The Northeast coast of Brazil, is the best place in the world for downwind kitesurf trips. 

With no less than 800km of ideal coastline and constant trade winds, this place is the stuff of dreams for kitesurfers, especially “downwinders.”

This coast is lined with huge dunes and majestic cliffs sculpted by the winds, there are also fabulous fresh water lagoons with glimmering flat water; all surfaces possible for kitesurfing are available here. Add to this 300 days of sunshine a year and you have the perfect ingredients for a downwind kitesurf trip in Brazil.

Kitesurfing in Nordeste is also a wonderful change of scenery in an area still known for an authentic, generous and welcoming local culture. Kite surfing has become a real way of life along these wild beaches! Many enthusiasts from all walks of life have come to settle in the region and have created small communities dedicated to kitesurfing along the Northeast coast. This makes it possible to organize kitesurfing trips over hundreds of kilometers to enjoy dozens of spots all as exciting as each other. Hit world renowned spots around Fortaleza, Jericoacoara and Natal and travel by buggy or 4×4 along the beaches.

The freedom of beach transport will bring a unique touch to your kitesurf stay in Brazil. Travel in unique, beautiful and wild landscapes where only a few fishing villages are dotted on the coastline, in which you will take your well-deserved rest stops. In these villages, you will find small, charming accommodation offers, known as “pousadas.”

On the Downwind Kitesurf trip

discover :
300km of beaches to ride Downwind
Lagoons ideal for free style
Spots at Cumbuco, Paracuru and Guajiru
Icarai, Jericoacoara, Guriu & Préa

map Fortaleza-Jericoacoara

The Nordeste downwind trip includes :

• 1 private transfer from Fortaleza airport to the pousada at Cumbuco
• 11 nights in double rooms with breakfast at each stage proposed in the tour
• 4 days of 4X4 ​​and driver available to go along the beaches and assist you with your downwind
• 1 private transfer from Jericoacoara to Fortaleza airport by road

Kitesurf trips in Nordeste Brazil – ideal conditions throughout the year!

You can organize your kitesurfing trip in the Nordeste all year round as it is practically always nice with an average annual temperature of 29 ° C. But it is from July to December that you really feel the trade winds blow, so this is the ideal time for a downwind kitesurf trip in Brazil.

The last 6 months of the year, the ideal time to kitesurf in Nordeste

It is a real privilege to be able to enjoy a beautiful clear blue sky, the sun on your back and the wind blowing at its peak between August and October. These stable trade winds blow with a force generally varying between 15 and 30 knots. An interesting thing to know is that, in principle, the more you go up the coast, the stronger the wind is. Therefore, with this special downwind trip between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, you will go up the coast, upping the intensity of the spots as the journey goes on, to finish at Préa known for its thrilling winds of 30 knots.

From January to June, go kitesurfing in Nordeste for the best price

The first months of the year see some scattered rain showers. In addition, the wind is normally much less and sometimes zero (especially between April and May). For the risk takers, some years it is still possible to kite during this period. The advantage of the March / June period is that the hotel rates are usually lower.

Another thing to remember: Pipa, Fortaleza, Barra Grande and Jericoacoara are all places where the water of the Atlantic Ocean is warm, (around 27 °) all year long! So ditch the wetsuits and come enjoy the warm waters of Nordeste! (Just don´t forget sun protection!)

Thanks to these exceptional conditions, a downwind kitesurf trip in Brazil is ideal for all levels, both to start with the many local schools and for the more experienced who will appreciate the varied conditions that are found in the region.

Kitesurfing at Préa beach.

A downwind kitesurf trip in Northeast Brazil – Along the wild beaches

Another magic component of this Kitesurf trip in Nordeste are the beaches! These go on as far as the eye can see and are practically untouched. Depending on the spots, the coast offers very different visual landscapes but all are beautiful and impressive. In Cumbuco for example, you will find huge sand dunes, and in Canoa Quebrada the ocher coloured cliffs that made it famous. It is not all cliffs and dunes however, landscapes of low vegetation and coconut palms between beautiful rock formations will greet you in the likes of Paracuru.

From time to time along the coast, you will come across small villages where the local fishermen live with their families. These hamlets are also where the charming “pousadas” run by kitesurfers are, in which you will stay. Do not forget to visit the huts along the beaches to taste the delights of the ocean, deliciously grilled fish and lobster is the tasty local cuisine always on the menu!

