The sports in, on, or under the water in Brazil!

Brazil offers 600km of coastline ideal for the practice of water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing and diving.

A vast territory with varied and vast landscapes, Brazil is also a country totally open to the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The warm climate makes it a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, whether they are searching for surf or underwater exploration. There is no doubt that both fresh and salt water play a huge part in sports in Brazil!

Whether you to on the Northeast coast, the Southeast coast or a dream island like Ilha Grande and its famous beach Lopes Mendes, you will find many reasons for practicing your favorite sport. You could even take your first lesson in a discipline you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Three activities are at the “top of the wave” in Brazil, starting with the hugely popular surfing.

The coast of Brazil offers the most beautiful waves in the world!


It would be rather biased to unquestionably assert such a truth. Nevertheless, the Brazilian coast offers such a profusion of beaches and waves, that some surfers no longer hesitate to take the plunge and place Brazil in front of the undeniable Hawaii!

Born in the famous American Pacific archipelago, surfing was introduced to Brazil in the early seventies by the ardent Italian-Brazilian actor Arduíno Colasanti, who set his sights on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro , and more precisely on the spot of Arpoador in the district of Ipanema. Each beach on the Brazilian coast quickly became a “good place” for fans to explore and soon the best spots welcomed locals and tourists from all over the world.
A competitive sport governed by world bodies, surfing was recognised on the beaches of Brazil with the arrival of the World Surf League tour stop, bringing together the best surfers on the planet. These athletes are above all, and logically we should say, Americans and Anglo-Saxons from countries where the practice of surfing goes back decades, even centuries (in his stories about his discovery of Hawaii at the end of Eighteenth century, James Cook already speaks of boards on the water).

But Brazilians are making their voices heard on the international circuit, (recently called the “Brazilian storm”) Brazil is the country with the highest ranked surfers, along with the USA, Australia and Hawaii. Notable names are free-surfing specialist Bruno SantosAlex Ribeiro who was South American 2014 champion or Gabriel Medina , 2014 and 2018 WSL world champion, and currently the highest ranked surfer in the world.

The spots in Brazil are numerous, and the reputation of the most emblematic attracts surfers from all around the world. One example in particular is that of Cacimbra do Padre, on the island of Fernando do Noronha. The place is called “Hawaii of Brazil” and it is for sure THE spot to visit for wave riders.

With waves reaching almost 5 meters high, Cacimbra do Padre is a world-class spot that has hosted the World Qualifying Series Pro Tour for 25 years. The best season is during the austral summer, from November to March.

A stop on the World championship surf tour, Joaquina in Florianopolis in the south of the country is also a must surf with its powerful waves peeling for 300m. To be tested from March to May. Praia de Itaúna, in Saquarema, west of Rio, combines the pleasure of surfing, quality of life and dream landscapes. Another of the best waves breaks in the small village of Armação dos Buzios  further north known as the “Saint Tropez of Brazil“. Finally, to catch waves in tropical sweetness, the spot of Corais, in Itacaré in the south of Salvador, is ideal and the presence of one of the most luxurious resort hotels in the country, Txai Itacaré, will delight the visitors in a privileged and exclusive framework. Bear in mind, surfing some of the nearby spots is not ideal for beginners, the power of the waves is formidable and has resulted in many a broken board!


The Northeast coast of Brazil, some of the best kitesurf spots on Earth


The only thing you could add to Brazilian surfing is its version powered by the wind, kitesurfing. Patented in the eighties by two Bretons brothers, Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux, this invention evolved in recent years towards lighter and more specialised technology.

Today, it is a sport that is gaining popularity because the equipment has evolved to make learning easy and the cost of acquisition reasonable. With the many schools appearing in recent years, it allows everyone from 10 to 70 years to easily learn the basics in about fifteen hours on average.

For all lovers of watersports, kiting has become the ideal sport combining the pleasure of surfing and catching the wind. The vast beaches of the Northeast coast, with its constant trade winds and hundreds of miles of coastline, have made this region of Brazil a kite surfer’s paradise!

Practitioners will find their happiness on the beaches of Pipa, São Miguel do Gostoso, Icaraí, Combuco or Jericoacoara. The huge advantage of this area is that it is almost always beautiful and the beaches are relatively easily accessible and wild making kitesurfing here a spectacular experience.

Not to mention, the local population is very welcoming and the activity is practiced mostly on the edge of small fishing villages away from large cities or tourist centers. Best of all: the winds blow from west to east without interruption and make it possible to kite almost all year, however the best period is between June and December.


Brazil a kitesurf destination suitable for all


Kite surfing in Brazil is not reserved for experienced practitioners: beginners will naturally find schools that, after a few hours of instruction, will allow everyone to get on board and sail away in the wind.

The Northeast coast has one last advantage, which satisfies all tastes: here we can of course kite on the sea and surf beautiful and powerful waves; but for lovers of flat water, the huge lagoons along the coastline are appreciable spots.

This quiet and still wild region offers accommodation in picturesque pousadas, for all tastes and all skill levels in small villages with quality establishments opened by passionate Europeans who often offer the services of IKO certified schools.

Brazil, an underwater watersports paradise


Brazil is also a popular destination for diving enthusiasts, whether snorkeling or with tanks. A dizzying variety of underwater life is offered to the visiting diver, as well as beautiful excursions to rocky sites and wrecks.

The most spectacular spot is undoubtedly that of the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean 300 km from Recife, this ecological sanctuary will delight fans with the seabed rich in many species of corals but also turtles, sharks (harmless) and many colorful fish. An exclusive destination that is well worth it with its low footfall!

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