The Brazil Selection Concept and our Core Values

We conduct our business by these values. They allow us to differentiate ourselves, and are the base of our value proposition, offered to you.

Brazil Selection Values 

1)People First

Here at Brazil Selection, we work with people. We value the relationship we have with real people and we believe it is imperative to foster a personal connection with each of our clients, service providers and amongst our staff.


You will never receive an automated response to a request for a quote, a request for further information or a phone call. Every time you contact Brazil Selection, you can be sure that you will be dealing with an attentive professional, ready to help you create a perfect trip to Brazil.

Service Providers

Being based on – site, we are able to have a relationship with each of our service providers. We choose reliability, responsiveness and responsibility. We always assess quality first and then match this quality to a reasonable price.


Similar to our service providers, our multi – lingual and multi – cultural team consists of reliable, responsive and responsible professionals, ready to offer a first – rate service with no short – cuts. Our first goal is to be attentive to your vision of your trip. In our information section, you will find a short biography of each of our members of staff.


2)Honesty and Clarity

One of our main goals is to provide you with what we call “Brazil Selection Quality.” To achieve this goal, we place honesty and clarity above all else, especially in terms of our accommodation choices and recommendations.

Accommodation Selection

Firstly, to provide an honest and clear description, our accommodation offers have been visited by a member of our staff, a huge benefit of being located on – site. In our hotel descriptions, we always mention value for money, however our assessment of accommodation differs to what you would normally find online;

If you visit a popular ranking website such as Trip Advisor, you will often find that the rating is based on customer feedback. Clients post a positive review when they are happy with what they have found compared to what they have decided to spend. A small and clean room will delight a client who spent $50 on a night. These online rankings are not for us as they do not consider personal factors such as charm, location, and quality of service. These can only be assessed when you understand the desires of the client and when you have personally experienced the service. Only then can you match the two.

This is what differentiates a specialized service provider like Brazil Selection. Our on-the-ground experience and knowledge of our customer’s expectations, allows us to base our choices on the true quality of an establishment and select the most suitable stays. It is all in our name!


It is important for us to know that each of our customers are well informed before making any decisions. In our information section you will find pages of comprehensive information on such things as Brazilian Culture and Travel Advice, these are designed to paint a picture of Brazil to each of our potential clients. As always, our staff are on – hand to clarify any doubts and offer suggestions and guidance.


3) Freedom and Customization

Before your trip

All of our trips are built personally with each client who has the freedom to add and remove stops, visits and stays as they wish, whenever possible.

During your trip

Our final goal is to build your trip to Brazil. Sometimes this even involves alterations to your itinerary during your trip. Often clients want to stay in a particular place for longer than planned or add on something extra. We are here to help you make this possible and will never restrain the freedom of customizing and changing your trip. Sometimes this can be done at no extra cost or in some cases it may involve a price change. In all events, communication is clear, and the choice is made entirely by the customer.