For more riding, you have the river estuaries and water arms formed by the tide in Cauipe , Taiba and Ilha de Guajiru for example. Inland you have lagoons formed by the rainwater; shimmering surfaces ideal for fans of speed and freestyle.

As soon as you leave some of the more popular villages such as Pipa , Cumbuco , Paracuru and Préa , the spots unfold to infinity without the slightest concentration of sails on the horizon, a real kitesurfer’s dream. Perfect conditions and lots of room, total freedom.

Kitesurfers in the sea along with the jangadas.

Northeast Brazil, where you can downwind kitesurf for hundreds of kilometres!

With this kitesurf package in the Northeast of Brazil, you have the opportunity to do a downwind of several days in excellent conditions. Ride along the coast, always in the same direction, with the wind at your back. You will ride at a nice pace that also allows you to surf the waves without having to worry about going upwind to return to your starting point. The landscape scrolls past as you discover new spots.
The Nordeste, especially Ceará with its hundreds of kilometers of beaches that follow each other offering constant and steady wind, is a unique landscape where you can do downwinds for days.
Aware of this amazing attraction and passionate kitesurfer in the Nordeste for more than 10 years, Frédéric created this unique trip along the coasts of Ceará. It takes place between Fortaleza, (easy to reach thanks to its international airport) and Jericoacoara, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, 300km north. With this downwind package, a driver will accompany you from spot to spot in a 4X4 along the beaches. He will assist you from the shore during your downwind and will provide travel when you do not want to be in the water. They will also help you take off or land your kite, mount it and store your gear for each session.
Every day will be an opportunity to arrive at a different stage and you will stop in these small coastal villages to rest. Depending on how much time you have, you can also add days to stay on at spots if you favour their particular conditions:
Your first stop, Cumbuco is ideal to start with multiple water feature options.
In Paracuru, you will find a site that is surely one of the best spots in Nordeste and is very popular with more experienced riders, but options for quality accommodation are few.
Guajiru, your third stop, is an amazing spot with beautiful pousadas to stay.
The next step, Icarai de Amontada, ideal for lovers of still water, offers a beautiful pousada, the Vila Mango.
Préa just before Jericoacoara offers splendid pousadas and a good school but the winds are strong and not ideal for learning or improving on your own.
Jericoacoara is a mythical, fantastic place to be and definitely worth the visit, but it is hard to go kite because the bay is sheltered by the wind, there are some spots however. It is easier to go back to Préa or go further north to Guriu for 30 knot winds. Hire a buggy and experience a thrilling ride to get there in no time!

The sky filled with kites.

 Downwind kitesurf trip in Northeast Brazil –  Itinerary

Day 1 : Fortaleza in

Arrival in Fortaleza.

Reception and direct transfer to Cumbuco, the first village on the north-west coast of Fortaleza, about an hour from the airport.

We recommend staying at the hotel Golfinho. Located directly on the beach of Cumbuco, it allows you to start your stay “feet in the water”. A small hotel with 20 simple but comfortable rooms situated around a large pool, perfect for relaxing after your flight.

Arrival, check – in and night at the hotel.

Another accommodation option is Carmel Cumbuco, a small resort located a little higher up on the beach (superior category).

Kitesurfer performing advanced maneuver.

Day 2 : Cumbuco

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Free day in Cumbuco.

With its ideal winds and its beautiful lagoon, Cumbuco is a great spot to reconnect with the kite or to start learning by taking lessons in one of the local IKO certified schools.

Thanks to the privileged location of the hotel, it is quite possible to start your day kiting directly in front of it.

A little further north of the Golfinho hotel you will find a wave spot at tide. In Cauipe, the lagoon is ideal for those who like flat surfaces.

To combine fun waves and flat waters, you can also do a downwind along the coast to the lagoon about 3 km away. In high season, you will always find buggies to rent on the spot to take you back to the starting point!

Overnight at the pousada.

Kitesurfing across a abeautiful lagoon.

Day 3 : Cumbuco/ Paracuru (50 km along the coast)

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

The driver will meet you at the hotel in his 4X4. After having loaded the luggage, you establish the plan for the day (departure according to the tide).

You can go from the hotel by kite to reach the lagoon of Cauipe 30 minutes away, where the driver can wait for you. (It is forbidden to ride directly between the hotel and Cauipe ) or get a lift in the 4×4 to Cauipe where you will begin to sail.

