric vehicle.

For about 3km you will be able to admire this perfectly preserved environment thanks to the park’s creation in 1934. For the last 500m you will finish the walk on foot, along a forest path immersed in this still natural landscape. At the end, you will arrive at the landing stage to take the boat to the foot of the waterfalls.

After putting on a lifejacket (compulsory), you will board a twin-engined boat specially designed for this type of adventure.

Comfortably seated in the powerboat, you will go up stream to the canyon where the falls are. Rocked by the current but perfectly controlled by the professional drivers, the boat will take you to a unique view point where you will feel the thrill of being close to these powerful waterfalls. The high point of this ride is under the falls, deafened by the noise and the volume of water, you will feel the might of nature, an unforgettable experience during your stay at Iguassu!

Warning ! A raincoat will not help you on this trip, the best thing to do is wear a swim suit and leave your clothes in the rentable lockers on site or wear light clothes you can get wet and take a change of clothes along. Similarly, only specialized electronic equipment such as all-terrain cameras will withstand the water.

A wall of white water at the Iguassu falls.

Visit the tropical bird sanctuary and the immense Itaipu dam

The Iguaçu bird park is a unique place where humans and animals can really interact!

Set right in front of the entrance to the Falls Park, you will enjoy this peaceful and exotic tour after the excitement of the Macuco Safari.

On your visit to the bird park, you will discover enormous bird sanctuaries that you can walk through, and be surrounded by hundreds of multicolored birds freely and happily fluttering by your side. One of the enclosures is devoted to macaws, the famous parrots with bright and shimmering colours. You can also see the aviary devoted to birds of the Pantanal region, with red ibis and toucans as well as birds from the Atlantic Forest such as the mutuns with their curious ruffled crests.

For reptile lovers, the “Covil dos Répteis” is home to lots of iguanas, crocodiles and snakes, including one of the biggest species in the world, the famous anaconda!

Daring travelers will even be able to pose with some of these animals, to bring back a souvenir worthy of the greatest explorers of the region!

The Itaipu Dam is a huge hydroelectric power station located on the River Paraná, straddling Brazil and Paraguay, forming an arch 7km wide and 225m high. The lake created by the dam has covered up the largest cataracts in the world, the “Sete Quedas” or Guaíra Falls. This titanic construction took 8 years of work to build. Day and night, more than 40 000 workers alternated shifts in difficult weather conditions including heat waves and heavy rains.

As the highest performing nuclear power plant in the world, the dam has been listed among the seven wonders of the modern world according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. By way of comparison, the maximum flow of two of its water releases is equivalent to the total flow of the site of the Iguassu Falls! Its annual electricity production is also proportionate to its size, it could supply a country the size of France for two and a half months!  It’s worth visiting this site to take in the amazing ingenuity of the human race.

A few macaws sitting on a branch in the bird santuary at Iguassu.

Iguassu falls tour – Detailed Itinerary

The transfers to and from the airport and hotels as well as to and from the Falls (Brazilian and Argentinian) are all private transfers with a chauffeur.
The visits to both sides of the Waterfalls mentioned in the program are private and with a guide.
Meals are not included except for breakfast.

Day 1 : Iguaçu/ in – The Brazilian side of the Waterfalls

Morning, your flight arrives at Iguaçu International airport and a chauffeur driven vehicle will collect you.

Transfer to your hotel.

Check-in at your hotel and departure to visit the Brazilian side of the Waterfalls.

The Falls spread out over 900m on the Brazilian side. There are 5 main cascades and a visit to this side allows a magnificent panoramic view of the complete horse-shoe shape of the falls.

On this outing, you will discover the luxuriant ecosystem that exists in this incredibly humid environment. Each little island is seperated by different waterfalls and covered by vegetation, forming a micro-ecosystem surviving in the middle of the torrents of water. A fascinating sight that shows the vitality of the wildlife in this subtropical region.

After this visit you will come back to the Macuco Safari base close by and set off on another thrilling adventure for about 2hrs.

Firstly, you will cross about 3km of subtropical forest along paths in the park aboard open electric vehicles to explore the preserved ecosystem around you. Then you will continue on foot through the forest for about 500m to reach the boat jetty (it is possible to continue by electric vehicle if needed).

Here you will be equipped with a life jacket and climb into a rigid inflatable boat. She will then set off up the river against the strong currents to reach the foot of the falls, with the roaring waters surging around you. You can chose the ‘all thrills’ option where the boat gets as close to the falls as possible and so you get wet or the ‘less thrills’ option where the boat will stay 100m away from the falls and you can comfortably take all the photos you want.

