A customization that is offered at all levels

As you have probably understood right from our home page, the quality of our offer is based on our choice of people. Whether it’s our office team or our service providers across Brazil, the required values are always the same: reliability, responsiveness, comprehension and responsibility. These are the basics for the “Brazil Selection quality” that enables us to offer you the best of Brazil throughout the year.

Ideologies of« Brazil Selection » 

Choice of service providers

To meet these high standards, our choice of partners rarely falls on the cheapest. Indeed everything has a price and it is rare that people who invest and spend the time necessary to provide a quality service want to sell it off cheaply. If they do, it’s rarely a good sign. We always choose quality first and then we look at the price which must always be reasonable.

Choice of accommodation

When choosing hotels we have a different approach. You will notice that often in our hotel descriptions, we will mention the value for money, as it is indeed essential.

When you check out the current reference site ‘Trip advisor’, you will find that the hotel ranking is based on customer feedback. But clients post a good comment when they are happy with the quality they found, compared to what they decided to spend. So, for example a customer with a budget of €50 per night, who finds a small, clean and friendly hotel is delighted with his choice and gives an excellent rating to the hotel. Therefore the Trip Advisor rankings are not for us.

Our selection is based on the following criteria: charm, location, comfort and quality of service.

Our selection is also the result of a lengthy reflection closely related to the type of services that our customers desire. Thus, when we highlight this famous relationship between the cost of accommodation and its quality, we do so based on our experience of your needs and not those of any old tourist who came to Brazil.

This is what differentiates a specialized service provider like Brazil Selection where we use our on-the-ground experience and knowledge of our customer’s expectations. In some very busy places, there are hotels that are, in our eyes, overly expensive and this is often the glamorous side that is highlighted rather than the true quality of the establishment. So if some institutions do not appear in our selection it is rarely an oversight but more a good selection.

It is important to point out that websites are also not the best reference, far from it. It is common to see hotels looking better on their website than in reality and vice versa. A good photographer can often disguise the reality, hence the importance of going to visit and even staying in the establishment to get a correct opinion. Location is also an important point in choosing a hotel: calm, accessibility, proximity to entertainment and restaurants etc….

It may even arise that, if all our chosen hotels are full we prefer to refuse a request. This case occurs mostly for last-minute bookings. It is not always easy to plan in advance but in the case of vacations it is highly recommended to obtain better prices and better quality.

A change of program along the way.

It could happen that you wish to modify your itinerary when you are already on holiday, you have enjoyed a place and wish to stay longer, you wish to arrive earlier than planned in your seaside resort or you wish to leave earlier etc… All these modifications are possible.

Whenever we can, we try to satisfy our customers. It’s more complicated in high season when hotels are often full, but it doesn’t cost anything to ask.

We can sometimes offer you solutions to the above at no extra cost and that’s what we’re aiming for. We can also find solutions that involve a supplement and then it is up to you to decide.