From there, your driver will accompany you all along the coast, they will help you launch and lower your kite if necessary. At any time you can choose to kite or jump in the 4×4 for a break!

Now you have a downwind of about 2 hours and you will quickly encounter vast spaces where traces of civilization are rare. The only technical part is to bypass the port of Pecém which has a very long pier, so you will have to ride quite far offshore. You can also go down to the jetty, and walk along it and start kiting again right after.

You will then walk along the long beach of Pecém, before approaching the livelier Taiba, where wave lovers will find their joy!

You can also take a break at the beautiful lagoon of Taiba and enjoy lunch at one of the beach huts before continuing your journey to Paracuru. The only constraints are the traditional fish traps, small enclosures formed by wooden pillars hidden by the water at high tide, it is certainly better to avoid them! It is fine to ride further offshore to circumvent them.

During this first downwind, you will ride along beautiful deserted beaches before arriving in Paracuru where you can enjoy the mythical spot.

The accommodation we propose will be at the pousada Wind Paracuru, a friendly pousada run by Italians. Installed in the garden of a lagoon 10 minutes from the kite spot, it is perfect to spend your stay in Paracuru.

Extra day in Paracuru possible as an option.

Frederic, founder of Brazil Selection and kitesurfer in the area for 13 years says: “It is surely one of the best if not the best spot in Nordeste and that is why it is very busy, especially with locals, so it is best to avoid Sunday. The place where everyone meets is the Quebra Mar barraca where you can also enjoy delicous meals. In front of you lies a beautiful flat surface at low tide followed by nice surfable waves. “

Kitesurfing waves in Taíba.

Day 4 : Paracuru / Guajiru (around 35 km of coast)

Breakfast at the pousada.

The stage of the day – the trip to Lagoinha, (about twenty kilometers) is quite possible to complete downwind, the landscapes are absolutely beautiful. However your driver can not accompany you along the beach because there is no access to this part of the coast from Paracuru, they must bypass the river by crossing a bridge inland and reach Lagoinha by road to wait for you there.

You can do this downwind several times or try and get a Paracuru kiter to accompany you. The downwind lasts about 2 hours to Lagoinha where you will find your driver and have lunch before driving one more hour on the road, taking you to Guajiru, a very small and quiet fishing village with some quality pousadas. Accommodation is at the charming Rede Beach Resort, located on the seafront in the heart of this authentic little village.

Optional extra day in Guajiru

Frederic’s opinion: “Guajiru is a very nice spot with a similar feel to Paracuru even if less sporty. You are housed directly in front of the spot which is very practical, and a huge positive. Guajiru is a small authentic fishing village, not overrun by tourists and is an ideal stop for kite surfing and relaxation. “

Kitesurfer getting a wave in Guajiru.

Day 5 : Guajiru / Icaraizinho de Amontada (about 50 km of coastline)

Breakfast at the hotel buffet

In Guajiru, you can leave directly from the seaside in front of the hotel. That day the 4×4 can accompany you all along the beach.

This downwind is an excellent time to take in the views and have a look around because on the Flecheiras side (5km from Guajiru) and Mundau (15 km from Fleixerais), there is slightly less wind and the sea is rather calm.

During this trip you will go along splendid wild landscapes. Sometimes you do not see a living soul for miles!

When you arrive in Mundau, your guide and his 4X4 will have to take a ferry across the river (also called Mundau) in front of the magnificent dunes offering a very nice view with the wind turbines in the background.

After Mundau, outside the small villages where there are some pousadas like Baleia, the beaches are not frequented and are spread out as far as the eye can see.

Arrival at Icaraizinho de Amontada and check – in to the beautiful pousada : Vila Mango Beach Bungalows. Set a little way back from the village, it offers beautiful bungalows in a pretty garden overlooking the beach and has a kite school with IKO certified instructors, ideal for those who wish to improve.

Possibility of a day trip to Icaraizinho de Amontada as an option.

A word from Frédéric “The area is really nice with a gorgeous beach of 6km which lends itself well to the practice of Kite surfing. You will have the opportunity to kite on flat surfaces at low tide as well as in the waves, a beautiful versatile spot in an enchanting setting.

Kitesurfer surfs a surf board in Natal.

Day 6 : Icaraizinho/Jericoacoara

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Free morning in Icarizinho to enjoy the spot and enjoy beautiful rides exploring the surroundings.