To top off the afternoon, you can go and visit the beautiful bird park 300m from the entrance to the National Park. It’s the largest bird park in South America with over 1000 species of bird and reptiles. The visit lets you walk through huge bird cages to get close to about 150 different bird species such as parrots and toucans. It is an amzing place and a perfect finish to your stay in Iguaçu especially if you are travelling with children.

Return to your hotel.

Night at the hotel.

The famous devil's throat at the Iguassu falls.

The macuco safari bringing some tourists right underneath the falls!

The beautiful keel billed toucan at Iguassu.

Day 2 : Iguaçu – the Argentinian Falls – Bird Sanctuary

After a good buffet breakfast at the hotel, you set off in a private vehicle to visit the Iguassu Falls from the Argentinian side accompanied by a guide.

You will cross the river on a bridge to (don’t forget your passport !) reach the waterfalls on the Argentinian side. This side has more advanced infrastructure, allowing everyone to reach the best view points.

Thanks to a large network of well placed walkways and a small train, you can admire the falls from above on the  650m long upper walkway or from the lower walkway where you will get a bit wet !

Finally, don’t miss the star of the show! By taking a walkway for about 1 km, you will get to the most impressive cascade, the famous Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat). It’s the most amazing and powerful waterfall here. In the shape of a horse-shoe, it is 80m high and about 700m wide, the volume of water is the equivalent to three times that of the Seine flowing through Paris !

Free afternoon to enjoy your hotel facilities.

Optional excursion to visit the Itaipu dam, the largest in the world before they built the three valley dam in China.

You can also go trekking in the forest or rafting on the river (contact us).

Night at your chosen hotel.

The sun shinging on the water at Iguassu.

Picture showing the might of the Iguassu falls.

Day 3 : Iguaçu/ out

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

A free morning to enjoy your hotel or go on a last trip : either go shopping in Paraguay, visit the impressive Itaipu dam or take a walk in the forest (contact us).

Hotel check-out at midday.

Depending on your flight time, transfer to the airport and end of our services.

Walls of falling white water at Iguassu.

Accommodation in Iguaçu

Hotel Continental Inn Cataratas (standard)

This is a quality hotel that was completely renovated in 2016 in a bright contemporary style combining comfort and functionality. It is one of the best in the centre of Foz d’Iguacu and is ideally located in the best quarter of town, close to all the shops and restaurants.

There is everything from plain rooms to large suites of 45m2 and all visitors wishing to stay in the town centre will find what they are looking for. An excellent choice at an excellent price.

Double room in the hotel continental inn das cataratas.

Hotel São Martin Resort & Spa (standard)

Located in a large park halfway between the Iguassu Falls and the airport and more than 16 000m2; the hotel Bourbon is mainly for visitors looking for peace and quiet in a resort style hotel.
It is also a good stop over for those on a short visit focusing on the Falls rather than visiting the town or its surroundings.

Hotel in the São Martin in Iguassu.

Hotel Bourbon Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort (superior)

The hotel Bourbon is located outside the town centre, halfway between the international airport and the falls. This means it is particularly interesting for short stays and just to visit the water falls as you will shorten transport time.
The stylish bedrooms are decorated in chic fashion using warm and classic decorations  creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
The hotel has various facilities such as a beautiful park of 16 hectares to walk in featuring high ropes and zip cords and other outdoor activities. There is also a kids club, a teenagers club, sports facilities and a mini zoo… a perfect place for families.
Ideal for travelers wanting more comfort.

Double room in the hotel bourbon das cataratas.

Hotel Belmond das Cataratas (luxury)

The Belmond das Cataratas is an excellent, luxury establishment with a refined, colonial décor. Located opposite the Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls, it offers an exclusive access to the falls at sunrise and sunset when the park is closed to visitors. Having the privilege of taking a romantic walk in the sunset looking out at this wonder of nature is truly special.

Whether it’s for the rooms, the service or the rest of the hotel, here, special attention is paid to minor details, making your stay in this palace one to remember. Choosing the Belmond das Cataratas, ensures a perfect stay. This accomodation is for those looking for the best, whether it is to celebrate an occasion such as a honeymoon or simply for pleasure.

Helicopter view of Hotel Belmond das Cataratas.

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $473 /pers 4 persons $421 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $579 /pers 4 persons $527 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not a quote.

Our 1 Night Iguassu visit