After lunch, around 13:00, it’s time to hit the road again.
From Icaraizinho you will have to leave the beach and travel by road. Here the beaches are not passable by car because of several large mangroves and the mouths of many rivers.

You will take a track then the road for just under 2:30, until you reach Jijoca de Jericoacoara.

Arriving in Jijoca, you will take a sand track to reach the village of Prea at the entrance of Jericoacoara National Park.

There you can take your kite and enjoy a last beautiful downwind of 7km with powerful winds perfect for speed lovers which will take you to the end of the beach.

You will then get back in your vehicle. After 2 kilometers, a track will appear at the entrance of the small paradise village of Jericoacoara isolated in the middle of the dunes.

For accommodation, we chose the Hurricane Hotel. This charming establishment offers beautiful rooms with gardens or terraces as well as bungalows with private Jacuzzi (superior category). The establishment utilizes a fine balance of traditional materials and modern comfort. Its location is also great, located on the Malhada beach, in a very quiet part of the village, 5 minutes walk from center. A charming address, perfect for a good rest.

Low - tide kitesurf in Prea.

Days 7/8/9/10: Jericoacoara

Buffet breakfast at the Hurricane Hotel each morning on the terrace restaurant facing the magnificent ocean panorama.

Free days in Jericoaroara.

4 days free to organize whatever you wish, in Jericoacoara there are many possibilities, both in and out of the water!

Firstly, you can of course enjoy the wealth of different kite spots. Transportation can be arranged with local drivers to go to the spots in Guriu, Prea or even to Ilha do Amor in front of Camocin about forty minutes away.

It is also possible to go for walks in the beautiful natural park of Jericoacoara with dunes interspersed with small oases of local vegetation and coconut trees. You will be able to cross the park to reach the beautiful “blue” and “enchanted” lagoons (Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Encantada), real highlights of a trip to Jericoacoara. Also, you can go up along the beach and cross the river to Guriu to go to the vast lagoon of Tatajuba where we recommend “Didi’s” and their delicious local specialties.

You can also visit the famous postcard-worthy site of “A Pedra Furada”, a stone archway at the foot of cliffs along the ocean’s edge, or rent horses or quads to explore the surroundings at your own will. Don’t forget to take some time and simply enjoy the shade under a palm tree or have a walk on the beach!

In the evening, everyone climbs the majestic dune that borders the village to admire the beautiful sunset.

At nightfall, the sandy streets of the village come to life to the delight of visitors, and the small bars, restaurants and craft shops provide a perfect backdrop for spending excellent evenings enjoying local and international music.

Nights at the Hurricane Hotel. (Garden room in standard category and luxury bungalow in superior category)

3 kitessurfers ride across guriu lagoon

Day 11 : Jericoacoara/Fortaleza out

Breakfast at the hotel buffet.

Check out at noon.

A local driver picks you up in a 4×4 for your transfer to Fortaleza airport.

You start with a 45 minute ride on a sand track between the dunes to reach Jijoca then from there you take the CE-085, the road going to  Fortaleza, 300 km away.

After about 4 hours drive to the airport, the driver drops you off with your luggage.

End of our services.

Kitesurf at Guriu river estuary.

Price in double room :

Catégorie standard : Base 2 personnes 1485$ /pers Base 4 personnes 1144$ /pers

Prix basse saison de l'année en cours, donnés à titre indicatif et ne valant pas devis

Kitesurf Nordeste – Accommodation

Hotel Golfinho (standard)

Boasting an excellent seafront location at the end of the village of Cumbuco, the Golfinho is a small establishment offering 25 rooms including 2 suites organized around a swimming pool. The rooms are friendly and decorated with local handicrafts. They offer all the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay.

The proximity of the center of the village (5 min by taxi) makes it easy to find bars and restaurants to taste the local specialties and start your stay in the best conditions. To have a drink in a friendly place and get in the mood, we recommend the bar Laranja Mecânica. The best value for money in Cumbuco.

vue de la chambre à l'hotel golfinho

Carmel Cumbuco Resort (Superior)

Carmel Cumbuco Resort is the newest resort hotel in the Fortaleza area. Located on the coast, a little away from the center of Cumbuco, the hotel is a beautiful horseshoe-shaped building that houses a splendid garden area shaded by coconut trees. It also features a large pool including a wet bar . The Carmel Cumbuco offers a good compromise between beautiful facilities including a SPA and 88 rooms ranging from the superior suite of 23m² to the premium suites of 48 m². At the edge of the beach it offers a perfect spot for kite surfing, definitely the place to stay for kitesurfers who are seeking comfort for the beginning of their downwind adventure along the beaches of Ceará.

suite premium à l'hôtel carmel cumbuco

Pousada wind Paracuru (standard)

Set in a beautiful 4000 m² garden with a large swimming pool and a tennis court, the Wind Paracuru pousada offers 13 rooms divided into 2 categories. 3 wooden bungalows (category superior suite) each with 2 rooms ideal for a couple or family with a child and 7 more simple rooms for up to 6 people.

Each of the rooms is decorated in a very local style and has a small veranda with a hammock to relax in at the end of the day. This pousada for kitesurf lovers also offers the services of its Kite Center directly on the beach.

chambre de sup la pousada Wind paracuru

Pousada Casa na Lagoa (standard)

Created by a French kitesurfing couple who fell in love with Paracuru, the Casa Na Lagoa pousada is a small, very charming establishment whose rooms are divided into 3 small, local-style houses and a bungalow in the middle of a garden overlooking a magnificent view of the lagoon. Decorated in a contemporary style mixing design line and local materials, the rooms are very comfortable and pleasant.

You can rent either one or more rooms or rent an entire bungalow, an ideal option to enjoy as a group of kitesurfers or with family!

chambre casa branca pousada casa na lagoa paracuru

Rede beach resort hotel

In the center of the picturesque village of Guajiru, Rede Beach is set in a large garden facing the ocean. The different categories of rooms are located in small one-storey buildings with a balcony for each of them.

A décor with local materials adds a touch of style to this property, which also offers the services of a kite surf school. Great value for money!

coussin chambre rede beach guajiru

Hotel Vila Vagalume (standard and superior)

The pousada Vila Vagalume offers two categories of rooms: 6 blocks each housing 4 superior rooms and 5 double bungalows that are simpler but nevertheless pleasant. The spaces are well designed and the block of superior rooms that directly overlooks the sea is a must.

The pousada also features a very welcoming relaxation area. A good option for a stopover in Guajiru.

Accommodation-Vila Vagalume

Pousada Vila Mango (standard)

VillaMango is located in front of the ocean in the beautiful bay of Icaraizinho.

Its overwater bungalows made of wood and built to have a natural ventilation, integrate perfectly with the ambient environment and offer a feeling of well-being.

The pousada has a magnificent view of Icarai bay, there is also a swimming pool with Jacuzzi as well as a bar and a restaurant which offers a delicious seafood cuisine.

Villa Mango also provides an Iko certified kite surf school with lockers to keep the equipment and a lawn area to fold your kite.

Pousada Vila Mango Icarai

Hotel My Blue (standard and superior)

The hotel is located perpendicular to the beach and its restaurant bordered by palm trees on the beach offers unique moments of beauty when you have breakfast there facing the extraordinary panorama of Jericoacoara.

The colorful and simple rooms are a nice size and remind us a little of the atmosphere of a Mediterranean village. The gardens which house swimming pools and jacuzzis are embellished with bougainvillea which run on the white facades of the hotel.

Chambre luxe Myblue hotel Jericoacoara

Pousada Vila Kalango (superior)

The Vila Kalango pousada is the first pousada charming, high quality pousada in Jericoacoara. Originally designed by a group of friends who wanted to have a nice base in Jericoacoara, it has evolved and modernized to become one of the jewels of local accommodation.

Its bungalows built with natural materials and its rooms on stilts give a “boho chic” look and feel.

There is also a beautiful red ceramic pool, a central lounge in the form of a hut and finally a restaurant overlooking the beach.

Accommodation-Vila Kalango

Pousada Hurricane  (superior)

The latest addition to Jericoacoara’s boutique hotels, the Hurricane is a quality address. A dozen wooden and stone bungalows face each other on either side of an alley leading to the infinity pool and the Malhada beach.

The rooms are spacious and well-designed, and some also have a private area with a Jacuzzi. The bar and restaurant area which borders the pool and faces the sea is a great place for relaxation anytime.

The hotel is also close to the center while enjoying a privileged position a little away from the hustle and bustle of the village.

vue restaurant piscine Hotel Hurricane Jericoacoara